Pakistani Bridal Dresses Handwork Cutdana (Unstitch)

Pakistani Bridal Dresses Handwork Cutdana (Unstitch)

Welcome to my channel
SAEED CLOTH HOUSE Today again i make an another
video in SAEED CLOTH HOUSE According to bridal
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your friends and family so zubair bhai is with us here zubair bhai is making a
dress by doing a style so we zubair bhai,, for an idea,,, taking some info about this dress zubair bhai what style you are making now its a sharara style dress okay border style is for sharara and the heavy jaal is for shirt okay and its dupatta okay its a dupatta our client name mrs khalid yes She say that zubair bhai made a special dress for me No insha because Zubair bhai your Masha Allah x2 designing is soo beautiful because how many our forieng friends are watching you live now do you show them by flare this show us zubair bhai yours..,., right can you show this by making a style Masha Allah Zubair bhai in your shop the designing is soo pretty because our foriegn clients are like this too much right okay its a upper top its a top okay its a top
and you said this is a dupatta Zubair bhai Masha Allah its looking soo beautiful yeah say Masha Allah then nazar dont hit me nihhh nihhah nih ah because you can see the dress because INSHA ALLAH you like this its price is afordable i will tell you the price also this dupatta fabric price is 1500/yard with discount this fabric is 3500 /yard its 3500 /yard And this bottom one is 2700/yard because its according to bridal it price is the lowest to lowest you got other than this designs i will show you more designs So INsha Allah You Like these designs because in SAEED CLOTH HOUSE
you will get new designs every day because ALHAMMUDLILAH you got one to one designs here other than this zubair bhai your And what designs do you have
can you show me zubair bhai : yes we have a lot
yes i will you one more design yes show us full mixed and match it will be a good style Okay zubair bhai will show And INSHA ALLAH The golden dress i already shown you other than
this zubair bhai extracting another dress mehroon wow zubair bhai
how beautiful is this What style is it running for? Zubair bhai : For sharara style okay its for sharara you can make both style sharara maxi okay I’m showing you this by doing sharara Check this dress MASHA ALLAH this iss soo beautiful work you can see its border ,./ see this work border
its soo beautiful border so INSHA ALLAH you love these today and whoever watch my video in live so share this video as much as you can and i attach the lining the lining
is short silk imported short silk its korean too see this with lining i make a flare to you and… zubair bhai what style is this
its a dupatta..,,, its for dupatta okay iyts for dupatta for barat dark colour dress okay for barat
heh eh hh you can see this Masha Allah Its soo beautiful
dresses you just order us so INSHA ALLAH you will get
better to better dresses if you want more good video of us So subscribe our channel
in next you will get better to better designs will come okay zubair bhai you show me this mehroon just like whats price of this
this one Zubair bhai : its 27/yard this one its 2700 and this one its 3000 iits mean its 3000/yard okay 3000 rupees / yard
can you give a discount of course According to our channel and SAEED CLOTH HOUSE
he give you a discount if i here so INSHA
ALLAH i do deal with you because im replying online
and zubair bhai is in my shop and other than this we made a first video after eid Peplum frock it has a tail okay show me the new style zubair bhai show me that colours and designs to its a new style of that design okay its a new design its border is heavy and soo beautiful look zubair bhai thank you very much
you help a lot may i get its lining show me its lining you can see its work see closely Masha Allah its really beautiful work
with the combination of gold and silver just like short peplum its a new design with that checked its new style i attach the lining just like you see okay zubair bhai can we make a long dress,
front open style, or other than these style Zubair bhai : any style you want okay any style Zubair bhai : Maxi , Sari G Zubair bhai : Long dress open coat Any style you want Any style what is the price of this you telling us zubair bhai : 2700 2700 okay okay can you see its 2700/yard and INSHA ALLAH you will
get discount on it also and we have its beautiful colours also Colours also Zubair bhai : its a lilac colour you can see its colours its lilac colour Aa.. Mint
Which colour is this Zubair bhai : light ferozi light ferozi green Zubair Bhai : Falsa Mehroon Falsa Mehroon Smoke gray colour and its black is which one this black is the previous design yes okay its a previous design and this design is also soo beautiful
is that a bunch style its a border bunch style okay order bunch style
its use in sharara or in peplum right Zubair bhai : sharara saree peplum all styles so viewers you can see in SAEED CLOTH HOUSE just check a lots of stuff is
here ALHAMMDULILAH lots of designs so counting ASAP
and you can order us also Ok

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  1. Phone tu uthaty nhi ap
    Aj 3 din sy phone kr rahi hon apko b aur ap ki shop p b. Whatsap p b ap reply nhi kr rahy.

  2. MashaAllah saeed bhaai buht pyara collection hai apka ….Allah apko 0r b zyada taraqi de….
    0r mai ny jo order kiya tha w0 mujy mil gya jazakAllah …buht buht khubsurat fabrics hai 💖💙

  3. Yeh sara credit jata hai Just Publictv k Tahir bhai ko who made them famous. Now, they themselves are making their own video like Tahir bhai

  4. Asalamualikum bhai ager barat or walimy k liye dress len completely tu 20,000 main mel jay ge jo apne es video main dhekhai hai

  5. Salam saeed bhai jo dress ap n last m show kiya tha blue usky sath ka duppata h?mjhy dosry colour m chaiye kya aisa possible h plzzz duppaty ka zoror btaiye ga

  6. Saeed bhai plz apni any wali videis m white heavy net..k sath red contrass dopata laga k dikhaye…matlub full dress ak color ka na ho white pink contrass black golden contrass dikhaye

  7. Saeed bhayi hame samaj me nahi araha hai ke sharara tupata or jokit hame kitane milega or app car minar ka pata deraheo ye to hyderbad me hai

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