Parents Angry Over Halloween Costume?

Parents Angry Over Halloween Costume?

here’s the uh… months tried flowing kisses so that is that the kit okay first off that
is adorable and how do you know it’s idont really it circled in blue he stresses kathleen mccauley my handwriting well from the board he’s a deeply what is ghastly from uh… yeah finally for the record if you were in his family would
be talking about this uh… years ago he when this as scooby he loves to read it yes let’s give
it to you so the issue as he wanted this custom made
order that they came wanted to wear it and then before that halloween
party at school needed started expressed some trepidation and his mother told and two power through it this mother’s written this really its but at this wonderful ok i’m not a big mom
mommy blogger reader but like it is really really sweet supports outfits for kids uh… not anybody else’s kid if you think
that the allowing my son to be at the email account character for halloween this couple
bacon gay ridiculous concept saket my son is gay eleven
the last thirty lee i’m not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so
back off let’s look at the it’s a great life at what
happened was that she took to get italia party that the parents who knew this coming is that
what pat five in the kids loved it but then there were these other parents grab the mother and they were given a vicious
locks and they were if they were condemning mothers actually for doing ran in the process well which she said was that the kids didn’t
have any problem with the kids that it was quoted as the parents of a freaking out yet but let me data they would like to let
you know that the kids were like this finding it’s a fantastic u_a_l_ they all like this but yeah i i read that comments and vs dot every day with the com are now idea sometimes i can also i don’t mind commentary attitude i read the comments from this itself because
i gather reply going by the the women who complain the mothers
who complain are verdict and and hurtful and a little dangerous but when the kid expresses trepidation because he thinks other kids are going to
make fun of it do you want your kids says go in there anyway at age five and dat and demand out the macro costing yet i’d just
like the idea that but like were all you hesitate me and this blog is incredibly well read and it’s like a its threat it’s like a inspiration for kids to be whatever they want to be in
she’s a loving caring mother and she’s a winner there’s no question but at the moment where
he he was scared to get a cargo and if that were my kid i would have my first
instinct would have been hey it’s ok do whatever you want it would have been you wanna go on
for another cast of this was great and i think you would agree i think i state you know you’ve
made a decision this is like you wanted to let me know if
you’re doing your five you made a decision and this is something
that you like goin own it yet i’ll go in there have some courage and
meet we we’d likely come at one o’clock old children until the thirty five years old wonder
why they are they still live at home overnight troubling overtly thirty-five winter
but i would have it looks location well he’s no longer four right so he can go in and have courage this
is something that he would you insure doing he’s photo i dot he liked it and he had a good time the apparently
liked it anita he needed thirty nine sometimes you
need to push in the in the water maybe that only went to all of your five the only thing
that made me has that and like stick to it of nasa you know you made this decision distinctiveness and you made a decision sticking
with it one of the most overrated qualities of the world along with the unit and like
man up i had a friend who completely out of call in sick for the first day she was like
yeah but i’m always there you can count on the day in day out and i thought that’s over but being a capital who carried countable illinois metlife but do you want to be pretty accountable company accountable on everything old on the
neurotic but i was raised by walls so i don’t know i mean five no i really want
so uh… i’ve you know if this this kid is the door on his mother scenes steve loves her child and even if you can
if he’s not gay he had a little phase self-healing right she doesn’t end differently is that i find file i mean i have
some of my best friends were capes to school and so they were seventeen cell you know uh… her last word i covered comic on you know i’m offer people
dressing up in weird cautions in and uh… walking around you know but if you’re
gonna be a storm trooper email please uh… don’t have a beer belly that’s all i ask you
know i’m not really so here we uh… neither via miami here is
that artery going she said he was going in you
should love your kids are no matter what she says if he wants to carry a purse for merriam
and or paint fingernails with his best girlfriend that okay my jobs is mothers not to stifle batman he
will be there to help them along the way might start to dictate what is normal what
is not for the help them become of the person help on doing that and just to be clear earlier she’s like this doesn’t in any way be bicep tendon anybody
with people who like should should be a bit like women’s clothes
they like jack they like women they like dressing up as women but they also like sleeping with
women right now but he could get your pledge like
that he i know he’s five defied we slide but you
know you do you have five year olds that has uh… that have you know crushes on email
sure sure sure a little bit though is not saying i’m like
keep you know this this who knows what he is babies game it may not have it doesn’t
matter but this to me seems like you know he had enough he has a little crush on daphne
wants to be just like a artist you know i’m saying that doesn’t that this taking it also would also work we

100 Replies to “Parents Angry Over Halloween Costume?”

  1. there was no experiment the child wanted the daphnie costume and his mother allowed it because she wanted him to be happy.

  2. i happen to be a christian and i am all for same sex marriage and yes this nation was founded by christians and out first set of laws were based on the ten commandments and then added to over the years to what it is today i am also a lesbian so yes being a christian and a lesbian is possible to many so called christians who sprout hate are not true christians because they have fallen into the devils trap and no longer care about the lords teachings.

  3. it is not a problem at all most men are ok with a child dressing as a girl because it is just playing and dressup and nothing more.

  4. that is where you are wrong there is alot of evidene but only ifyou are brave enough to see it and not push you're stupidity around.

  5. go to wshington post .com and look for compairing brain scans and it has pictures from gay men and women and strait men and women and it conferms that some gays are born and is not a choice but YOU are so STUPID that you would not look for YOU'RE SELF so STOP being a big FAT ASS nad do you're homework and do NOT SPEAK TRASH you do NOT know what you are talking about SO SHUT THE FUCK UP JACKASS.

  6. I went to school dressed as dumbledore when I was 9 and I'm a Womanl. It hasn't made me want a sex change but I still want to be a wizard

  7. If this was the other way around nobody would have a problemwith that! Men and women should have equality!

  8. i'm a woman and when i was a kid i dressed up as the cowardly lion one year. no one said anything. my sisters dressed as tigger and pooh. no one said anything. really people it's halloween kids are gonna dress up as whatever they want. who cares if he wants to dress up as a female character?

  9. does it mean i should stop running around doing drugs or that im supposed to make the news with it? I'd rather dress up as hermine

  10. the thing is most guys think women with a questionable sexuality are tollerable since they can still fap their fiddle to them – hopefully not to a kid though ;P

  11. I will now show my potterhead tendencies and quote: "She (the parents) need to sort out their priorities"

  12. I hate to say it, but the female presenter is dragging the IQ of this piece down. She's re-enforcing blonde stereotypes.

  13. Good God, I went as Rotting Corpse for 5 years straight! No asshole told me I'd turn into a zombie. (Though my grandparents told me I was turning into a Devil worshiper…)

  14. most cross dresser are straight men. it dose not have anything affect on there sexual preference. iam happy this child is able to express them self. if you like to learn. look up transgender

  15. The costume will not make him gay, but it will cause him to be teased and bullied. It is NOTHING but EVIL for a mother to harm her own child for her own political beliefs.

  16. why is it when little girls dress as male characters it all good but when a boy wants to be a female character its horrible that parents put them through this, through what he had fun, his friends had fun leave the family alone

  17. You know at first I thought it was a black boy dressed up as a girl. And you know what… That doesn't even bother me. He's a kid. Who cares. It's one day. I went as a drag queen one Halloween when I was in the military and gave no fucks.

  18. well the characters i listed are in fact male characters. the purse and hair are part of the costume. honestly who cares what he wants to wear for a costume. really, what this kid wants to dress up as for halloween is the least of my worries.

  19. what kinda boy dresses up as a girl for Halloween? i would have made fun of this kid so fucking hard if he was in my class, would have ruined the rest of his time in that school.

  20. I'm not saying anything about the kid, but what if, God forbid, the child HAD been bullied or hurt or whatever, wouldn't it have been irresponsible of her mother to expose him to this kind of harm.

  21. For everyone who's mean to this kids, I see girls in boy costumes so how is this different. If I wear a Batman or Darth Vader costume everyone's going to be fine, but a boy goes dressed as a girl and it's terrible, he's gay, and his mother shouldn't let him. I don't see a difference!

  22. I have to admit he does look cute in Daphne costume. He was scared to do it but Mom pressed the issue. The experience will defintely have some affect on him.

  23. You need to shut the hell up. you were obviously a bully and still are. We are taught to be who we want and if that's what they do then you have no right to criticize some one else's decisions.

  24. When I went to St. Patrick's Catholic Elementary and Middle school, there was a boy in my sister's grade (who was in fourth grade) fully dressed as a little girl for the Halloween carnival at school. Complete with wig, dress, nylon stockings and heals. This is a Catholic school in Michigan and no fuss was made. Everyone thought it was funny and cute.

  25. It's the hit sodomite that howls.

    You sodomites aren't as kind as you are portrayed to be by Hollywood.

  26. with animals its almost completely different. If a boy dressed up like kanga or a cow with an udder: "whatever".

  27. I'm neither Republican or Democrat ( both are bullshit ), but I still think transgenderism is wrong. What if I dressed up as a dog, shit on the floor, and barked at someone ? Does that truly make me a dog? NO. It just makes me one of the biggest weirdos anyone has ever seen. Transgenders are the same way. They can dress up as the opposite gender and feel like one all they want , but there has never been such thing as a boy with a vagina and a girl with a dick.

  28. There's a difference between sex and gender that you don't understand. A transgender person won't change their sex, but they will change everyone else's idea of their gender and make their body more appealing to themselves. So a transgender male, for example, is still male regardless of his body, because his gender is male, not his sex.

    Also, you have no idea how awful gender dysphoria is. Have a walk in my shoes or any other transgender person's and you'll change your mind in a second.

  29. Would love to know if that 'woman' actually has children herself… Sorry but her attempts at humour just make her seem like a cruel harsh bitch.

  30. Telling kids that they can't dress as something we perceive to be more masculine or feminine just because they are the opposite sex only makes kids feel more confused about what gender they are more then they should have to.  How many people as kids wanted to go as something for Halloween that was outside their sex because you were a kid and just didn't care about that stuff?  When you're a kid you really only dress as things if you like them!

    Things/Clothing only have/has a gender once you give them one, so what if your kids wants to go as something different for Halloween?  I would rather look back on the year I dressed as Batman and go "Oh god I was such a tomboy then how funny!" then "I wanted to go as batman that year but my parents didn't let me…Now I just look back on that Halloween as the moment my parents criticized me, alienated me and shamed me on no grounds other then my being a girl not working with how they thought I should act." 

  31. I know he is trying to dress like Daphne, but he does look more like an eccentric happy-go-lucky insane character from a children's movie (like Willy Wonka, the Mad Hatter, Beetlejuice or any insane person), which makes it 10 times more awesome

  32. you know….when he is ten or older NO one will even remember that he wore that as a costume so…let the kid have fun and be a kid….

  33. he'll probably want to be a zombie the year after….he's a boy….he likes daphne…let him dress as daphne…

  34. When my aunt was little, her and her friends dressed like boys for Hallowe'en, and a lot of the boys dressed like girls. So what?

  35. When I was little I dressed as a girl for Halloween. I wasn't a character, just a generic girl with yarn pigtail. The only thing that bugged me was that people kept asking, "Why did you were a costume, sweetie?" 

  36. Maybe he thinks Daphne is hot and he's manifesting it as making himself hot? Hell, he might be into role-play once he's older, so this isn't necessarily a sign of him being gay.
    But it's whatever… Just another example of why adults are less respected; they ruin things for children.
    They want fun in good spirit? Nope! Only drunken sex and dressing in extremely provocative clothing to groove in church is allowed! How about you let kids be kids and stop corrupting the damn world… -______________________________-

  37. Im going as Ciel Phantomhive, who is a male, and noone is telling me that im going to turn into a lesbian. The point in Halloween is being someone/something besides yourself, thats the fun in it, and besides he was only five

  38. If my son wanted to be a girl character for Halloween I'd be buying him all the dresses he wanted and would let him be who he wanted to be.

  39. Kudos to the mom for not forcing gender stereotypes on her son. It's good to let them know the chances of being made fun of though. I like that the kids were good enough to not be jerks about him

  40. I don't get what's the huge deal
    my friend is a girl and she's going as Death the Kid this year and I don't care so y do ppl need to make a huge deal out of a little boy dressing up as a girl?!

  41. At first for halloween I was gonna be sebastian from black butler and I'm a GIRL. My friend loved it and one was gonna be ciel too match! 😀 but being the stereotypical person my mom is she threw a tantram. Now I'm going as a fallen angel. I'm suprised she isn't throwing a tantram saying I'm gonna become a 'satanist'.( which I have nothing against whatsoever) I wish my mom wouldn't worry about my looks. I honestly don't care a bit what people think of my looks, because I am me, no matter what.

  42. I was ShiningArmour for anime midwest last summer, being a brony I was a character from GIRLS's tv show, but I know that there are boys who like it. And I even got to a photo op from a little girl dressed as Rainbowdash, I felt happy to do that, and felt like I made her day. This Halloween i'm going as Doctor Whooves.

  43. Yeah, that kid is adorable. If a kid wants to be a female character for Halloween, a parent's job is to make sure it's the best damn costume ever.

  44. LOL in my school most BOYS at the 3rd and 4rd grade dressed up as hookers.
    and now they are the manliest men out there .
    whats the problem? 

  45. I don't have any kids but if and when i do they can dress up as anything they want for halloween ( with in reason ) . If my future son wants to dress up as sophia the first or elsa from frozen then thats the costume he will get . If my daughter wants to dress up as superman or the green lantern then that's the costume she will get .

  46. He makes a frigging adorable Daphne, lol  He rocked that costume.  The wig is also awesome–at first, I thought that was his damned hair.

  47. It is sad when we live in such a time that the word gay has lost it's definition and becomes something ugly or shunned. It truly does mean, "Lighthearted and carefree."

    And this child is gay.

    Great costume BTW, I've also been working on a fan-fiction of Scooby-Doo, so I can see the resemblance from the original cartoon character.

  48. there is absolutly nothing wrong with being gay and if you dont belive in stuff like that then GET A LIFE !!!!! and im 11 yrs old so dont have a probolem with it im not gay but girls can also be ninjas zombies or anything boylike and that dosent meen any thing you could have a crush on that charactor

  49. I grew up in a conservative and rural area about as bible belt as it gets, yet I dressed up as a female character for halloween one year. Nobody cared and my mom and dad didn't receive any negative comments from other parents.

    What is wrong with these parents? Is their homophobia/transphobia this strong?

  50. in used to dress as spiderman 'hint ,MAN' and used to dress as a ninga turtal, well I'm a girl 19 and strait if I was gay so what I don't get at all why people get funny over this subject

  51. I don't get why people freak over crossplaying it's super fun, I have a friend who does almost only crossplaying and she's awesome at it. My parents encourage my cosplaying especially my crossplaying because they don't care if anything it empowers you cause you feel awesome when people compliment your costume and just being someone you idolize is so empowering

  52. I knew this was a Daphne costume from the thumbnail. Didn't know it was a boy wearing it, and I don't care, the costume is badass.

  53. So what if he was wearing a girl costume? I'm a girl and loved dolls as a child and also played with cars. What is the difference between a doll and an action figure? Whatever name it's still a toy to be played with and have fun. Same with the costume. It's just for having fun. Just because I played with cars it didn't make me gay. Just because he dressed up as Daphne doesn't mean he his gay and if he is well it's his life and he should be happy with it. I'm glad his mom supports him in anything he wants to do. That is what really matters and what will help him grow up into the kind of person we all want our kids to become.

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