People Wear Coachella-Inspired Outfits For A Day

People Wear Coachella-Inspired Outfits For A Day

– Ever since I put on this
outfit, I can’t stop sneezing. It might be that I’m allergic
to this shirt from 1989, or that I’m just severely
allergic to Coachella. (upbeat music) Today, we’re trying to see if we can find Coachella outfits that we can wear, just not at Coachella, because we aren’t going. – Nochella here. Nochella there. – Coachella is iconic for its fashion. Tons of fringe, tons of flowy
shit, tons of flower crowns. – [Carl] It’s like hippie meets gypsy. – Meets naked. Coachella is not really my vibe. I’ve never been and I
never will probably go, but I’m here to find a look that feels different from what I’d normally wear. – I’m a Cali boy, born and
raised, so I love Coachella. I went three years in a row. Usually when you wear
something at Coachella, it’s like a statement
piece, so it’s gonna be fun to wear something like
that around the office. I feel like our office is
like a little high school, so everyone’s like, “Ooh, new clothes?” – I have never been to Coachella. I would go, if I could
do it like a rich person. The essence of Coachella’s style is just like being carefree,
and it’s also about being a little naked,
which I’m not against, but I don’t really do at work. – [Chrissy] And we have our special guest, behind the camera. – [Carl] Yas. – [Chrissy] Lindsay. – Nochella 2k17. I just like shopping, that’s why I’m here. – So, we’re gonna visit
three different locations that people who go to
Coachella would probably go to. – Nochella 2k17. – Nochella 2k17. – Nochellz. – Nochellz. – Nochellz. – I feel like with Coachella, in the past, I’ve been a little too thirsty
with my outfit choices, so I kinda wanna do a
little bit more like, something I can wear in
the office, look cool, but also not be a thirst trap. – Oh, no, no, not that. (upbeat electronic music) – Hey, what’s up? I’m here to see Diplo. I like the colors, I think it’s bright. – [Chrissy] Very flowy, very nice. – [Nina] Very dad. Very
good, it’s like hot dad. – [Girls] Oh. – [Carl] You’re gonna get cold, too, so you’re gonna want a a jacket later. – I love this. This is the best outfit ever. I want this outfit. – I got my looks, and
I’m feeling really good, I’ll see you tomorrow for Nochella. – [Girls] Bye. – I gotta go back to work. – Have fun cutting your jeans. – I am heading over to H&M now. H&M has a line that’s
specifically for Coachella. We’ll see how it goes. – [Lindsay and Chrissy] Whoa! – [Lindsay] You look naked! – [Nina] I’m also not wearing a bra, which is very Coachella. – [Lindsay] Ooh.
– [Chrissy] Wow! – [Both] Daydreamer. – Daydreaming about when I
can take this the fuck off. I think the H&M trip went decently well. I have an outfit that has
a lil ass-cheek showage. We’ll see. – Now we are going to go to Melrose, which in LA is an iconic street, where there’s tons of
high-end thrift stores. Basically, we’re gonna
spend a lot of money to look like we did not
spend a lot of money. Let’s go, ’cause we’re
sitting in a parking lot and this is very uncomfortable. Oh my god. – [Lindsay] Oh my god. It looks so good. It actually fits. – [Nina] Love this. – [Both] Ooh! – I actually really do like this jacket, it’s just probably too hot. I knew going in that I would not be able to fit into a lot of things. I am very happy with what I ended up with, which is a really fucking cool Bon Jovi shirt from 1989. – Our shopping day is over. My feet are tired. I’m gonna be exposed tomorrow, and I hope that no one judges me too hard. We’ll see. (electronic music) I’ve got my outfit on. I’m naked. Help. – Shut the fuck up. You look so hot. – [Carl] What up, research? – [All] Hi, Carl. – [Carl] Check out my
Coachella-inspired look today. – Striking! I like it. – I am weirdly surprised
at how many people love this look. – You can definitely pull this off. – [Coworker] Yeah. – I think that you don’t look like you, but I think this is a great look. I’m personally a big fan of the not-a-tee. I think the skirt makes
your hips look great. I think this is like your inner dive-bar karaoke lady. – The responses I’ve gotten
today have been very positive. – I really like it. – Yeah? – I think you look really pretty. It’s really well put-together. – I’m too scared to face
people looking like this, so I’m taking the elevator
literally everywhere I go. – Someone would actually
wear that to work. (laughs) – [Nina] Who? – I’m not gonna list people on camera, other than myself. You look gorgeous. – This is something I can
wear around the office. Someone even said to me,
“Sun’s out, guns out.” It’s like tasteful thirst. And I was like, “Yeah!” (chuckles) Okay, don’t use that. (laughs) (laughs) – No. – 80 bucks? – [Chrissy] 130. – [Chrissy] It was $130. – Shut the hell up. – You know what, it’s your life. It’s now or never. You’re not gonna live forever. (laughs) – We are matching. – We’re gorgeous overall, baby. – What if I told you I
got this look at Goodwill? – What? I love it. – Oh, you’re one of those people who always has good luck at thrift stores. – ‘Chella looks are not
for nine to five jobs. So I just went to the
bathroom for the first time. The fringe … Fell into the toilet water. This isn’t made for a working woman. – I think as the day has gone on, I’ve become more confident wearing this. Coachella fashion is
really something that’s not me at all. I guess it was nice to
step out of my comfort zone for a day, and embrace the Coachella vibe. – Wearing Coachella looks for a day was really fun. I found myself dancing a
lot more than I usually do. The wild, crazy Coachella
look should stay at Coachella, but I am a fan of having pieces that you can manipulate
and wear to Coachella, but also wear in everyday life. – It’s a different look
that I’ve never tried, but I appreciate all the effort and time that goes into a Coachella outfit. I survived, but I can’t wait to take this fuckin’ thing off. Another guy tried to
talk to me about Bon Jovi because of my shirt, which is truly my worst fear of all. It happened today. And I was just like, “Yeah, “Livin’ on a Prayer. “Good song.” – Lady Like is moving
to our own new channel. – Where you’re gonna find more of the great videos you love. – Click here to subscribe.

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  1. 5:45 "It's now or ever"!!! No. Just no. It's now or never If you're going to reference Bon Jovi on camera, especially one of their most famous songs at least get it right. I'm 18 and I know it damn

  2. HOW WAS THAT BON JOVI SHIRT ANYTHING PAST $10?!?!???!?! HOW?!?????!!! That’s insanity. Call your mom, I’m sure some one has one in their attic, ffs. Otherwise…Chrissy you looked amazing.

  3. That idiot bought a $130 Bon Jovi Tee and isn't even a fan….like it's one thing to not be a fan and have a $10 tee but over $100 you better actually know SOMETHING about it -_- was probably on BuzzFeed's bill anyways

  4. she bought a $130 bon jovi shirt but was shocked and super afraid of people coming up to her talking about bon jovi well gurl r u REALLY surprised ..???? what kinda logic ..

  5. Is that a Michael Jackson Off The Wall shirt? if so I 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 IT!!!!!!

  6. The fact that she spent $130 on a bon jovi shirt and then doesn't know anything about the artist irritates me

  7. I know Kristen isn't a 'main' on this video, but I LOVED her up ponytail in her quick snippet. She should definitely wear her hair in ah up ponytail more often 😍

  8. Am I the only one who HATES Nina . I will 90% of the time pass up videos , simply because of her .

    And aside the point – her boobs disgust me . I know , I know – we’re supposed to empower women … she has no cleavage – just a huge V of skin .

  9. Ok they called it a high end thrift store. Then it was called a boutique. I would 100 percent call it a Boutique seeing as that T-shirt was 128 dollars. You can buy out a thrift store here for 128 dollars.

  10. I would pick a rock concert over cochella or whatever it is.
    A over size bvb tshirt , jacket and skinny jeans is more of my style.

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