Paulo & Miguel: The Real Villain! (Eng Sub)

Paulo & Miguel: The Real Villain! (Eng Sub)

THE REAL VILLAIN! Ana Brito e Cunha has a lot of memories to share with us. Who doesn’t recall the great finale of “Scorpion’s Kiss”? After “The Bay” we had “Scorpion’s Kiss”. – A great series! – A great series! Do you guys know this picture? – Yes, it’s from a party in the mall, a few months ago. This photo was the key of my investigation. Thanks to this picture, the seller of the gun, identified the buyer. A great series! I loved working on that series. I loved my character. Previously, we had spoken about how the main roles are not so interesting… The supporting roles are much funnier! Those are the great roles! Rosa Alentejana was a great role to be played… Because she was around the main characters, but had a “parallel life”… And after all, these characters end up driving… – …Driving he storyline! And we have a lot of artistic freedom to create. I can feel it. It’s the way I think… And Xana was also like that. She was Rita’s best friend, played by Dalila Carmo… I was married to Nuno Homem de Sá. I loved working with them. Mafalda Teixeira was my daughter, we call each other “mom” and “daughter” even nowadays! A great cast! I’ve got a great friendship with Dalila and Sara Matos, until today… I loved to play Xana… Cucha Carvalheiro was directing the actors and the project was from Hugo. We also had two actresses on stage, to direct us, Sofia de Portugal and Carla de Sá. It was one of the best experiences I had until now. We had so much passion! I loved that work. They helped me a lot… And one day… We had Pedro Lima’s murder… What a shame to kill that man! – And they told us, we’d have 10 suspects and the murderer would be revealed only in the end. And I was one of them. I said: “What? It can’t be… Xana?!?…” I was really upset. And one day, Sofia de Portugal told me: “Don’t be stupid! This is a gift for you!” “But, I didn’t know! What about the dramaturgy?”!… “Oh, shut up! You’re not the one who wrote the story!” Armando Cortez once told me: “You’re not the one who knows what your character can say, because you’re not the author. You must respect him!” And Sofia de Portugal told me: “This is a gift!”… “Ok, but I never did anything like this before”… And she told me: “That’s the challenge! People will have to buy the fact that you’re the murderer!”… It’s was so fun. Did you manage to do it? – Well, I wouldn’t go for that finale, but it was Xana in fact… Against all odds. Alexandra, there’s no use for you to lie, anymore… You can’t escape. Do you wanna know the truth? I killed Fernando! It was magical. I loved that project. We never knew who the murderer was. They didn’t reveal it, even to us. We were supposed to shoot 3 different finales. Only after we filmed my finale, they said we didn’t need more finales. I had a fantastic help, with Cucha, Hugo, everyone… And I improvised something… In the end of the scene, I kissed Dalila on the mouth! The police came to take me and I just kissed her on the mouth, while I was explaining myself… The scorpion’s kiss. It was really funny! An incredible experience! I loved playing Xana. Now, with Facebook and Instagram fan pages, they post pictures from the series and the fans tag me. I love to remember it! I loved that series so much! With Paula Neves, my dear! We worked on the Garment Store! I loved that series!

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