NYC Garment District Shopping | Buying fabric for my special KIMONO オリジナル着物を作ろう!vol.1

NYC Garment District Shopping | Buying fabric for my special KIMONO オリジナル着物を作ろう!vol.1

[Music] okay so this is what we’re gonna do today we’re in New York only a few more days I want to make kimono sleeves to match these Doc Martens [Music] let’s go [Music] [Music] [Music] gotta find some material to match the dog learns zip it on where would the chemo that’s the plan it can make them when we’re in Japan but I want to find the material in New York Homer so they were you know that at all open garden in Caracas on Itachi suyodhana Brito Mahara ba-da-da ba-da-da ba-da-da Kadare ology there’s a capacity cannot condemn retaken puts every tiny saw there the more miserable the garage psycho Nina – Shannon oh don’t put it DIY sunshine dip tomorrow buddy [Music] okay I’m not just hunting all over New York aimlessly for material you gotta come to the right place the garment district [Music] second floor [Music] you let’s get in there quitting I call it a night suede or their or Hanukkah or emotional white the car jacking off fertilize the acai I wanna eat collected mall Santa red cloth for Rahula hmm they take on it topics inside so say hi does it Oh care coach guy though see you don’t see what Paige took them to my boy bitch I know they go it’s diagnosed and symptom in the Soudan sickie on our radar in our job [Music] so of course you get very excited when something’s less expensive than you thought I thought this $130 per panel was for one panel but actually this this four of these four of these is one panel that’s it 130 for this it’s a quarter the price I thought so I’m gonna get it I wonder if they do that on purpose I cannot believe you actually believe it’s your company cause is it just you I’m just know it’s performer actually this is for fun oh my god but I’ve got a collection of Doc Martens I thought you know to wear Doc Martens with a kimono and then make the sleeves to match them kind of funny this is the first time I’ve tried yeah the first year the first place I walked into here first person I talked to and they look at this Florida Florida weather when they stumble the front huh cheers thank you so much Wow one pattern Wow [Music] I can’t believe that in the first place we walk into in the fashion the garment district of New York we found the perfect material next place let’s go have a hamburger [Music] you

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  1. Oh, when were you in the Garment District? I was just in New York this past weekend. If only I had seen you…

    Are you going to be doing shows in New York at some point in the future, Sunshine-san? It's not so far from where I live now…

  2. Ha! That was fun that you found a perfect companion for the Doc Martens. Meant to be. Can't wait to see the finished kimono.

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