Office Wear Showdown | $20 vs $200 | EP 3

Office Wear Showdown | $20 vs $200 | EP 3

[Music] Hi guys! Hi. So I have a question for you guys, what do you usually wear to office? Something really comfortable, but still fashionable for me. You? Casual-ish. So, like, I’ll usually wear, like, a dress and- then like an outerwear, something like- what I’m wearing now. ‘Cause you have to always shoot right? Yeah. So what do you think of office wear or corporate outfits? Wah, I think damn different from our office eh.
Yeah. Like our office right, you can come in pyjamas, nobody cares. But I think in, like, CBD you have to, like, strut it, you know- empowerment and everything. So do you know what you are going to be doing today? I guess office wear since you have been asking us about office? So today, on this episode of $20 vs $200, we are going to be doing office wear! I think we cannot eh. Yeah, oh my god. Okay, so I’m going to give you two envelopes. I’ll take this. Okay, I’ll take this one. Okay, wait, wait, wait- What what what? You want to change or not? Why? Don’t know, I don’t feel good about this one. Okay fine, since I’m a nice person. Okay okay okay okay. Let’s open. Oh my god. What you got cash? I got a card! What the heck! Woo! Oh my god, I guess I’m getting $200. Yes, my dream come true. Whose card is this ah? I could have gotten that one leh. But I have something inside also. I have a challenge? I cannot choose a black outfit and it- cannot be one piece. GG. Oh my god guys, she always wear one piece! I only wear dresses. Eh, at least you got money leh. Mine got $20. Yas, cash rich. Ugh, okay never mind- challenge accepted. But seriously right I wish you- all the best. Thanks. Hi! I’m currently outside of City Plaza to find- my $20 outfit. I know they have quite a few factory outlets that sell- affordable things, so yeah, I’m trying to see if they have office wear. Okay, my game plan is to find- one dress because I don’t think I can- find two piece for $20. My perception of office wear is mostly- tight-fitting outfits. And it’s totally not me. Like as you can see, I’m, like, very baggy. So I’m trying to see if I can gel these two up together. Quite excited. Let’s go! Okay now we’re at 313 and- they have, like, everything under one roof. Are you ready? Because I’m super ready. Let’s go. Hmmm I don’t know where to start. Maybe shoes? I feel like for workwear right, you need a good pair of high heels? You want to be a bit taller than other people. Maybe a nice formal clutch, ’cause I’m always in sling bag. Like, is this work-appropriate? Maybe for TSL, but not a CBD area right? The thing about this place right, there’s a lot of shops. Not all of the shops are very, um- office-wear friendly. Like every time I walk right, I’m, like, scanning, like, oh my god. At first I thought- it was quite hard to to find stuff that are below $20, but then actually- when I look at the store right, it’s actually quite affordable. Like there’s $5.90 storewide, there’s 2 for $9.90. Whoa, check this out. Like everything looks like it’s work-appropriate but they’re all black. Or white. A bit boring lah. Now that we’ve got shoes covered, the difficult part is here- the clothes. Hopefully we can get something with sleeves and something- that covers my bottom half nicely- without being too diaper-ish. You know what I mean? Ugh. Oh my god. I found this, but then again- it’s so- Okay this is nice, and I’m, like, thinking, wow- it’s still $5.90. So $5.90, $5.90, I still have $10 right? Ish… Maths. Oh my god, maybe I can get a blazer sia. Trying to see if I can- find something that actually I will wear. I feel like it’s very Chiara. Yeah! Chiara, come here. This is definitely you. I feel like you have something similar but- blue colour. A.K.A what she was wearing today. Oh yeah! Let’s go to my favourite local brand, Love, Bonito. If you are pear-shaped like- me, you’ll definitely find things for casual, things for bridesmaid-ing, definitely workwear. Let’s go! I really like how their clothes are very- figure-friendly and they have up to like- XXL if I’m not wrong. Okay, fun fact. I actually shop at their maternity line. I love shopping for dresses at the maternity- line because you know it’s more flowy, more romantic and nobody knows if you’ve- eaten a buffet before that or not. It’s so hard, it’s harder than you think, you know, oh my god. Oh wait, how about this? Er, that one extra small. XS. Why is everything XS? Let’s just get this one and then we can go back down to- get the top. Oh my gosh, eh I really love her pants. Excuse me, may I know where did you get your pants from? We also have it in blue colour as well. Oh nice, it’s like a dusty blue. Yeah, dusty blue. Okay, I think I’ll get this one. Ooh, eh, oh my gosh, I love this print eh actually. Let’s go try our clothes. Woo! [Music] I think I got my winning outfit- can’t wait for you guys to see it. Thanks, yes! It was $11.80, so I overshot by $1.80. So I just topped it- up with my own money lah. But actually it’s not bad, $11.80 for 2 things. So yeah, can’t wait to try it. Now that I’ve got what I need, let’s go catch up with Peps! Peps! Oh my god, so long! Eh you all damn fast eh, you took like what, one hour? I mean, yeah? I only had $20. Honestly right, my game plan was totally out of the window. I didn’t really get- whatever I wanted to get at first, but, I think I can fight with you. Serious? Serious, yeah. I think you’ll be shookedeth sia, shookedeth. I got something that I will totally- not wear on a day-to-day basis. Okay. Okay, we’re ready to change and reveal. Okay, okay- let’s go! Okay ready ah? Okay 1, 2, 3! [Music] Oh my god! Are you sure this is $20? Yes… ish? This outfit is usually not my go-to because it’s very tight-fitting. I felt like I couldn’t be too picky with what I want. The point of my outfit I feel like is the details. ‘Cause I really- like how you can look good enough for- office, you know you cover up properly, but- it’s still cute you know, ruffles, a ribbon. So we purposely came down to the CBD area- to find out what people who wear office attire- on a day-to-day basis really think about our outfits. Yup, and also if they can tell- which is $20 and which is $200. You ready? Yup. Okay, let’s go. I know today is casual Friday right, but on a day-to-day basis, what is your usual office wear? Just like a dress, and maybe, like, a cardigan. Three-quarter pants. Mostly just a simple dress and just flats. I always wear pants and a blouse. ‘Cause I can fold my legs. For me it’s just the typical pants and shirt lah. So both our outfits are actually- two different price points. Which one do you think is which? I think this is $200 and this is $20 ah. Yeah, I think so too. Yeah, probably. $200 and $20. If it’s a blazer right, automatically you would think that, “Oh it’s more expensive.” Because I’ve watched your videos before right, Oh damn.
I’m going to go with- this is the $200 one. I think that hers would be the $20 one? There’s a lot of shops nowadays like Love, Bonito, et cetera. And they all have, like, the- similar style kind of clothes. Probably yours should cost more. Yours should be the $20, yours should be the $200 one. Actually right, mine is the $20. And hers is the $200 outfit. Mine is $20.
And mine is $200. Is this from Taobao? No, no, no. But I think the sewing on the blazer. I think the back there’s this, er, extra- you know, it’s not typical of a blazer. Nice, nice.
So you all approve? Approve. Woo, we did a good job! We’ve come to the end of the challenge, what do you guys think of it? For me, I think the downside was that I- couldn’t try anything. And each clothing is more or less one size only. So yeah, it was very limiting. And I think I was, like, really stretched to the end. Some of them actually talked about, like, the threading and then, like, how- the blazer looks like and stuff like that. That’s why I’m like, wah, actually there’s a lot of things that I didn’t know- about office wear. So I think, as compared to you right, you were looking for necessity. Like a blazer, a dress, a skirt and everything. For me, I feel like I
was looking for fashion. Like, oh the frill, the ribbon, the colour. It was so- it was a fun experience for me. I feel like I was a girl again. But I’m really amazed, how you can- get all these under $20 eh. Yeah, no lah. I blew my budget by $1.80. $1.80? That’s, like, less than a drink. I was, like, oh my god, I was quite shook. I was like, oh my god, I can actually fight with Chiara. You really put up a fight eh, seriously. Who do you think won this challenge? Wah. Honestly right, I think Peps, you totally won this challenge. ‘Cause you got a freaking blazer under $20. Honestly, for me I think your colour is way more posh and atas. In a sense, because I- I can only work with so
much you know. Like, in my eyes you already won from the start. I think I know how to categorise our two outfits already. I think for you right, it’ll be, like, uni grads right, they will have to stretch their dollar- so they go City Plaza to get an outfit that will help them- pass their interview. And then for my outfit, it will be execs who have- worked maybe 1, 2 years? They have more cash to splash, so they like, “Oh, let me go treat myself and, like, buy- something girly for the office.” Thank you
for watching this episode of $20 vs $200. Who do you think won? Me? Peps? Comment in the comments section down- below and let us know what other
challenges you want us to try next. And if you liked this episode, remember to
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  1. 2:33 this is so me on the day when I decide to splurge myself after payday; "hmm where should i start" hahaha. Would love to see the reverse challenge! Chiara with $20 budget!

  2. I think Chiara taste is bad. She have $200 but she make herself looks so cheap they worth $20. PEPS Outfit more like $200.

  3. Chiaraโ€™s clothes look like $20 Cos she did not bother to iron them. Canโ€™t stand those creases. Whereas peps took the effort to iron her outfit

  4. Personally felt that Peps' outfit fulfils the CBD no-time-to-eat-super-busy-OT-everyday-office wear theme more. (: But good job to both as always!

  5. Wow a blazer that can cost less then $20 is a steal man….but then again you don't have to spend $200 just for a office wear?? I don't know what do you think?

  6. $20 definitely is more office wear
    $200 look isn't smth you'd see in office that much

    Super amazed by the $20 outfit, might check out there next time round instead of shopping at Uniqlo so expensive

  7. The outfit is not worth $200 if u ask me coz it looks cheap..
    However the $20 one looks appropriate and definitely a steal for $20..

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