People Wear Facial Piercings For A Day

People Wear Facial Piercings For A Day

– My nose is so fucking itchy right now. And I can’t scratch it. (groans) (metal music) (door opening) – There’s a lot of reasons why I haven’t gotten facial piercings before. The number one is that my mother would probably disown me if I did. – I feel like maybe back in the day, in the 90’s especially, it was like, kind of a rebellious thing. But now it’s just kinda like, flair. – When I see facial
piercings on other people, I immediately think damn that’s a badass. – I’m gonna be wearing a septum, and then also on the side of my nose. – I am gonna do the septum, and the outer nose. Just gonna try to keep it to one area. We don’t need to get too crazy. – I’m gonna be wearing a septum, which I’m stoked on. And a lip ring, which I’m hesitant about. I’m just worried about it being like, “Woah! That’s a lot of jewelry.” – Okay, the nose rings are in. I’m not the biggest fan of this one, I feel like it’s eating my face. This is gonna take some getting used to. – What are we doing? – What are we doing (laughs)? – What are we doing? I’m just like, all over the place. Like this is too much. – I like it with the
beard and the mustache. – I’m not mad about it, it’s just, you don’t look like yourself. – Oh. – Like, I feel like I couldn’t approach you as easily as I could approach you. – I think you pull it off. It looks good. – Looks great on you. – [Off Camera] The septum, right? – Yeah the septum. – The septum looks amazing. – [Off Camera] The lip ring has to go. – Yeah,
– No lip ring. It’s just a little bit…
– Too much. – (groans and laughs) – [Off Camera] What do you mean? – It’s … nice. – Yeah? – Yeah it’s very gold. What are you trying to do here? – So I’m eating all this
pizza, and it keeps like, almost hitting my nose ring, like (with mouthful) like right there. I don’t, I’m gonna have to
like, clean this. (laughs) – No. – I wore a septum and a
nose ring piercing for one entire day. And it was hell. So waking up was fine, and then I had to put
this shit in my nose. And it was like, tickling
all my nose hairs. All day long, just like, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, and it’s like, making me want to sneeze. – When I got to work, I went to my desk, and all the people in
“Ladylike” were freaking out. – Yeah, the septum one’s really cute. – I think you could go for either, both together is a little much. But either would look
good on you actually. – I had a lot of people that weren’t sure if I had always had the septum, or not. They just like, couldn’t tell. – I couldn’t remember
if you had one or not. Because it looks so good. – [Off Camera] I should get one? – Yeah, you should get one. – So we had to post a picture on Instagram with our piercings, and
people were really nice. People loved it. I was really surprised. – [Allison] I literally got
zero negative responses. Like at least three friends text me like, “Oh my god, is that real?” – People were vicious. Like, they came for me. I was like, okay first of
all bitches, it’s fake. Also, it’s my body, my choice, right? I can do whatever the
fuck I want with my body. – It was really cool,
because it almost came with a level of confidence. Like, walking down and you’re like, “Yeah, I have piercings on my face. I’m that person.” And like, not giving any
fucks about anyone else. – I’m pretty much as
basic as they come when it comes to like, fashion and stuff. So, trying something new like this, definitely like, was eye-opening. And I think I kinda want like, do more of these like, things. Don’t get any ideas, bitch. – I think it’s so cool that you can experiment with stuff like this without having to commit to the full piercing. And just play around and see what works. And then, surprisingly like, you can make anything work. As long as you wear it with confidence, it’s totally works. – Cool. Basic. Cool. Basic. Cool (laughs) (door opening sound) (club music)

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  1. I used to wear the faux septum rings they itch so bad they constantly tickeled my nose but I have my septum pierced now and I cant even feel it in my nose the fake ones are annoying af

  2. I've had like 40 odd piercings, it's crazy how much I don't even notice them! Bless these guys- each to their own, I think they all look great x

  3. When you actually have facial piercings, you totally forget about them because they become just another part of your face. I only remembr them when people tell me I'm "ruining my face with those piercings"

  4. They aren't really that uncomfortable in real life because those are probs crappy quality and fake, you don't feel real nose rings

  5. I feel like if Allisons septum had more jewels (kinda like the blonde girls) she would look AMAZING!

  6. Cool idea for a video xD but kinda hard to actually feel what a lip piercing is like when you wear a fake one. A real ring won't move around while you're eating aso. ^^ so it is definitely not this anoying to wear.

  7. I have nose ring and it's itchy at first but it's okay now
    Also it doesn't hurt for long getting the needle pushed threw hurts then it's like a slight bruise for week then it's fun

  8. 1: the fake nose rings were way to big for those peoples faces. 2: when the jewelry isn't attached to your face it's gonna be awkward cause it will move around all on It's own seperate from you. 3: lol sissys

  9. this isnt really a good representation of what it's like to have piercings cos when you have a real piercing, you don't feel it and it doesn't move. you can see how the real thing would look but that's it.

  10. I don't find girls with piercings or tattoos attractive. In my opinion it degrades your natural beauty. My opinion.

  11. I wore a fake septum before I got a real one. I have to say I HATED the fake one. It looked stupid and hurt so much putting in and taking out, more so than the actual piercing. The real one looks so much better as it sits up much higher and looks more natural. And it is so easy to hide. I’m a professional, an attorney in fact, and this is essential.

    I also have a nostril piercing and I must say I am not a fan of both septum and nostril ring ON ME. It is just too much. I usually wear a small close fit 14kt Rose gold clicker in my septum and a small stud in my nostril. If I wear a nose ring I hide the septum with a clear retainer flipped up in my nose. For work I only wear a tiny stud in my nostril.

  12. They are making such a big deal out of this. I have my eyebrow, septum, nose, labret, and medusa pieced. Plus my ears are gauged

  13. Feel my suffering my fake septum piercing won't let me scratch my nose. I'm getting a real nose piercing soon I can only imagine me trying to scratch my nose then

  14. Everyone's like yeah the comments on my Instagram were so nice and then Nick's just like everyone was so mean it's so funny I feel so bad for him

  15. As the owner of 3 nose piercings I will say yes your septum ring sometimes dips into food like icecream on the cone and it's hard to scratch with double nostril piercings. But they don't tickle and they don't itch after they are done healing.

  16. I got my nose pierced at the age 14 and then a few weeks after a second ear piercing and my parents still haven’t noticed the ear 😂😂😂😂

  17. The thing I hate about fake piercings is you feel them all the time and they itch or hurt because if putting pressure on that area but with real ones you can’t even feel them they literally don’t even feel like anything on your body

  18. They talk about how it's tickling them and itching, well that's because theirs are fake. Once you get it pierced for real, you barely even notice it's there.

  19. I can relate to the girl with the lip ring. I have my right side of my lip pierced and I have eaten many rings lol mostly the little ball things. It is crazy annoying. I regret getting it because I stopped wearing it about 4 years ago and it never closed. I thought it would diminish to a small scar, but it didn't.

  20. I have my septum pierced twice and 2 lip rings, its not that serious. I wish the world was more open to body modifications as its not that big of deal. A real septum ring wouldn’t itch like the fake one did and the blonde girl looked amazing with her septum ring.

  21. As someone who has 2 facial piercings which are a septum and a vertical labret (lip) this is hilarious to me! I don't even notice them half the time but when I first got them, it was an adjustment. I've had my septum for about 3 years and my lip for about 2. I have never regretted doing it.

  22. I've had my lip pierced for like 4 years, and everyone compliments it daily, it distracts from my not wearing makeup. It's great. Bling it up. A bit.

  23. honestly eating with a clip in ring on the under lips its difficult and uncompfy, because its fake it will not stick in place. This make it really horrible as experience. If you have a Lip Piercing already and you are Used to have it in your Mouth, then its a complete different experience.

  24. I really liked the lip piercing on the black-haired girl. It suits her, plus, her nose ring isn't go flashy and I think it goes well with the lip piercing.

  25. I have like 12 piercings that I don't even notice. Other than my snake bites I don't feel a thing any more. I think the only reason that they were so annoyed with them was because of how big and pinchy the false piercings were. Id like to see them get real ones for a day lol

  26. I think both the girls look really good with the septum piercing and the dude looked really good with the nose ring

  27. Ok that annoys me with her saying I feel like I can't approach you as easily as before,I'm sorry but people need to stop acting like people with peircings and tattoos are terrifying like man up and say hello



  29. Haha imagine having your bridge, septum and dimples done like I do lol
    I need to make an updated video on my channel tho 😝🖤

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