Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint

Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint

(♪♪♪) Pabeo’s Opaque and Shimmer
paints were developed for use on both dark
and light coloured fabrics. The range of colours is
available in 40 bright and luminous shades, including 30 very
heavy covering opaque colours, and 15 shimmer colours that sparkle in the light
as it is hit. Here’s an example of
the Shimmer colours on a piece of denim. As well there are several
mediums in the range. Among those mediums are a gold
and a silver glitter that are shown on this piece. When painting on fabric
we recommend that you use a fabric that is in fact at
least 50% natural fibres. We recommend 50% natural fibre
because the paint will adhere and remain durable over time. We always recommend that you
wash the fabric to remove the sizing before
you begin painting. In addition we recommend that you do not use
fabric softeners because they leave
a coating over the fabric that can resist
the durability of the paint. I’m going to give an example
of stencilling on fabric, but there are many
different means from which you can place
the paint onto the fabric. They can be applied
with a brush, they can be applied
with a sponge, a stencil,
or even screen printed. Here I have placed a nice
stencil on my piece of denim, and I am simply going to use
a small sponge to apply the colour. I quickly dab the gold
metallic shimmer colour onto the denim, and as soon as I have
completed my painting, I will remove the stencil
and you an see that you get a very nice, clean image. Once you’ve completed
your painting and the paint is dry, you want to
turn the fabric over and we will set
the paint with an iron. It’s best to place the iron
on a setting that is appropriate for the fabric
that you are using. You want to iron
for about five minutes. Once you’ve completed
the ironing process… your piece is then washable
and dry cleanable, can be worn
or used in your home. Here we have a few
examples of some pieces that are wearable items,
some home decor items. With Pebeo’s Opaque
and Shimmer paints, it’s fun and easy to create
any number of wearable and home dec items. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

10 Replies to “Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint”

  1. @kaloykoynol Fabric paint and fabric dye are very different products. A dark fabric cannot be dyed to a lighter color. It is best to contact our Product Information team so they can provide you with detailed information for your project. They can be contacted by email at; info @ dickblick .c om or by phone 1-800-933-2542. Thanks.

  2. 2 questions. does one want to dilute the paint with water before applying it to the shirt? i ask because the paint is somewhat expensive. secondly does one have to iron the fabric after painting or could one simply let the paint dry?

  3. @lowellsaur You can thin the paint a small percentage with water, however if it too much water is added you loose the color intensity as well as the integrity of the paint film. Heat setting this paint once dry is recommended. This can be done in a clothes dryer or ironing the fabric on the opposite side that it is painted.

  4. does this dry hard or soft on fabrics? I noticed the wearables pictured are all hard fabric items, so it's not really an issue but on say a tee shirt, how hard?

  5. Hi I loved the video, Can you tell how to paint on a dark surface which stays soft and doesn't give off a very opaque hard look? Will be really glad if you'll reply.

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