everyone welcome back to my channel so I'm doing a huge summer haul today from lovely wholesale if you don't know what wholesale website is or wholesale clothing it is basically super cheap clothes usually businesses boutiques stuff of that sort online clothing retailers they usually buy from wholesalers and you can buy like tons of clothes of the same piece of course and you basically resell them but you buy them in bulk to the are cheaper and that's a lot of the like fast fashion you see they usually buy from wholesalers but anyways lovely wholesale actually supplies clothes to anybody really not just businesses and they do have single item purchases which is really awesome and I have tons of clothes from them that I'm really excited to show you so let's just get into it so the first thing is this romper now it is the kind of like the biker style I like that it just looks like racer really fun and it is super sexy I don't know about wearing this out in public if you got you know big girls like I do the zipper itself it's really kind of not so nice but I kept it low I think it's really fun for like a photo shoot so um I really like the cleavage I thought that was sexy it has the red stripes and white stripe so then it also has a red stripe on this side really like booty ball definitely shows a lot of goodies next is this lime green dress now this is just so fun it is neon bright and just like everything the material is a little thin but I kind of like that about it in summer so you want to wear something then the sleeves are really cool because they have some cutouts I think that just makes it look more sporty and more everyday wear it is a mini dress so it will go a little bit below or a little bit above your knees and it actually has a zipper in back so it is a turtleneck and they dipped it up in the back but it's not like one of those you know dying with sweat turtlenecks it is the you know like stretchy kind in this dress is of course like crazy stretchy it has a cute little diversity and it isn't hard to zip this up yourself you can just kind of reach behind and ohs it right up next is something that I've actually worn and some Instagram photos if you've seen that my Instagram is in the description if you want to check that out but this is another romper and this one is snakeskin but it's like a cool cloudy holographic snakeskin and it's pink and blue and green and it has some gray in there it's just super fun I think it really shaved my butt so good let me tell you I love the way that this fit my butt and it really was like an appropriate length for the romper itself it went like a little bit above my knee I just love that and it really is like super um open on the sides because it is a little halter in that way but really it's a turtleneck and it actually zips up all the way to the top in the back I really like this it was thin but it wasn't see-through at all which was great love it next is something that I've actually also worn an Instagram photo I love this dress I wore it to the beach as a beach cover-up I thought it was just fun that way it is so fun it looks just like the Sun okay it is tie dye white and yellow and it is floor-length you can it's really hard to find like maxi dresses that are floor-length that go over the rump and this one does so that's cool the only thing about it is that it's a little bulky in the top but like I said it is kind of a beach cover-up it's kind of fun in that way so when you got you know a little bit more going on up top this shirt isn't gonna or the top of this isn't really gonna disappoint but the open back is just sexy and it has spaghetti straps it even has a little cleavage in the front it just makes your butt looks so great I think it's because of the material itself is really thin in the middle piece and on the bottom it's very open and flowy and that really shapes your butt how one of my favorite pieces from my collection next is another yellow piece this is more of like banana I actually wore this to the pole as a pull bikini cover-up so last two things are definitely great like that my mom so this one is spaghetti strap and it is a jumpsuit it has a fun little tie in the middle so you can tie it I actually think it was a little too big I was expecting it to not be so fit okay mom I was expecting it to not be so big but I suggest getting true to size or maybe a size under because this is a very very stretchy material now the tie could be worn in the back I wore it to the side a little bit with a cute little bow and it is flare at the bottom as you can see really fun and this is cute you don't have to wear this as a beach cover-up I think you can win this anywhere just like the other thing it's just like super cute and versatile in that way now this next one didn't really fit me very well it's just two piece little short and crop top set I think the crop top was kind of cute because it tied in the back and I liked that and also had adjustable straps but for the shorts I can't say that I liked those those kind of wrote up in places they shouldn't and overall I think this is made to wear around the house for sure and I like the roses though and that's fun but like I said I wouldn't want to something public a little too small next is another beach dress it is summer so you're gonna be going to the pool to the beach to a bunch of fun places and you're going to need some cover-ups so I got this one I really like this one this one is probably the best cover-up when it comes to beach cover-ups and you can just like throw this on over your bikini and let's say that you don't want to wear your damp bikini to the restaurant afterwards you can definitely put this on and you don't really have to have anything underneath because it is super thick material and that's awesome and it is flowy though and it has fun little pockets it has spaghetti straps and it is a v-neck in the cleavage area the design is like orange leaves blue leaves black leaves and it has a white underneath really flowy goes to the floor definitely like this I would definitely wear this this summer next is another little 2-piece set now this one didn't really fit me either it is basically the camo style that I've seen and I can't say that I like this one because it just rode up in places again that it doesn't need to the top was nice top coat good had adjustable spaghetti straps but the shorts they were a good length but they wouldn't they weren't good enough on the top area they didn't really cover everything that I wanted it to next I was actually pleasantly surprised about this I got this cute little shirt it is a rainbow mouth with purple teeth and pink lips really fun and it's dripping I think that's just a cute little t-shirt to wear and it's a stretchy material but it's also thick so you won't really see what's underneath as much I paired it with these jeans now this is what surprised me these jeans actually fit now they are super thin and nowhere near Jean material but they actually went up they zipped up they didn't give me certain things in the front they have cutouts and holes and it is a really huge flare bottom with like what's it called yeah distressed flare at the bottom as you can see it has just a simple button zip close and the pockets work and it even has a coin pocket that works as well and the back pockets are also open so overall this is really cute I think it's really cool because it has stitching in the middle that brings out the flare but it's tight it hugs my curves I approve I have no issue with this I think this would be like a nice and it the fact that it isn't gene material probably makes it more available to wear and the summer I think so that's a good thing next is this awesome bikini but it's not just any bikini it is a set so it is a one-piece bikini with a lace-up in the front the colors are rainbow just all sorts of tie-dye it's blue pink red orange yellow green all the colors you could think of definitely summery the one-piece is really stretchy it's not really the material that you would expect from a bikini so I swim where basically I would actually wear this with pants on wear this with shorts and I wear this over it and I think that would be a great pairing will look super cute like that and it'd just be like a really fun outfit it has this long sleeve this long sleeve cardigan that goes with it and it just pairs nicely like I said shorts we look cute nice and summery and boho maybe even jeans if that's something that you're into personally might be a little too hot with jeans because it'll long-sleeve but whatever your choice next is another two-piece this one is every one of my favorites that I've got it is flare leggings with a little crop top with Fettuccine straps now this one is tie-dye as well I love tie-dye I think it's like super fun for summer so you're just have to deal with it because I got a lot of titus but this is white and blue great colors where my Greeks at and it has a really high legging that goes well above your belly button so great when it comes to crop tops like this because sometimes they'll have the ones that go below your belly button and then it's like a tiny little crop top and honestly where I live you can't dress like that oh yeah the bottoms flare out it's just really sexy I think it makes my butt look awesome the top could be a little bit bigger but it is what it is so next is gonna be another two-piece this one not working for me I liked the bottom skirt as you can see it is a maxi skirt and crop top combo it's supposed to be kind of like a flame I'll shoulder top it was not working with these girls so if you have smaller you know ladies I think it would fit a lot better however I did like the bottom so I might just wear the skirt itself with like a white crop top or I might even find like a crop top that has this navy color in it I think that would be cute maybe pair it with some sandals and it would be a cute outfit but overall stretchy nice height on the skirt it was a maxi skirt but high-waisted as well that worked but like I said mm-hmm top didn't work it is what it is and it's really cheap so next I board this also in a picture before Instagram it's this fun little romper I think this rompers baggy in all the right places and tight and other places that you want and has a fun little tie in the middle it is tie-dye again white and blue Greek colors like my fam so I loved it even more but this you can even wear kind of like off the shoulder if you want to its bagging up in the top like that I wore it over my bikini I really liked it that way and it's super stretchy the material is thick you won't be showing everything underneath but it has little pockets and it's tight around the booty but it is appropriate to wear out in public because the romper does go low enough this is probably one of my favorite pieces just because it was really easy and something to just throw on when you're in a hurry going out the door so anything like that is always my favorite now lastly this did not fit me however it was super cute on the picture but it has like Tigers on it and I liked how it was gonna make me look really slim because it was black in the middle and usually when there's a design that has stuff on the sides like that it actually makes you look a lot thinner it's kind of an illusion but didn't fit couldn't even try it on but it was cute so might as well show it all right that is it so all the links to everything that I got is gonna be in the description so you can check that out lovely coal sale I approve something's been fit but like I said super cheap stuff now I do have a discount code for you it's Angelica Chen and you can get ten percent off your order that's it for this video thanks so much for watching and I hope to see you next week or later this week or just check outside myself cuz I'll have something at the end of this video alright bye


  1. My body is a similar shape as you and I’m thinking of getting some clothes from there. What size did you order if you don’t mind? Thank you!

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