1. POUR LES BELLES ÂMES DE TO BE OR NOT ❌❌❌ on vous attend le 14 JUIN

  2. I get choked up every time I watch this. This is my favorite song, emotion, message, visual and very soul. Exquisitely put. I love you all who feel this. 😭💋🖤

  3. I've always felt like this video was a representation of struggles of lgbt people and the things they deal with as they age. The certain level of loneliness you deal with your whole life and you feel excluded by others. This is a very artistic and beautiful video I've always loved the message and music.

  4. I had such trouble finding this, I had to Google twinks washing car music video & you wouldn't believe what I had to scroll through.. this song makes me want to cry

  5. i don't know what it is about this but this short video makes me cry every time I watch it. its so beautiful and so powerful. congrats to the director for creating such an amazing piece and such a good song choice, it goes perfectly with the video x

  6. Lo que desencadena la falta de amor… La ausencia de amor… Tratamos de llenarnos de lo que sea con tal de no sentir su ausencia y desencadena en locura, frivolidad, oscuridad pero aún así, siempre nos falta algo…y termina devastandonos, carcomiendo nuestro ser, a nosotros mismos… Y es que duele muchísimo y es fácil arremeter contra nuestro físico e integridad que soportar la realidad.

  7. This is what art of any type should do……MAKE YOU THINK. Get a reaction, response, emotion of any kind. This is a work of genius by director Roy Raz (I do not know if he was the one who put together the concept or not, but he made it live) To everyone involved in the making of this video I yell BRAVO! I have never heard anything about this from anyone ever, I just stumbled on it as I bounced around YouTube. I hope it won awards because it should have.

  8. My interpretation?

    She, The Lady, is an architect, and these are her creations. At first all peaceful, temptation, jealousy and self loathing began to creep into the creations and alter their behaviour, causing them to act out.

    At first, the Lady, who loves her creations, tries to join in, however can’t keep up, so, towards the end, tries to leave them.

    However, because they are parts of her, she begins to go mad, and ultimately, die.

  9. Das wiedio ist so hamma das spiegelt zu 100 Prozent wieder wie. Kaputt und hommofop die weld leider heute noch ist😔😔😔

  10. I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone,
    Overcast, by your shadow, as our worlds move on,
    In this shirt, I can be you, to be near you for a while,
    There's a crane, knocking down all those things, that we were,
    I awake, in the night, to hear the engines purr,
    There's a pain, it does ripple through my frame, makes me lame,
    There's a thorn, in my side, it's the shame, it's the pride…
    Of you and me, ever changing, moving on now, moving fast,
    And his touch, must be wanted, must become, through your ask,
    But I need Jake to tell you, that I love you, it never rests,
    And I've bled every day now, for a year, for a year,
    I did send you a note on the wind for to read….
    … Our names there together must have fallen like a seed…
    … To the depths of the soil buried deep in the ground,
    On the wind, I could hear you, call my name, held the sounds,
    I am lost,
    I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone,
    I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone,
    I am lost.

  11. I took a sexuality class in University and the teacher showed us this video. I was very haunted by it.

  12. Nessa Camisa

    Eu estou perdido em nosso arco-íris, agora nosso arco-íris se foi
    Escurecido por sua sombra, conforme nossos mundos seguem em frente
    Mas nessa camisa eu posso ser você, para estar perto de você por um tempo
    Nessa camisa eu posso ser você, para estar perto de você por um tempo

    Há um guindaste derrubando todas aquelas coisas que nós éramos
    Eu acordo durante a noite pra ouvir os motores roncarem
    Há uma dor, ela ondula através de minha estrutura, me faz falho
    Há uma aflição ao meu lado, é a vergonha, é o orgulho

    Seu e meu, sempre mudando, seguindo em frente agora, indo rápido
    E o toque dele deve ser desejado, deve vir através de seu pedido
    Mas eu preciso, Jake, te dizer que eu te amo, e isso nunca acaba
    E eu sangrei todos os dias agora, por um ano, por um ano

    Eu te mandei um bilhete ao vento para você ler
    Nossos nomes juntos devem ter caído como uma semente
    Para as profundezas do solo, enterrado bem fundo no chão
    Ao vento, eu podia te ouvir, chame o meu nome, sustente os sons

    Eu estou perdido

    Eu estou perdido em nosso arco-íris, agora nosso arco-íris se foi

    Eu estou perdido em nosso arco-íris, agora nosso arco-íris se foi

    Eu estou perdido
    Eu estou perdido
    Eu estou perdido
    Eu estou perdido

  13. Great video ; beautiful song ; adorable appearing; certainly can do better; more sex, realism and emotional fevers as well as colors …. Then enjoyment there will be at the rendezvous; the account does not have * 30% 100 future remains for my soul to dance drunk high from there of the universe!

  14. Super vidéo ; belle chanson ; adorable figurant ; assurément peux mieux faire ; plus de sexes, de réalismes et de fièvres émotionnelles ainsi que de couleurs…. Alors jouissance il y aura au rendez-vous ; le compte n'y ait pas * 30%100 reste avenir pour que mon âme danse d'ivresse haut de là de l'univers !

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