OOTD/Over 50: Plaid Skinny Pants, White Ruffle Shirt, Cardigan / Classic Fashion

OOTD/Over 50: Plaid Skinny Pants, White Ruffle Shirt, Cardigan / Classic Fashion

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  1. Love classic loving your tutorial and love your OOTD please do more. Can't wear the same colors of cosmetics but you give me lots of ideas. Thanks 🥰

  2. Hi! i just visited you blog, you skin looks amazing, so you just use moisturizer in your skin, no serums or any other product?

  3. Dear Janis, thanks for the lovely update. I have a question for you, as you always choose natural products. Do you use any “purple” or “blue” shampu for your hair? I tried it once and omg .. it burned too much. So I was quite sure that was really not a natural brand. I did come accross a video of a lady also only using natural products and she was using Surface pure blonde violet shampu, without sufates or parabens. Just wondering what you were doing and if you could give some feedback – or perhaps a video on that. Thanks in advance and have a great day. ❤️🌺 from Europe.

  4. THANK YOU FOR THE STYLE VALIDATION: I wore a similar ensemble just the other day! A cashmere 3/4 sleeved sweater; 'vintage' Celine tee; suede/leather combo grey Brooks Bros, belt & ankle boots; and 'vintage' Loft 'Prince of Wales' plaid (glen plaid) slacks. (vintage= several seasons/a few years old)

  5. You are lovely and I find you voice so lovely to listen to. It's always nice to see your outfit but I wonder if you would do more videos where you talk about your values, where the come from, and how you stay inspired by them. I think I'm wanting to know more about who you are under the makeup and clothes, although I don't want you to skip over those. Where does you sweetness come from and how do you keep it fresh?

  6. Hi Janis, you look wonderful as always! Love the ootd. Hope you had a great time with your hubby. Hope to see you soon. Take care and GB

  7. Janis – another great video! So happy that we are finally getting some cool weather in Florrida. Fall is definitely here in Orlando.

  8. Hi Janice. So pleased to see you. You look so pretty in that colour grey with white. Love the blouse and your make up. Thank you xxx

  9. Thank you Janis for these videos. I just love your energy and you inspire me to be more feminine. Regards from Finland where one does not have to find excuses to dress winterly!

  10. You’re beautiful! What shampoo and conditioner do you use? I’d love to see a video on your hair care routine. Love your hair. I stopped coloring my gray 5 years ago and I have no regrets. 💕

  11. You are so real and so adorable at the same time. Your style is not mine but I have to say that your way with clothing is very appealing.

  12. I really like the simplisity of the outfit and how pulled together and classy it is. Very nice choice of bag as well. Outfit is very figure-flattering and I really think you look very nice and hope your hubby complimented you!

  13. Of course, your outfit and makeup are amazing, as always, but that BAG!! Oh my stars!! My husband will probably kill me if I buy another bag, but I may have to risk it.

  14. Got a big smile on my face when I saw that you had posted! Beautiful outfit, I really like those Brookes Brothers shirts!💕

  15. You look very lovely, I sure admire how you are a ver kind & sweet lady, you dress so pretty and it’s nice to see that not because we are over 50 means we have to give up on our self’s ♥️ enjoy your dinner with your hubby. Good day

  16. Hello, so nice to see you again. I was thinking of you yesterday, hoping to hear from you soon. I really do love your videos, I appreciate them all. Today I needed a reminder that there are soft, nice and gentle people out there, and there you popped up. Hope you had a wonderful dinner with your hubby. Looking firward to your next video. Always. -Kristin 🙂

  17. Hello! Love your videos and your style! I'm very familiar with RMS (their Living Luminizer is amazing) and have seen Diabolique but didn't think it would work w/ my undertone. May I ask if you have a cool or warm undertone – because that color is stunning on you. I also have brown eyes and like a nice grey shadow too. I recently saw your video about aging and was really inspired by the way you took control of your health challenges and healed your body. Wishing you continued healing… xoxo Cheryl

  18. You are so beautiful. I’m glad you kept your hair long as so many women are encouraged to cut their hair short as they get older. I think this I a mistake. I remember how gorgeous Cindy Joseph looked with her lovely long, sexy, ‘silver’ hair. I would love to grow my hair long but I will have to wait until I lose weight as I think it suits a slim figure better.

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