Oxford Shoes Guide – How To Wear, Buy & Combine Men’s Oxfords

Oxford Shoes Guide – How To Wear, Buy & Combine Men’s Oxfords

Welcome back to The Gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s
video is all about oxfords, one of the most classic, timeless and versatile shoes a man
can have. What
exactly is an oxford shoe? Its history dates
back centuries and if you want to learn all the details about it, please check out our
in-depth guide on our website, here. So what exactly is an oxford? First, it’s
defined by its quarters which are closed unlike a derby where they’re open. Then we have a
vamp like here, the ankle is exposed. You usually have a cap-toe and a center seam.
To learn more about the details of an oxford and how it differs from a derby or a blucher,
please check ou this video. As explained, the oxford is just defined by these few characteristics
and as such, there are many different kinds out there. Let’s do a run through so you know
exactly what is what. The first and most important oxford you should
have is the so-called cap-toe oxford and it’s called that way because it has the cap-toe.
Basically, what you’re looking for is a shoe with a cap-toe, no broguing which means no
hole perforations that’s all black with neat lines and elegant last. This is in fact, the
very first black oxford I bought as a teenager and I still have it today simply because it’s
so timeless and versatile. The second shoe you can have is the plain
oxford. Basically, it’s like a cap-toe oxford, it just lacks the cap-toe and sometimes you
can see a medallion on them but then it’s not a plain oxford anymore. Usually, the plain
oxford is favored in patent leather for evening shoes so you can wear it with a tuxedo. So, how should you wear these oxfords? Like
I said, first one should be in black. If you have another cap-toe oxford, you can go with
a solid, dark brown one that’s going to be versatile or burgundy. Plain oxfords are best
in patent leathers for evening wear and nothing else. The third oxford on our list is the so-called
wingtip oxford or brogue. Basically, what that means, it has a wingtip in front that
is like a W and we did an entire video just about this kind of style so, take a look at
it, here. The fourth kind of oxford is the so-called
saddle oxford or saddle shoe. It has the same closed lacing system but it has a middle strip
of leather which is called a saddle. It’s particularly popular in the US and outside
the US, it never really caught on. It’s a more casual style and I suggest you only wear
it if you’re big into Americana or you just want to create a preppy outfit otherwise,
it looks out of place. The next oxford is the so-called kiltie oxford.
It’s very rare and it actually has an additional tongue on the outside which looks a little
bit like a kilt hence the name and it’s sometimes seen on golf shoes. Other than that, I really
don’t suggest you wear the kiltie unless you have a very specific look in mind but it looks
very special and unique and people will definitely ask you about it. A very elegant form of the oxford is the so-called
whole cut. It’s called that way because it is cut from one whole piece of leather. Generally,
it has just one center seam in the back and it’s very popular these days. The only problem
with the whole cut is that if it’s made out of a ready to wear shoe oftentimes, it wrinkles
more easily simple because it’s one piece of leather that is shaped to your last so
keep that in mind when you invest in one. The next step up from the whole cut is the
so-called seamless oxford and all that means is that there’s actually not a single seam
so you have to get a very good hide that adjusts to the entire last and that’s why it’s only
something you often see in bespoke shoes. Seamless and whole cuts are very sleek and
elegant shoes that sometimes, they have a medallion on top and you can wear them with
suits but if you have them in brown and burgundy colors, also with sportcoat combinations.
Overall though, I’d say it’s more in the formal end of things just because of the clean line
and the lack of seams. Another type of Oxford is the so-called U
tip and it’s similar to a wing tip but it has that U shape when you look at it from
the top. It often comes as a spectator, as you can see here, with two tones and basically,
it’s a very loud shoe, it’s a usual shoe and therefore, it’s only suggested if you want
to create an outfit that is defined and that catches people’s eyes. That being said, one of the ways to get really
a lot out of your oxfords is to change the color of your shoelaces. While a pair of shoes
can cost you $200, $300 or $2000, a pair of shoelaces cost about ten bucks and it can
really change the entire look. This brown shoe here looks very different with yellow
laces. For example, you can add green or red or just brown laces and basically, with a
simple twist, you get an entirely different shoe and it makes the shoe more casual. If you want to invest in some oxfords to start,
I suggest you get a black cap toe oxford with black shoelaces and then a few other colors
such as red or yellow or burgundy and even purple works. As a second shoe, I suggest
you get a half brogue or full brogue, mid brown oxford and if you want to go a step
further, you can get either a tan or a burgundy red one. For example, these two would be good
options for first two shoes. As you grow your shoe collection, you can expand in more unusual
models such as this white, full brogue which is great in summer or this spectator shoe
which looks great with a plain, navy suit or striped suit. Of course, there are lots
of other color combinations for oxfords and since it’s such a classic, versatile and timeless
last and style, you will find basically anything under the sun. If you want to find out what brands we recommend,
please check out our in-depth guide and if you want to buy high-quality colorful shoelaces
in round and flat and different shapes, please check out our shop. Make sure to check out
the article because no matter your budget, we have an option for low, middle and high-end.

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