Pat McGrath Foundation (Deep 31) First Impressions + Wear Test W/O PMG Primer & Powder

Pat McGrath Foundation (Deep 31) First Impressions + Wear Test W/O PMG Primer & Powder

23 Replies to “Pat McGrath Foundation (Deep 31) First Impressions + Wear Test W/O PMG Primer & Powder”

  1. Great review! I had the same experience with this foundation. The finish is very pretty, but I was a grease ball by the end of the day.Lol I want to see how the primer and powder works on you. This may be a winter foundation for combination skin.

  2. The packaging reminds me of the limited edition Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder collection. I think it looks fab on you! I’m waiting on my foundation and the primer but I’m passing on the powder. Btw… your finished look – 🔥🔥🔥

  3. I live in Las Vegas and its 105+ here I have oily skin I love this foundation the shade match is spot on! I just have to use a oil controlling primer and bake. I hear the new smashbox foundation is great for oily skin! I have to try that one

  4. Okay, FIRST things first, are you getting Fumi's palette collab with juvias place?
    I want to support Auntie Pat, but that amount of coin is my light and water bill, lol. It looks as expensive as it is. Maybe for the sale in the fall. And another side note, have you tried the new Urban decay foundation? I feel like formula wise, it might be the same.

  5. You look gorgeous. Thank you for the wonderful review. You're my foundation shade twin. I ordered the system in shade 31.

  6. Hello my sister, I’m a new subscriber. That’s indeed your shade. I ran to Sephora today thinking 29 was my shade after a few online reviews but it turns out that I’m a 31! And yes I am a Fenty 440 but 29 was too yellow. You’re beautiful and yes I paid the 68 bucks

  7. I have the same "natural contour" along the bottom of my cheek bone. I thought I was the only one. Great review.

  8. It is a beautiful match on you! Can’t wait to hear your final thoughts once you get the rest of the system.

  9. I'm oily but caved and bought it🙈I'm about to be finished with 5x bottles of foundation (I go through them like drinking water). I adore matte/full coverage but as my hyperpigmentation is clearing up, and its too hot for heavy makeup, I wanted to give this a shot. Completely agree with you though, it does seem like it would be better for colder months (they're right around the corner for us). Great review as always! 💜

  10. I really want to try it but
    Not sure what shade I am. At my Sephora’s they don’t sell pat McGRATH so I can only order it on line. 😫 the shade finder on the site tells me two extremely different colours . Just curious what shade do you wear in cover fx or fenty ? Also do you find the shade you chose (31) was a perfect match for you ?

  11. Gorgeous!! That hair is EVERY 👏🏾THING!

    I don't know… I just have no interest in this foundation… but I do love aunti Pat. And you wear it welllllll.

    I was gonna ask if you thought it would work with the Fenty primer and lo and behold as I watched further, you did! Lol
    And yes it was hot as balls today in the city. Im working in bk today.. blah.. hot..

  12. You look amazing in green and I love the hair! I have tried out several colors and made a video 23, 24 (Sephora match), 25, 26, 27, 28. I am still trying to decide which color works best. I am stuck between 25, 26 & 27. Color 26 is closest to my Too Faced Born This Way in Chestnut although Chestnut is slightly lighter & a thicker formula. I am absolutely buying a full size simply because it's Pat McGrath. I have dry skin so this is right up my alley. I am going to do a full day wear test to see how it holds up. So far I've only kept the foundation on for 4 hours. I applied with my fingers and prefer that over a brush or sponge.

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