Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. Some of you will know that my husband, Matt
and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. To celebrate with going on holiday as a family,
and while we’re there we’re going to renew our vows, retie the knot, and have a little
ceremony because we thought it’s worth celebrating, it’s been 10 years. But although we booked this holiday a year
ago, I have just not sorted out a dress, and now we’re going in about 10 days time and
I still haven’t chosen what dress that I’m going to wear. I panic bought on ASOS just loads of bridal
dresses. I’m going to try some on today for you. Some I’ve like had a quick look at and I’m
already like, oh I just don’t know. I’m really struggling, I think because it’s
not a real wedding, it’s just like a little renewal, and I kind of just want a really
nice white maxi dress. That’s probably why I’m struggling. But I have a few to show you today, and then
I am expecting some more to come in the post. Hopefully I will have a dress to wear. I don’t even have shoes or I haven’t sorted
out anything. I don’t know why I’ve left it all to the last
minute. But I’m going to try some dresses on today,
and let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite. Yeah, let’s do this. Okay, so this is the first dress that I got
on ASOS, it is completely beaded and covered in sequin. It is a little bit long for me. It is really beautiful, you could imagine
having this as like your evening dress on your wedding day. You would take off your whole gown and then
you’d put this on just like for the party bit. The only thing I’m not sure about is, it’s
really heavy where it’s so beaded, and where we’re going is the Caribbean, so I’m assuming
it will be really hot. Also, there is absolutely no support at all. It’s completely backless, so you can’t really
wear any type of bra with it. I doubt you could even get away with like
a sticky one, so I’m not sure. It does feel quite heavy. It is really pretty and not too over the top
for the beach. So, yeah, let me know what you think about
this one. This is dress number two, also from ASOS Bridal. It is a maxi dress with pleated skirt. It has two slits on the legs and it cinches
in at the waist. I like the length of it. It’s not too crazy long for me, I’m quite
short. Then I also like, it’s got this lacy detailing
that’s coming out. I’m not sure, I feel quite big around here
with this, but I like that it is pretty plain because I obviously don’t want to go for like
a full on wedding dress. This might be quite good a option for the
beach. Show you the back, it goes down. I have to get a ,different bra and you can
see my underwear through it. I’d have to get different underwear as well. But, yeah. This is dress number three, and it really
does not fit me at all. It is so low cut. I feel like so many of these wedding dresses
just don’t take into account that you might want to wear a bra or that you have boobs. I liked the sleeve thing and the sequins. But I ordered a size eight and I think I really
would have to go to a 10 because it’s so tight around my hips, but then a little bit looser
around my waist. I don’t know. I like the skirt bit, but there is a lot going
on. Let’s see, I don’t think this is the one. It’s like, just feel really uncomfortable. Like, that’s like cute, but. The sleeves are cute, aren’t they? But …
This is dress number four, again, from ASOS, but from a brand called Bronx and Banco. This looked so beautiful on the model, it
was like ruffly and like looked really chill, so lacy. I do actually quite like the fit. I like that it goes tight and then out. It’s nice and light, but I’m just not sure
about the ruffles or the lace. It’s not really got a chill sort of beachy
vibe. Yeah, I don’t know, the straps are really
long for my body. I think I’ve got really small shoulders or
something because that happens a lot. But yeah, [inaudible 00:04:43], I’m not sure. Also, I don’t know how you would iron these
out, the lacy ruffles. Right, so this is dress number five. This was a bit of a wild card but it looked,
again, really nice on the website, but I’m just not sure. It’s actually made out of a scuba material. It’s got these big sleeves, very low cut. Again, couldn’t wear a bra with it because
the back is open as well. It is quite cute. I like the way it goes in at the waist and
then out, and I actually really like that it is a bit shorter because it’s obviously
not a proper wedding, you could wear this on the beach. I think maybe I should look for a wedding
dress that is a bit shorter. Another day, another dress. I just got this one in, it was from ASOS. It was an Australian brand called Bariano,
I’ll link down below. I bought the last size eight that they had. I’m not sure, I feel like I’ve tried so many
dresses now that I don’t even know what’s nice or not nice anymore. It’s a bit like smelling perfumes. But yeah. I like that it’s shorts because obviously
we’re going to do it on the beach, but then you have got like this extra flowy skirt thing,
which really needs an iron or a steam. I don’t know how it would travel or if you
could have it steamed when you get there. But if I’m completely honest, I feel really
comfortable in it, I feel really supported, which I didn’t have with the other dresses. I’m not wearing a bra, but I feel really fine
with it. I like that it’s short. I feel like it’s flattering. But then, I also don’t know if it’s like a
bit childish or if I look like a ballerina. But yeah, I don’t know. I like the tulle bit. I think it’s quite a cute little skirt. I don’t know. I feel really comfortable in this. I was hoping to go for more of a boho vibe,
but all of the boho type dresses I’ve tried on, I just don’t feel comfortable in them,
there’s no support. I don’t know. I really like it ,but I almost need to send
a picture to some of my friends and say, “Is this nice or is this not?” Because I can’t even tell anymore. It’s the next day now, and this dress has
just arrived from Whistles. This is by far the most expensive one so far. It was nearly 600 pounds, which scares me
that it’s like a real wedding dress. But I really liked the neckline. It is all lace all over. I liked that it was quite plain. It comes up at the front, but it also has
this little train, which is, I’m sure, really huge beautiful, but I just don’t know if it’s
right for what we’re doing. Yeah, I’m not sure. I don’t know. I really like this part of it, but I feel
like it is very long. Yeah, so I’m not sure. Can we just check on the [inaudible 00:08:01]
pretty. This next dress I found online, I’ll link
it down below because I can’t even remember the name of it. But instead of bridal I was searching for
white prom dresses. This came up and I really liked it. But now that it’s here is quite long, and
I don’t have time to have it altered or hemmed. But let me know that you think. I really like the top of it, I feel really
secure. Then I like the sleeves as well. It’s got a sort of chiffony over some silk,
I think. I think it’s nice, it pulls me in at the waist
and I like the off-the-shoulder because hopefully I’ll have a tan. Excuse the state of me today. But, yeah. I think I like it. [inaudible 00:08:58]. Hi, guys. I’ve just been to my local shopping center
to panic look for another dress. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling 100% by
any of the dresses that I have got. But I’ve just walked around, I’ve been 10,029
steps or something crazy. There’s just nothing that I like, everything
was too weddingy or not weddingy enough or didn’t fit well or I was just really struggling. Then when I was walking around, I was just
thinking, why am I stressing so much about this? This is not an actual wedding. This is just for fun for us. I think I’m just going choose from one of
the ones that I have got already and just stop worrying about it. Yeah, so anyway, I think I’m going end the
blog here, but thank you so much for watching. If you want to see which dress I actually
end up going with, because I still don’t even know at this point, make sure you follow me
on Instagram. My Instagram is at mrsemilynorris. I would love to have you over there as well. The vow renewal video will be coming very
soon on my channel, so definitely subscribe if you’re not already. But anyway, thanks a lot. I’ll see you soon. Bye.


  1. Whichever you choose, if you are having photos taken you should get some done on the beach where you can "trash the dress." It's where you basically frolick in the water and have fun in your wedding dress. Always makes for some great photos!

  2. Definitely the second one!! It fits you perfectly, it is sexy and fairy-like, but at the same time classy and timeless!! Also, the greatest one for the beach! The short "ballerina" one was very good on you as well, but something was off about it. It needs high heels and your hair up, so maybe it is not the best choice for the relaxed Carribbean atmosphere …

  3. You look good in dress #2. The scuba material dress look nice too. The off should dress (the most expensive one) is gorgeous. It fits you very well.

  4. The second to last one looked perfectly stunning on you! (The lacey off the shoulder dress) very boho chic and had an elegant simplicity.

  5. Number 2 or 8 are stunning, you have to feel comfortable in what you wear on your special day. Have a lovely day and congratulations.

  6. I love the 2nd dress, or the 6th dress, (where you say another day, another dress, and its a short above the knee in the front with a veil-styled trail in the back) or the 7th dress,

    I'd say even using one or both. Honestly those 3 are the absolutely most stunning on your style, height and body shaping.

    I don't like anything that hangs too low in the front, especially if it is a beach wedding, because that is just waiting for an unfortunate event (a fall) to take place.

  7. Beautiful selection. Especially love dress 2 and 7 on you… I don’t think it’s too long. You seem happiest with the short dress though in the video.

  8. I absolutely looooove the first dress and but for the sake of what your trying to achieve, the second dress is the best option in my opinion. Keep the first dress for something it will definitely come in handy

  9. The £600 one is the best. But to be honest I think your frame is smaller than what you ordered for – in that those dresses seemed to have a lot of material that you needed and they swamped you!
    Hope you find the right one 🙂

  10. The £600 one is the best. But to be honest I think your frame is smaller than what you ordered for – in that those dresses seemed to have a lot more material than you needed and they swamped you!
    Hope you find the right one 🙂

  11. I agree that the 2nd one flatters your body the most and it has the ancient Godess vibe too, which is very close to beachy vibes I think. And then I would go for the most expensive off shoulders one.

  12. Number 2 and 7 are both so lovely and u look beautiful in them, but considering 7 is 10 times! The price, definately the 2nd, u look stunning! Have a wonderful holiday! X

  13. Hi I was subscribed from my old personal channel now I’m here! I thought you looked angelic in the tiered lace dress. They all looked great. What a fun video!!! 🥰

  14. Hiya, watching late so I presume you have chosen. I got married abroad and my wedding planner told me to hang my dress straight in the shower to get creases out. It worked really well.

  15. The dresses that i like the best was number 5 or 6. I think number 6 is more like «dressy» if i can say that😂But i love them both😀

  16. The second dress is so flattering on you. I also really like the expensive lace one, I think it's dressy and classy, but not too formal.

  17. The 2nd one is gorgeous really suits u first one does look heavy and a bit big on you maybe try it in smaller size but again 2nd one really suits u xxx

  18. The second one or the really short one (no.6?).You will look fab in whatever you choose though.Have a lovely time.

  19. The second to first and the second to last were by far the most beautiful on you. Its your thing, though. Do what makes you feel happy!

  20. Nr 7 is super lovely! I would go for it as well and if you have a train is supper easy to pin it up 🙂 you just need some button to do it! 🙂 And thanks to it you would be able to walk to altar with train , then dance with in while pinned up and then do some nice pictures with train down <3
    I like dress nr 2 as well – but it would be best if you would alter shoulder part a bit to make is less wide – you might be able to do it by yourself but I think seamstress would be able to do it in hour or so.
    If dress is to big I highly recommend you to alter it as well. You will feel much better while dancing, and now when you have kids it would be easier to interact.
    Dress nr 4 is also very pretty – you would have to iron it before and shorten top part (super easy to fix) although ruffles would need to be shortened a bit as well.
    Nr 6 seems a bit "silly". I'm not sure how to call it 🙂

  21. I wowwwed when I saw you in the second dress! You look like a goddess! Happy anniversary ♥️ you and Matt’s love is so inspiring for all of us! Hope you have a great time there xxx

  22. The really short ballerina one is nice as well! It looks so held in, and a bit like your original wedding dress which is quite special 😀

  23. I love the second one (first one also nice and I would have said that one if I hadn’t have seen the second one!) could you try ordering some sticky bras, just to see? Then nude coloured pants.

  24. Oh my word Emily it's like we're twins sometimes. Firstly everytime I feel like I need to be inspired you appear ding* your youtube notification pops up and it's like you were in my mind answering whatever question I had! 🤯
    No kidding I had my 10 year wedding anniversary August 2nd and we have just got back from the Caribbean we went to St Lucia Antigua and Trinidad for 2 weeks and I planned to renew my vows on the beach and do a little blessing (shopped on ASOS) 🤯we brought the kids and now I'm home watching this and squealing!!! 😂🌞🏖
    Also Before I went you posted what to pack video …the same time I went on YouTube for inspo and it was just the right time!!
    This is no coincidence you are clearly my sister from another mister🤣❤
    Kidding xx
    Ahh Huge congratulations to you and Mat have a lovely romantic holiday we did💕! Honestly all the dresses look stunning on you your figure is fabulous please keep posting you inspire so many mummy is I can definitely speak for myself I look forward to your videos each week I love your spirit and personality your boys are wonderful and your marriage is #goals love you! #emilysarmy xx

  25. Hope you figured it out but I Agreed with the others and say you look stunning in the high low dress and the second. Enjoy the vacation and have fun. Congratulations on your 10th Wedding ANNIVERSARY

  26. The sixth dress is the only one that suited you perfectly 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  27. You look beautiful in the Whistles one! There’s something so soft and romantic about it, perfect for a more relaxed vibe x

  28. It's typical that the most expensive one looked amazing on you. I'd really like to do this, I was pregnant with my second son when I got married, and I never had my hair styled the way I wanted, so to get the perfect location and do it all again would be amazing. It's just for the dress really 😂 weve been together 17 years, married for 8 years, so why not, that's an achievement there 😂❤️ congratulations xx

  29. Emily, you age just like finnnnnnneee wine 🍷
    The short dress with your hair up made me take a double take 👀
    I swear you look so much younger.
    But congratulations to you & Matt! ❤️

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