OFS Upcycle: Fabric Woven Wire Basket

OFS Upcycle: Fabric Woven Wire Basket

Hi, I’m Clara from Online Fabric Store. We picked up this industrial wire basket at the brimfield flea market Today I’m going to weave strips of fabric through it to make a decorative storage basket. I’m going to use hot glue, so this is a no sew project. So let’s get started. There’s about an inch of space between these wires, so I’m going to cut inch wide strips of fabric with a rotary cutter. The strips should be long enough so they can go down, across the bottom, and up twice because the fabric will be doubled up. I’ve already cut the rest so we can start weaving. I’m going to start by pulling one end through, so that the ends match up. And then start weaving the fabric over and under the wires. Continue weaving the same way across the bottom. And up the other side. And just leave the ends for now, we’re going to hot glue them later. So starting at the other side, I’m going to continue doing the same thing, but just make sure to go the opposite direction between the wires as the first one. I’m going to be doing a random pattern with these fabrics. Skip the corners for now and continue down the other sides. When you get to the bottom you’re going to start weaving the fabric over and under the other strips of fabric, it will help to attach a safety pin to the end. I’m going to continue like this until I get to the label on the front. So I’m going to go around the back side of the label so that you can’t see it from the inside, Then I’ll cover it up with a new label made out of chalkcloth later. There’s this piece in the front that I can’t go over, so I’m just going to glue the fabric to the back of it. Weave down the corner and stop when you get to the bottom. Then weave the ends between the strip at the bottom. First glue this strip together, and then glue the strip down on top of it. Cut off the extra fabric and then repeat for the other corners. Doing the other corners I actually found it easier to first glue the strip together, then pull it through and glue it to this other strip. To glue the ends first glue the strip together, then cut off the extra about an inch away, fold under the end and glue it down. Make sure to pull the fabric tight before gluing it, and then repeat the same thing for all the other ends. I’m going to use this piece of chalkcloth for the label but first I have to cure it. Rub a layer of chalk on it, then wipe it off, put more chalk on it, and wipe it off again. Now I’m going to cut it to the size I want which is about 1 and 1/2 by 3 inches. And finally hot glue the chalkcloth on to the label, make sure to glue the corners down well. And that’s it, now I have a unique fabric woven basket. This is a great project to use all your old fabric scraps on. I obviously miscounted and only used half. Thanks for watching this OFS project.

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