Perfect and Fast Shirt Folding

Perfect and Fast Shirt Folding

32 Replies to “Perfect and Fast Shirt Folding”

  1. This has blown my mind! I literally just folded two shirts! The first shirt was because I couldn't believe it! The second one was because I got so excited I had to do it again!

  2. I remember first seeing this back in elementary school, and thanks to it I've been folding my shirts like this for over twelve years.

  3. locate the halfway point of the shirt, and with your right hand, pinch 3 quarters of the width away from you. with your left hand, pinch the shoulder vertically inline with the right hand pinch, and bring it down to the bottom corner of the shirt furthest from you. then pinch the underlayer of the left hand, and pull it up, whilst pulling your right hand out of the fold.

  4. Just tried it. Much easier to do on the floor than when standing up I can tell you. Gotta respect the Japanese. They know the way of the Samurai.

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