Outfits of the Week

Outfits of the Week

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  1. Instead of bullying her you guys could’ve tried helping her honestly. No one needs to be picked from suffering a eating disorder you guys need to think before you say anything.

    I’ve been keeping my mouth shut for awhile since the first time I started watching her and looking at all the hateful comments about her weight.

    Some of you guys are sick people and some aren’t. It’s not her fault she was suffering from a eating disorder maybe she didn’t know how to talk about it to anyone.

  2. I feel like Shane’s video has done more harm than good. Look at all of us clicking on her old videos to “compare.” I feel ashamed of myself right now 😔😓

  3. This may sound bad and mean, But… Eugenia I kinda wish you had never started a YouTube channel. For your sake. Your Mom, using you for money, and all the horrible people judging you and being so rude…, *sigh

  4. Who is here after shane dawsons new vid???? Me too- im just watching her journey to see how bad it got… i still feel bad for her

  5. You don't have to worry about her as much now because she went to rehab and she is getting better now!

  6. Guys she is not fucking dead yall are so mean and disgusting. It breaks my heart to see how judgemental people can be

  7. Anyone here now, let's report all the negative comments and just fill them with love instead, she's beautiful and your beautiful, that's what matters

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