Pencil Dress How-to, Threadbanger Contest Entry

Pencil Dress How-to, Threadbanger Contest Entry

hey Floyd Vegas my name's Ibaka out the trader – psycho fashion clothing line monkey Divine's you can check out more of my designs of other videos at my website Malkin is – I WordPress comp this is by actually for the fact that your psychic Shane contest so basically I wanted to make something that appeal to a lot of the females out there that have a lot of cash for whatever reason as well as people who don't have a lot of song skills just yet because the Lisa speaks really easy to make but you can make it for less than like five dollars or even one dollar if you're lucky essentially today I'm going to be showing you guys how to make a pencil dress this particular pattern is really cheap and easy to make so that further ado let's get to it step 1 measure your chest waist and hips you want to make sure the shirt music has enough fabric and it's a another dress and not everything's so short that you're stuck wearing it has two colors this is why you started with this shirt that is really big step to compare the measurements he just said to the front of the shirt remember if you have a chest of say 36 inches the primal shirt should have at least eighteen and a half inches within the tail for you directly since you're only looking at one side of the sugar if you need to go ahead and choose two measurements with a piece of chalk or a washable marker with the color selection your material step 3 remove the sleeves and as much at the top of the collared shoulders that you can't without cutting off too much material the end product should look like a big ol squid step 4 hold your spirit half follow along the line you just made during step 2 I cut out the shape easy huh step 5 unfold a behold the beginnings of your super cute super chic super cheap pencil dress now take the front aside the exact middle of the dress at the top once you have it mark it with a pen or marker step 6 take the two pieces of heart and live above rock side up it's time to slow step 7 sew up one side the material I use didn't slip at all but if your material does these pens to keep everything a place as you so I did one running stitch to start and then a zig-zag stitch along the edge that's way your pencil dress will last longer and is less likely to rip anyway this can be done by camp or by machine step 8 remember that pin in the middle of the desk pick a few pleats in the spot where the pen for your micro once this is as easy as folding up little bits of the straight at a time and sewing over it by him you'll have to sew over at least twice to keep the ruffles and slipping do I make the ruffles too big and this is how if you look at the end step 9 so the other side up just like he did the first sight and have you done eat this Vegas up your very own a pencil just for under $10 pat yourself on the back and try it on so here's your pencil dress and it has a lot of different variations on how you can wear it as well you can wear it as as you can see pencil dress you can wear the back high or low depending on how it fits you how big the shirt was when you made it you can wear it with types of boots you can wear it as a shirt and scrunch the bottom up you can even pull the top that I'm wearing on the skirt although I don't show it here but most importantly you can even pull all the way up to your neck and wear it as a scarf since it just brings a lot more different cells to it I need to address and but I recommend that if you do this that you make sure that your fabric is extremely stretchy with this little like totally stretch out so far and it wanders the all right guys this is my entrance to the guide bankers I have a shank contest you can check out more of my videos on a latke designs that WordPress about and big so much well it's gonna be machines break me

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  1. This video has been saved in my favorites for the longest. I'm so happy to see how much this channel has grown

  2. Ok so I've wanting to do this pin for a while but I figured I would have you do it first so because I want u to do this so bad I'm gonna go through every single one of ur videos and comment this pin 😏😉 so anyway here's the link

  3. @CandyAppleBooks96 At the end she explains that she made an incision just under the bust and added a strap by tying it to the middle ruffle part. 🙂

  4. i definitely made this the other day, i added a triangle flare on the bottom of each side seam for more room.. cuz i need the extra space heh heh .. and its just adorable!!

  5. That was awesome!! I love how you just started out with a t-shirt and it turend into something so cute!

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