[Official] Until We Meet Again | ด้ายแดง Ep.5 [1/4]

[Official] Until We Meet Again | ด้ายแดง Ep.5 [1/4]

I’m sorry about what just happened About what? I… I talked nonsense And my symptom occurred Something that shouldn’t be remembered There is no need to recall it I don’t know why my symptom suddenly occurred again I’m sorry for causing you a trouble It’s good At least, it happened when I’m here But I’m kinda mad I didn’t get to eat another bowl of porridge Do you want me to make it for you again? Fruits Yes? I prepare this for you Right I want to eat it Here I’m driving My hands aren’t free I want to finish eating before we reach the university Dean I’m sorry I won’t tease you anymore I just notice What is it? We are using the same car brand Win told me that I am an aggressive driver How come? Do you know which model am I using? Nissan Almera You know aggressive drivers Will drive Nissan “Al-Me-Ra” Almera Aow-Mai-Ra? (You want to mess with me?) Your joke is so lame Dean You don’t have to pick me up anymore Why not? Because My car is fixed already Also, I don’t want to bother you Are you uncomfortable? That I go to your room every day Not at all I never feel uncomfortable Then Why don’t you allow me to pick you up? Del You come to eat breakfast with me That means you won’t have time with your siblings, right? They want to get closer to you Breakfast is the only time that you are all together I don’t want to be the person who ruin that moment Don’t leave them just like that I beg you I’m a really bad brother, right? Of course not You just don’t know what to do Del told me that you guys were raised separately You guys met when you all are grown-up already Maybe that’s why you don’t know how to act around them I have 16 years of experience in being an older brother. I will teach you how Right Tell me how, brother Start talking If your siblings are too afraid to start a conversation, you should start it Listen to them Give them some advice Spend time with them more Let me take a guess You guys never hang out together, right? That’s right It’s not hard Just start talking and spending time together So, you get to know what they like Blood is thicker than water You guys will definitely become closer But I’m abit sad I won’t get to eat breakfast with you anymore Let’s go We will be late Dean It’s true that we cannot eat breakfast together But there’s lunch Dinner Or holiday We can still meet each other, right?

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  1. Sin & Sorn are so handsome…P New we need separate series for Win-Team and Sin-Sorn khrab…..please please please

  2. But I thought… Dean's car is a black sedan? Lololol 😂😂

    (Ik they fit this in for sponsorship purposes don't @ me lol)

  3. Dean: We can't have breakfast together anymore

    Me: Well theres lunch, dinner and brunch 😌

    Pharm: says the same things

    Me: I'm an intellectual 😌😌

  4. …to be honest I didn't see p'Dean that attractive until I saw that smile today…❤️❤️❤️❤️…pls save it for cheesy moments…

  5. I don't want to smile while watching stuff like this, my mom always says "Finally he has a girlfriend." Ma, I have a boyfriend not a girlfriend.

  6. I'm glad this is Monday lol 😂😂 😂😂 😂 I read the novel already so all I do is waiting every Monday to watch this lol 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  7. Please upload next 6 part and others also. UWMA because is showing ture friend ship relationship and ture love also. And concept Very nice

  8. Yesterday was my birthday and this is one of the best gifts I've ever had. I really love this series, the actors, the director and the author for doing the play. I'm very happy right now.

  9. Bellissimo, grazie per i sottotitoli in italiano. Sono felice che esista questo canale, amo queste serie, spero ne porterete altre❤️

  10. Translet bahasanya kok kaku banget ya…gk enak d baca kayak nyari d google trus d tulis gitu aja gk di olah dulu.misalnya kata anda bisa d ganti kamu trus kata yg mungkin maksudnya benar tp d tulis kanan…kan bacanya agak gimana gt…maaf ya klo ada kritikan sedikit…

  11. Gracias por los subtítulos en español pero faltaron en los demás capítulos porfavor🙏🙏🙏🙏 pónganlos gracias

  12. Guys, at this point i'm already hoping for a season 2!😭Their chemistry is so beautiful that i can't!❤️P'Fluke reminds me so much of P'Gun.😂😂

  13. Omg!!!!! i want die went i watch at 4:11!!!! that's smile make me feel like BOOM! it's so beautiful~~~^~^
    Like if you all agree with me :')

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