Outfits for the Snow | What to Wear When It’s Really Cold!

Outfits for the Snow | What to Wear When It’s Really Cold!

– Who needs help figuring out
what to wear when it’s cold? Do you? (upbeat music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin and
welcome back to my channel. Today I wanna share with you some outfits for the snowy, cold weather. This is real weather. We’re not talking a mild day
in Texas that’s Texas cold, we’re talking about real cold, like when it drops down below zero or or there’s a wind chill or there’s a lot of snow,
there’s a lot of ice, severe winter weather
would be more like it. Which really is half of the country and I know some of you are from Canada, which is most of Canada. (laughs) And then if you’re on
the East coast of Canada, I know you’ve got the
humidity mixed in there so it even feels colder,
in your bones cold. I understand what that cold is like because I grew up in the North East, I grew up in Watertown, New York which is right on the border of Canada. So it was very cold and snowy growing up. Now we live in Telluride, Colorado it is still very cold
but it is a drier cold, so there’s no humidity in the air and it does feel a bit warmer here. Today I wanna share three outfits that you can wear for real cold weather. These are all looks that
I think are very stylish in addition to being highly functional for that snowy cold weather. So it’s a very strategic combination and I have seen others
bloggers and YouTubers put cold weather outfits together but until you really intensely understand what that cold is like, I feel like it’s impossible
to really do it right. Before I dive in to the three outfits, I kinda wanna tell you what not to do. It’s not meant to sleight
anybody who does this, it’s just meant to say
here are some of the things you probably see on Instagram or YouTube, but they are not things
that I would recommend for real cold weather. So if it’s a 40º or 50º day
and it’s a little bit snowy, there’s a little snow on the
ground, there’s no wind chill, you could do these things, but for intense weather I don’t
think they’re appropriate. So the first thing I
wanted to share with you is rain boots as snow boots. So I see this a lot on Instagram where people will wear those
super cute Hunter boots and scrunched up Ugg socks
or scrunched up wool socks and it looks adorable,
but it is not practical for severe winter weather. The rain boots may keep you kind of dry, but they don’t do anything to
protect you in terms of warmth and then even when you add the
socks underneath the boots, it still does not do enough
to keep your feet warm. I know this because I’ve tried it. I actually did a blog post about it, you guys can check that
out if you want to. But that’s an example of what not to do. Another one would be to
wear just ear warmers instead of a full hat. You lose so much heat from your head, especially the top of your head, that you are losing an
opportunity to stay warm when you do ear warmers. If you just want to do ear warmers and then wear a hat over
it, that’s totally fine. If it doesn’t look too goofy and you can pull that off, great. Or, I mean wear your head
warmers over your hat. That can sometimes look really cute and that certainly is functional and fine and will definitely keep you warm. But the head or the ear
warmers just on their own, ear muffs, that’s what they’re called. I’m like, ear warmers,
what are they called? There’s a word for ’em, ear muffs! Yes, I got it! Those on their own are not enough. So that’s sort of what not to do. I’m gonna get into what to do. (upbeat music) The first outfit I wanna
show you is something that I wore recently on a trip to Poland and it was ridiculously cold there. I mean, super duper cold. It was definitely below zero, there was definitely a wind chill or maybe it was in the teens, but the wind chill made
it feel like even colder and it was also very damp,
so it was in your bones cold. So here’s what I do, here’s my combination for everyday when you need extreme warmth. The combination is a base layer, the base layer can be
either a dry wick shirt, thermal shirt, something
with a wool in it. A wool blend is typically
the best and the warmest, but you could also just go with a dry wick active-wear shirt (mumbles)
as long as it’s long-sleeved and I would go with either a
crew neck or a turtle neck, whatever your preference is. But you want that
long-sleeved, very fitted, either wool blend or dry wick
or both, base-layer shirt. Same with pants. If you can pull it off
under your pants, do that. If you can’t pull that
off under your pants, you could always try just tights. Tights can work under pants, that’s what I used to use back in the day. But what you’re gonna do is make sure that you have a really good base layer. It should be a wool blend,
it should be breathable, it should keep you dry, so it should have some sort
of dry wicking technology in the fabric, so that’s key. The second layer that you’re going to use, and I know it’s going to be tempting to try and throw on your
chunkiest, coziest warmest sweater, that’s not what you should do. What you should do is wear a sweater that’s very fitted to the body and in a fine fabric, like cashmere. So, oftentimes when I go
skiing, I’ll do my base layer and then I’ll do a
cashmere crew neck sweater or cashmere turtle neck sweater and that’s what I wear
and that’s all I wear, except obviously a coat over it. So I just use a very
fitted cashmere crew neck, very simple, cashmere
is a very warm fabric. Also a wool blend sweater would be great, as I just mentioned wool
is a very warm fabric, so you could do a wool blend as long as it’s fitted to
the body and lightweight. Okay, again we’re creating
this layering effect and the temptation is
to go big on the layers but really what you wanna do
is go small on the layers. So it’s sort of counterintuitive, you just wanna be more strategic about your fabric selection. So that second layer is
your cashmere sweater. The third layer, and this is one that I’ve really pulled out a lot recently and it’s kind of an unusual
combination but I love it, is a packable, incredibly
lightweight puffer coat. And I use a long version of that, but you could do a shorter
version if you wanted to. The longer version obviously
is going to keep you warmer because the longer version
will cover your behind, your thighs, your hips, usually goes down to about mid-thigh, you can do the longer
or the shorter version. What’s the most important
thing about this layer is that it’s a very lightweight puffer. It’s a very thin puffer. So what I look for is a packable puffer. And what that’s gonna do
is give you two options, it’s going to give you that
puffer coat for travel option and also again this layering piece that really is essential to
that cold weather environment. I packed on the puffer coat over the base and cashmere sweater
and then the puffer coat and I zip it up. Okay, that’s my third layer essentially. The fourth layer that I’ve been adding is a wool topper or wool coat over that. Under no circumstances
is a wool coat on its own warm enough in severe weather. And I think it’s great
for like 40º or 50º, I think it can be great if
you’re just doing the car dash, like the dash from the car to
the building, totally fine. But if it’s real cold and you
know you’re gonna be out in it for any length of time, whether you’re like the hockey mom or maybe you’ve got errands
that you need to run, maybe you’re working outside that day, you’re touring houses, I don’t know what you’re doing outside. But any length of time outside, that wool coat does not cut it. After the puffer, throw the wool topper and the reason I do that is
it gives me another layer but it also, especially with travel, gives me that option, so
I have two pieces there and it also just makes it look so much more polished and sophisticated because the black puffer, let’s face it, is not the best-looking coat out there and it is quite boring, there’s not a lot of pizazz
with the black puffer. What I love about that topper is it really does add a
little bit of excitement and interest to your winter outfit. It also provides an added layer of warmth, which is great. And as I just mentioned, when you travel, if you’ve brought these two pieces then you now suddenly have a wool topper if it’s just kind of a 40º, 50º day, you’ve got the puffer if you just wanna wear the puffer alone, or you’ve got both that
you can wear both together. Now, on our trip I did
wear both of them together pretty much every day we were there because it was just that cold. In addition to that, you’ve
got other accessories. You need to have other pieces in addition to those
base layers and the coat, to sort of finish off
and solidify the warmth, to trap that warmth in your body. As scarf is definitely a must and you could go infinity scarf, snood, you could go traditional
scarf and just wrap it around. What I love to do with my
scarf when it gets really cold is I’ll pull it up over my nose and mouth and I can breathe into it like this and then I can warm up
my whole face doing that. And I do that a lot when I’m skiing. And then the hat. Hats are another area where
not all are created equal. I love a faux fur hat and I
think they’re the warmest. You could go a trapper hat, those are the ones with
the ears that come down. Or you could do a knit hat, you know, the really cute pom pom hat, but I highly recommend that
if you’re gonna get one for severe cold and real
snow winter weather, I would get one with a built-in
headband on the inside. It usually is made out of like fleece and that just doubles down
and keeps this part of your ears and your head warmer. If you don’t have that hat and you don’t wanna invest
in that kind of hat, that style of hat, you could
do a headband on the inside of your knit hat to keep you extra warm. You also could do a hoodie, if one of your base layers
has a hood, put that on, put your knit hat on and then that adds a little extra warmth as well. In addition to the scarf and
the hat you also need mittens, and I did strategically say mittens because gloves are not as warm as mittens. And then also on your feet, what you wear on your
feet is very important. As I mentioned before,
there may be a temptation to wear those cute rain boots
with scrunched up socks, but that’s not gonna keep
your feet warm enough. The warmest boots are the
ones that are waterproof or water-resistant and
they are made for snow, so they will say negative
whatever, negative 30, in the description of the boot. SOREL is a big one, a big brand
for super duper warm boots. Ugg is another one, I
have a few pairs of Uggs. Columbia, a lot of you expressed to me last year or the year before that you loved Columbia snow boots. If you need hiking waterproof boots, I think Solomon makes the best of those and then Land’s End
sent me a pair recently that look a lot like the
Joan of Arctics by SOREL, so it’s a good dupe for those and those are waterproof
and those are warm as well. I like to have the heavy duty
pair for super duper snow and then I like to have a
slip-on pair, so that’s my Uggs, that are waterproof, that are warm. The slip-on pair’s just for everyday, you know, you don’t wanna lace up a boot. The nice thing about
the Land’s End version is they do have a side zip and that’s something I now
look for almost exclusively because I don’t wanna lace,
sounds so lazy (laughs) I don’t wanna lace
anything up, oh my gosh. So those are some of the boot
brands I would recommend. Jumping back to the
base layer for a minute, I didn’t really talk
about brands for those and I would say Hot
Chillys is a great one, Patagonia makes some great
base layers and also Arc’teryx, Arc’teryx is a great
all-weather, snow proof, waterproof, advanced technology brand. So when you want no
fooling around or stuff, that’s a good go-to. North Face is another one
that’s a good go-to brand for that kind of thing. Anyway, those are just a few of the brands I wanted to mention for the base layers. But I’ll put some
suggestions for base layers, for boots, for hats, for coats,
for puffers, for toppers, all of that below in the description box for you guys to check out. When I was in Poland, I wore
the puffer, the wool topper, I did a headband, I did
the faux fur hat over that, I did my waterproof, warm Ugg boots and I think I did have gloves just so I could use my
phone, the tech gloves. But I would recommend mittens for when you really want
to keep your hands warm. (upbeat music) The next outfit is very similar
to the first one in concept, so I won’t go through every
single step and layer again, I don’t wanna be redundant. And also I did do a video on layering, I think I called it Layering
101 if you wanna check that out I’ll put that in the description box below so you can go back and watch that. It’s just that layering cake broken down and I focused only on that, so that’s another one you
can go back and watch. But so the next look I wanted to show you is the same concept, but I
wanted to give you options when it comes to your winter wear. Because I know that it’s easy to throw on the same warm coat every day
and you kinda get bored with it or you kinda just feel like uh… You know you don’t feel like
you’re looking very stylish. So I want to give you options so that you feel like
you can mix things up and look fresh day in and day out. So the second option is
to wear a different topper that’s a little bit heavier
and a little bit longer. I still do the puffer, and again you don’t have
to do the long puffer, you can do a shorter puffer, but the key is to have it
be super fitted to the body and super lightweight. And then this topper is one
that I’ve had for a couple years it’s by Lovers and Friends, it’s a plaid duster coat, it’s very warm. It’s oversized so it layers
beautifully over things. Again, the length of it is so key because it’s almost like
you’re wrapped up in a blanket, which is exactly what you want if you are that mom at the
hockey rink all the time or you’re outside all the time for work. So I don’t know what
it is that you’re doing day in and day out, but a lot
of you are out in the weather so this would be a great option. It’s also very stylish
and very sophisticated and unique, it’s not like
the same old, same old, it’s something different. Along those same lines, you could go with a faux fur coat option and I just found a couple
that are so, so fantastic that I wanted to share with you and they’re both in a cocoon coat style, again that oversized coat style, so they layer beautifully over things. One is a faux shearling,
it’s by Avec Le Filles which is the same line that designed the suede trench coat I always talk about that you guys may remember. And then the second coat
I wanted to show you, and this coat by the way,
the color is so gorgeous, it looks so luxe, it’s just
a gorgeous, gorgeous piece. And then the other one
I wanted to show you is this beautiful forest
green faux fur cocoon coat. This one is by Kendall and Kylie, which I had not bought any
of their stuff as of yet, but this piece just stood out to me and I thought I would try it. I really love it, again the size is great because it is perfect for layering, the color is just stunning
and it is incredibly warm, which is the whole point,
we wanna stay warm. So we wanna be stylish and warm. So you can take that concept,
maybe you just pick one and you just have those options, you’ve got the puffer alone option, you’ve got the puffer with
just the topper option, then you’ve got the puffer
with the duster coat option, or the puffer with the
faux fur coat option. So you just feel like you have choices in the morning before your day, so that you don’t feel like
things are getting stale and you’re totally bored. And you feel like you’re going
out there in the weather, staying warm but then also
looking really stylish while you’re out there. (slow guitar music) The third option that
I wanted to talk about is the straight up puffer. And there is the packable,
really lightweight puffer that I’ve been talking about, but then there’s another option and that is the heavy duty puffer, the no fooling around puffer. For a couple of years now, I’ve
had the SAM New York puffer and it comes in a short version, so I have a really cute kind of retro 70s style short version and then it comes in longer
cuts, longer silhouettes and I have one of those too,
it’s called the Infinity. And that is going to be the one that keeps you absolutely the warmest. This was the coat I brought with me when we went to Iceland
and I just knew straight up it was gonna be so cold
that I couldn’t mess around. So it’s definitely the
no fooling arounder. What I loved about this
particular puffer is it’s shiny, so I felt like that gave
it a little extra something and it made it look a
little bit more modern. But then also it was belted
so it gave you a shape, it didn’t just look like your
big sleeping bag black puffer. Although those have a place
and they certainly are warm. So that’s what I liked about this one and there is a dupe for it
by S13 that I will link below that’s a quarter of the
price and really nice and looks almost identical to the more expensive version that I got. That’s your third option, is to just go with the straight up no fooling
arounder, thick puffer coat and that is going to
keep you incredibly warm. You still wanna do all
the stuff underneath and you still wanna do
the hats and the boots and the mittens and the scarves, but just getting that combination right, base layer combination,
sweater combination and coat combination is going
to keep you so so much warmer. It’s a game changer. You know, when it’s really
cold and you’re cold, you’ve got to have the
appropriate gear on. You have to have the right gear, you have to have the right
layers on to keep your body warm. I think that my objective is always to still remain stylish
and still feel good, so I feel like all three of
those options do exactly that. They’re very functional but
they’re also fashionable, which is what you want. (upbeat music) Okay, and one other bonus tip I wanted to give you is the parka. You could always swap out
that heavy puffer for a parka. And the gold standard in terms of parkas is Canada Goose, they’re supposed to be among the warmest parkas out there. Another option that’s much more affordable is Land’s End, they make
really good looking parkas that are also incredibly
warm and waterproof. And oftentimes parkas come
in really fun colors too so you can try something like this. This is the Land’s End parka
in this bright, bold red and that does feel like it’s adding a little excitement to
your winter wardrobe. So yeah, that’s your bonus tip. Just wanted to remind
you all about the parka and also just to say
if you guys have found what you think is the Holy
Grail for winter coats when it comes to warmth, please share in the description box below so that we can all glee from
your knowledge and expertise. We can all share resources,
which I think is so important. It’s impossible for me to test
every brand and every coat so I depend on you guys to chime in when you’ve found
something that is awesome. Definitely do share. Okay so I feel like I threw a lot at you. There’s a lot of brand info in there, there’s a lot of layering info, there’s a lot of coats mentioned. If you have questions, let me know. Just comment below in the description box. I also am posting a bunch of giveaways on the website right now. So be sure to subscribe to the website, you get those notifications and know about all these
really fun giveaways happening. And it’s just me, it’s not
a whole medley of bother, so there is a really good
chance that you could win. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time, bye. (upbeat music)

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