Perilous Times – Thomas Akens

Perilous Times – Thomas Akens

Standing on the platform of truth Pioneer health and missions Shall we bow and invite the Lord’s presence to be with us? Our Father which art in heaven father I think thee for The wonderful privilege we have of Prayer father that we can come before thee and make our requests known unto thee Even though we know that thou know’st us these things beforehand it is a Blessing and honor and a privilege to be able to express Those things that are upon our heart to thee and know that thou hearest and answerest our prayers For that which is good and father. It is in that hope and faith that we come before thee Praying that that will grant unto us good things Whether we pray that thy will pour out thy holy spirit upon us That our minds and hearts may be lifted heavenward that the sweet influences of thy spirit May direct our minds toward thee and open to us the wonderful things of thy word that also our hearts may be opened before thee and I pray that that will be with my lips as well that I may speak those things that will Be to thy honor and glory that that will guide my words that my words may exalt Jesus that his word may be uplifted and exalted and as he prayed all men might be drawn to him and thus to thee father bless us now not because we are worthy or deserving of a blessing but because Jesus Is worthy and deserving? Father we come to thee in his name pleading our need before thee and Praying that thy blessing also be upon the reading of thy word Let it not return into the void. It’s my prayer that May it find entrance and abide in each and every one of our hearts For this I pray and ask in the Blessed name of Vice Jesus amen How many believe the statement of the Apostle Paul The Bible tells us that perilous times what shall come Now indeed we know that perilous times have come and I want us to look at what makes these times so perilous now there are Many things indeed we could look at to Understand the peril of the time in which we live, but let’s open up to Paul’s second letter to Timothy Let’s read our opening text and then we’ll go from there second Timothy chapter 3 That’s 2nd Timothy chapter 3 Well begin verse 1 Paul says this no now I’m going to stop there for a moment Does no imply some uncertainty or does it imply absolute certainty Absolute certainty. So when Paul says this no he wants us to be absolutely certain on this fact It isn’t what there to be any doubt in our mind Right. He doesn’t simply want it to be a belief but a certain knowledge so he says this know that in the last days perilous times shall come when in the last days So Paul was here speaking of future Was a perilous in his day Yes, certainly. It was peril has always existed. Hasn’t it? This is not talking about any ordinary peril But perils such as the world has never seen Peril that essentially would be on every hand Perilous times would come and we see the nature of this peril in the following verses you look at verses 1 through 5 and You see our shoots, excuse me I should say verses 2 through 5 And you see the nature of this peril and I’m going to touch a little bit on One of the things mentioned in verse 2. Let’s read it That’s verse 2 the first part Paul begins to explain the nature of this peril he says for men Shall be lovers of their own selves now if I stopped there That statement would include everything that follows That statement is really the root of everything else that follows Men shall be lovers of their own selves we could stop it there and understand that everything else is but a fruit of self-love and You can see it We see covetousness boasting pride blasphemy disobedience to parents unthankful nasaan holiness Etc. Etc. All of these traits are the result. They’re the logical fruit of self-love When we love ourself more than we love our neighbor when we love ourself more than we love God these are the natural fruits or traits that will be born in the life and This is what makes the last days so perilous Not that peril has not existed as I mentioned before but Because men To a degree as has never been known in the history of mankind Shall be lovers of their own selves. They should become totally absorbed with themselves And when you look at the world around us you Can begin to see it You can begin to see this peril and when you look at the Catalog of traits exhibited by this self-love. It becomes obvious that we are living last days Let’s notice verse 5 Where should we be looking? It tells us having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away now after he had listed all of these traits he tells us that these Have a what a form of godliness So obviously we understand that the danger the peril that Paul is talking about is not in the world He’s not talking about peril in the world that has always been But he’s saying a peril has never has been among God’s people his professed people Those who professed the name of God the name of Christ Those who take upon them that holy name. They would have a form of godliness, but they would deny its power because self love reigns There would be as has never spent seen before those within the church within the ranks of God’s people Who would love themselves more than they love anyone else and So perilous times would come We expect peril when we go outside of our door in the world We expect peril when we go into our workplace When we go into crowded streets when we go in into the world, we expect peril that there will be danger But this is a peril where it’s least expected Para where we feel safe where we feel secure The Paul is warning us that danger would arise in the last days among God’s people There would be tears such as never seen before Now look at verse 13 Explaining this even further He says the evil men and seducers Would wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived Now what is the context of this? Not necessarily in the world but where would evil men increase in The church seducers that word is deceivers Those who lead astray mislead God’s people. This is the danger we face and it’s one all too often that we find ourselves oblivious to There’s a peril that exists among God’s people a Peril that lurks unseen unrecognized But Paul by inspiration was led to warn us of this danger that would exist in these last days Let’s read that again evil men and seducers Would wax worse and worse so they would become progressively worse Not only are they deceiving but they themselves are deceived and Because of that they become a deceiver We look at Eve back in the Garden was she a deceiver? Yes, why because she was deceived you see We’re not talking about the the motives of these men most of them are genuinely deceived and Because of that they become the most adept deceivers and This is the danger that we face and I want us to see What counsel God gives us to avoid this danger? God has made us aware of this danger so that we can avoid it Note also with me romans chapter 1 verses 16 to 17 Notice it says that they have a form of godliness, but they deny the what The power thereof the question is what is the power that they are denying Let’s read Romans chapter 1 verses 16 through 17 Near the Apostle Paul wrote for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it That is the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation to the Jew first and also to the Greek now notice verse 17 for therein We’re in The gospel of Christ for therein is the righteousness of God revealed and how is it revealed? From faith to faith as it is written the just shall Live by faith, what is it? They are denying the righteous life They’re denying the work of the gospel that is wrought in every human being that believes obedience You see the just shall live by Faith and in our Sabbath School today we learned about the obedience of faith What it means to obey? This is what they’re denying this is the power that they are denying the transforming renewing power of God in the life and This is the danger that we face Those who have a form They may speak the truth But has that truth changed the life changed the heart This is what we are to be careful of and watch for Notice also Paul’s second letter to Timothy the next chapter Second Timothy this time chapter 4 Where we’re gonna read verses three and four They are the Apostle writes for the time will come again speaking of future the time will come when they that is this class of men For they when they will not endure sound doctrine but After their own lusts shall heap to themselves teachers having itching ears Now verse four and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables and Paul expresses this in Second Thessalonians as well chapter 2 where he says because they received not the love of the truth they received from God a strong delusion to believe the lie and Here Paul expresses it in this language That they cannot endure sound doctrine and Because they cannot endure it they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears and Why is it that they cannot endure sound doctrine? As it goes against self They love themselves more than they love God. They’re lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God and This is the danger of the time in which we live not only in the world. We can see it clearly in the world But the time where we see it in the church God wants us to be aware that we are living in perilous times The last text in this series that I want us to look at regarding this is first Timothy That’s 1st Timothy chapter 4 verse 1 Another well-known text that we use usually regarding the world But heads direct application to the church, let’s notice it First Timothy 4 verse 1. It says now the spirit speaketh expressly that In the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils How do we know that Christians are here referred to Because they’re departing from what the faith that which they once held This is not talking about the world. The world has never held the faith. Only Christians have held the faith. It’s talking about those who would depart from the clear sound teachings of the Word of God just as we read in 2nd Timothy and We see the reason for it Now why do I share all these things with us? So that we can become discouraged certainly not But so that we can be warned so that we can be aware of the danger that we face not only from others but in our own lives We are to examine ourselves to know whether we are in the faith Except we be reprobates God wants us to examine ourselves carefully Not only to examine others notice a Well-known passage that I like to quote frequently because It seems to be the evil of this age and We are to preach the present truth We are to address the evil of the age an Evil of this age is self-love and God has warned us time and time again against this in proverbs 12 verse excuse me chapter 14 and verse 12 Solomon wrote that there is a way which seemeth right unto a man But the end thereof are the ways of death The self-love seem right Sure it does it seems right to all of us that our ways are right That’s the way the natural mind works and this is why it’s so perilous Because we’re self deceived The only way we can love ourselves is to be self deceived To be deceived into thinking that what pleases me is best What feels good to me is best. What sounds good to me is best This is the danger that is going to arise within the church that We would begin to think that our own ways are right Thinking that we’re on the path of righteousness when in reality were on the path to perdition and God wants us to examine our feet let us take heed That is look to our foundation Lest we fall in first Corinthians chapter 8 Paul adds to this First Corinthians chapter 8 and verse 2 we could read also verse 1 and I think we will First Corinthians 8:1 through 2 since now as touching things offered unto idols We know that we all have knowledge Knowledge puffeth up but charity that is love edifies. So we all know right When it comes to things sacrificed to idols We know We have an intellectual knowledge of the faith, don’t we? But what is Paul comparing that with? Love right. He says knowledge puffs up. It leads up to exalt itself But love he says edifies it establishes us in the truth Love is what settled us upon the truth Now notice what Paul says in verse 2 and if any man think that he that is himself knoweth anything He knoweth nothing yet. How as He ought to know does that mean he knows nothing? No, but he does not know it as he ought to know it How are we to know it as? God knows it as God has revealed it that is how we are to know it You see the danger is is that we may think we know We think we know something and When we think we know something the danger is that we don’t know it as we ought to know it God wants us to be aware of our danger that we live in and it cannot be expressed in Soft words It cannot be expressed in a watered-down way we are to be faithful Watchmen and we cannot be Watchmen if we do not recognize the danger a Watchman must be trained to see danger to recognize danger signals Otherwise he is a worthless watchman if he does not know the signs of an enemy’s approach That the enemy is at the gate then he is not a watchman fit to be upon the walls He will not give the sound Right because he sees not the danger God wants each and every one of us to be faithful Watchmen to recognize the danger and When we see it to call out warning To all around to flee from this danger and God has given us the signs that indicate The danger that we presently face what we call our present danger That every age has its evils our age the evil happens to be love of self It is going to be the plague that leads to the last great controversy In Ephesians chapter 6 verse 11 Paul admonishes us in a way in which we can guard ourselves as A faithful watchman to be prepared to meet the devil to meet the danger That’s Ephesians chapter 6 we’re going to read verse 11 When I back up to verse 10 Finally my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers Against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places Why is the Christian admonished to take upon himself his Armor his spiritual armor to put on not some of the armor of God, but how much of it the whole armour of God It’s called the panoply the whole armour every piece of equipment to Guard against what? The wiles of the devil That’s right for we wrestle not against flesh and blood our war is not with men Though, sometimes we get diverted to that The devil wants us to forget who our real enemy is and That is he is as a roaring lion He wants us to look anywhere but where our real danger is you see he does not want us to be aware of his wiles and notice, we don’t wrestle against men flesh and blood but against what Principalities powers That is the rulers of the what the darkness of this world. Darkness is ignorance Those who rule in ignorance that’s what we what we wrestle against Those who are ruling this world in ignorance now, we’re not talking about worldly. Rulers We’re talking about those who really rule the devil and his angels They are the rulers of the darkness of this world, they are the spiritual wickedness in high places and The devil is afraid that we will become wise to his wiles Understand the way he works That we can give a faithful warning Now does that mean we go about studying evil? No God has given us The wiles of the devil in his word, then we can understand the way the devil works that we can be wise against these things to give a faithful warning when we see it and Today the greatest danger I see in the church is self-love But we love ourselves more than we love God more than we love his word more than we love our neighbor God wants us to love Not only ourselves but to love our neighbor as ourselves We are to love ourselves to be sure but we are to love our neighbors in the same way That’s healthy love. That’s healthy self-love That love is to be proportionate the love that we give to others is to be proportionate to the love that we give to ourselves That’s the fulfilling of the law, right It does no evil to its neighbor Therefore the it is the fulfilling of the law First Peter chapter 5 I Touched on this Let’s take a look at it. First Peter chapter 5 verse 8 Here’s the Apostle Peters words now this epistle was written shortly before his death shortly before the second epistle Peter was about to pass from this world and He’s writing to the believers And he warns them in this language He says be sober Now, what does it mean to be sober? Awake alert, that’s right not drunk Can you be sober if you’re drunk know? If we’ve sipped of the wine of Babylon beloved, we’re not sober or drunk He says be sober be vigilant Binge that means awake alert Tirelessly alert We must be vigilant we must be sober why Because your adversary Your real enemy The real enemy at the gate is as a roaring lion the devil we call him and What is he doing? Going about seeking whom he way may devour. He’s as a what? He’s as a roaring lion Now the Apostle Peter uses this language Because in his day it was had had tremendous meaning Lions still existed in that area at the time Peter wrote this and He uses the example of the roaring lion to help them understand the nature of the enemy and that we have to deal with how many here are familiar with lions and When you hear understand how Lions work are they solitary hunters Not really, ok, here are not really They work in pride, that’s right they hunt as a team Lions are not solitary hunters like leopards Like Jaguars or many of the other big cats tigers panthers Pumas we could go on and on lions are almost unique among the cats because they hunt as a pack and Peter uses the lion as a presentation of the devil our real enemy and not as any kind of lion, but as a roaring lion now Who among the Lions roars? The male that’s right if you know anything about lions, you know, it’s the male that roars and why does here or That’s right that’s the way the male line indicates that this is my territory because his roar can be heard for miles by other Lions and As he bellows out he’s saying this is my territory. This is my turf Anyone who approaches and comes within the sound of my voice will have to deal with me That’s a roaring lion But it also has another significance and it has to do of how lions hunt Now how do Lions hunt Well, it’s very simple They pick out a target maybe Buffalo It may be some other Maybe it’s a zebra or they will pick out a target and they hunt Usually at night. It’s uncommon for Lions to hunt during the day they will do it under certain circumstances, but most hunts take place at night in darkness and What happens is the female lions? the lionesses will surround the prey They will set up a trap Unbeknownst to them they stalk very slowly very quietly so that they can’t be heard or seen or smelled By their enemy and they set an ambush Unsuspecting unbeknownst to their prey and When the time is right? One of the females and sometimes the males one of the males will come along and make himself known to them he will come in the forefront of where the trap set the females having been placed usually in the flanks or in the behind and the male will usually come in front or one of the females usually one of the younger males and You’ll make himself known he’ll startle them. He may charge them or he may roar and So they spring off in the opposite direction right into the waiting trap where the weakest is usually taken down These this is how lions hunt and It’s used as an example of the danger that we face you see that the devil will present himself to us in a certain way and We sing the danger. We’re like whoa. Whoa, we’re backing up, right? not realizing the danger behind us not realizing the the devil is pushing us right where he wants us to go and This is the way the devil works He doesn’t use overt threat most the time He manipulates us as an into going the direction he wants by presenting opposites Here are some of the tactics he will use some of the things he will say Don’t trust others He’ll say something like don’t even trust me And he will say trust yourself You see these are the type of ploys that the devil uses You don’t want to listen to men. Don’t trust others. Don’t even trust me trust yourself Trust yourself, you know Use your own judgment use your own discernment. Don’t just believe me and don’t believe other men But trust yourself trust your judgment This is one of the ways in which the devil is most successful But you see in reality there’s a balancing act He’s telling you one side but not giving you the other He’s giving you a bait to lead you to back right in to where he wants you to be you See to all these statements there is a balance to them Which he wants to keep you ignorant of? is Distrust of others healthy It is to a degree, but it must be balanced with trust in God you see It’s not simply enough to be skeptical of what everybody says That can be good to a degree But if you don’t trust in God more than you trust in yourself You’re unbalanced you See and the devil knows this so he pushes you with these baits He says something like trust yourself when? The real balance to that is self distrust We need a healthy modicum of self distrust together with self trust Do we want to believe what the Bible says? Absolutely, we do but we also want to be aware of the way in which our mind works the Way in which we can corrupt the words of God by our own desires and feelings We need both self Trust and self-distrust we need Skepticism or distrust of others, but we need trust in God We need these things in balance This is the wrestle that we have The danger is that we weigh down one side of the scales We tip that balance and so fall into the trap that is laid for us That is why Peter said our our enemy is as a roaring lion walking about seeking whom he may devour He’s presenting himself In some way as an enemy not letting you know that the real enemy is In store waiting for you, and he’s pushing you toward them We need to know the wiles of the devil you see there is a danger that the Bible clearly tells us of looking to self It’s what led to the fall of our adversary and He’s been so successful with that that he’s never ceased using it It’s been his most successful ploy leading others to rely upon themselves More than they rely upon God you see self-reliance is good to a point if We rely upon self more than we rely upon the Word of God, then it becomes dangerous It becomes a bait and That’s why the peril of our day is self trust self love self confidence Notice what we are told in the book education page 88 We are told to self trust trial is defeat To those who trust themselves trial difficulty is defeat it spells defeat certain defeat and Satan knows it. That’s why self love is our greatest danger today You see because The devil knows that at every trial you will fail if you can get you to trust yourself more than you trust God You see it must be balanced with trust in God and Distrust of others. Yeah that lion that’s lurking there must also be balanced with what? Trust in God, that’s right We must learn to have healthy self trust and healthy self distrust We must have a healthy distrust of others and a healthy trust in God Sometimes we go to extremes and it’s those in those extremes that we’re led into the trap of the devil Fanaticism is never good It always leads to danger The devil wants us to react in an extreme way Just as the prey do when they see and hear the lion roaring in This same epistle chapter 5 the first three verses let’s read them together first Peter 5 verses one through three The Apostle declares The elders which are among you I exhort Who am also an elder and the witness of the sufferings of Christ and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed Feed the flock of God, which is among you taking the oversight thereof not by constraint But willingly not for filthy lucre that is for ill-gotten gain But of a ready mind Neither as being lords over God’s heritage, but being examples to the flock God wants us to be examples to the flock We’re to be faithful Watchmen and Those who take up the duty as Watchmen Now everybody has a duty to a degree of being a watchman even those within the walls Have a duty to do and being Watchmen But primarily that Duty falls to those upon the walls Those who have the vantage point and are looking out over the surrounding fields and territory the minister’s the preachers the pastors the elders these men They have a work to do in warning the flock of danger being faithful heralds and They are to do it Not of constraint not because it’s simply an obligation or duty thrust upon them But they must do it of a ready mind willingly It must spring from their own heart their own volition They’re not to do it for filthy lucre. They’re not hireling x’ But they are good under shepherds of the true Good Shepherd They do it of a ready mind They do it that they might be an example to the flock Not as Lords, but how as An equal as a fellow laborer as a brother and sister They’re setting an example and God wants us to be that example God wants us to be Watchmen whether we stand upon the walls or whether we happen to be in the confines of the city Because it’s not only the Watchmen that gives the call that that call has to be echoed and re-echoed Throughout the city because often one watchman’s voice will not penetrate to the heart of the city. It must be relayed By faithful men and women within the walls Who carry that sound? To all those who may be sleeping and unaware of the danger Term enough me to Paul’s epistle to the Philippians chapter 3 verse 17 Philippians 3:17 the Apostle Paul writes brethren Be followers together of me and mark them which walk so as he have us for an example you See the balance you have a distrust of others, but what here is being promoted Trust in others, right? we have a trust in God, but the Apostle here is saying what brethren be followers together of Me How do you how are we examples Right, if we don’t call people to our own example If we’re not saying be ye followers to love me even as I am of Christ Paul says and Mark those which so walk is you have us the Apostles for an example Look to them Watch them follow them as you have an example So there is a helpful Distrust of others, but there is also a healthful trust. They must be balanced out We must be looking to others. That’s how we learn by the example set before us We learn by observation and repetition Let’s go back to 2nd Timothy To be our last text before we close Second Timothy chapter 3 we’re going to read Verse 14 we read up to verse 13 And we didn’t read all the intervening verses but we read verse 13 now. Let’s look at the next verse Paul admonishes us in his word to Timothy he says But continue thou in the things which thou has learned and has been assured of knowing Of whom thou has learned them This is some of the safest counsel given Now Paul was about to leave this world this epistle was and Very well may have been the very last thing that he wrote Before he died And he was writing to a young man whom he had raised up to take his place to be an elder to Guard and watch as a faithful Bishop over the souls of the flock that had been committed to him by the Apostle Paul Timothy was to be a faithful steward of that which God had committed to him and notice the words that the Apostle admonishes him with he says to continue in the things which thou hast learned and has been assured of what Things had he learned He had learned the scriptures verse 15 tells us that thou from a child has known the Holy Scriptures These were the things he was to continue in things. He had been assured of from the time He was a little babe a little child He had learned the scriptures from his grandmother and his mother faithfully He was to continue in those things and the Apostle also advantages admonishes him saying Knowing of whom thou hast learned them Who did he learn them from Who from Christ? Yes, absolutely His grandmother. Yes his mother faithful Christians Timothy had also learned from the Apostle Paul hadn’t he? He was to be assured of those things knowing of whom he has learned them Paul had been taught himself by Christ You see often We say unqualified, you know, don’t just trust me and that can be good I can stand up and say don’t just take my word for it. That’s a good thing But at the same time you want to take my word Take it to the source of truth prove it Test it do take my word We have to have that balance you see and The gravest danger we have is that we trust ourself more than we trust anything But the only cure for that is trust in God The only way we can have a healthful self Trust is if our love and trust is centered in God God will give us that healthy self trust Knowing what we have learned and where we’ve learned it from We can have perfect faith in of thus saith the Lord We have no reason to doubt it We can be assured of it Knowing once we have learned it where it came to us from and when we hear those things From pastors from ministers from our fellow brethren we can be assured of those things knowing their source But we’re to take all things to the Word of God beloved I Want us to have that balance and With that I want to share with you my closing thought It’s found in the first epistle to Timothy Chapter six This is our final Bible text First Timothy chapter six verses three through five. Let’s read them together Paul again admonishing Timothy He says if any man teach otherwise and consent not to wholesome words Even the words of our lord jesus christ and to the doctrine, which is according to godliness He is what? Proud knowing nothing, but Doting about questions and stripes of words where up cometh envy strife railings evil surmisings perverse disputing zuv men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth Supposing that gain is godliness from such withdraw thyself You see when someone comes along and tells you that such and such as the truth and They are admonished From the Word of God what? What about this first it doesn’t line up with what you’re saying and that person does not consent to that truth Know that they are proud that They know nothing That that person is a person of corrupt mind their mind has been corrupted by what love of self You see We are to receive the things that they’re said, but we are also to be reflectors we are to admonish If we hear something not in accordance with the Word of God Bring that to that person’s attention You will know Immediately whether that person is a Christian or not If they receive the admonishment say, you know, you’re right. I hadn’t seen that before Then you can tell God is working upon the heart but if they say no you misunderstanding You’re not understanding what I’m saying, or they make up some excuse to justify and they consent not to the truth know That that person is proud and they know nothing That there’s corruption that has taken place in that mind you See God has given us certain knowledge Things whereby we can know the truth That we can know those who are the Lord’s and those who are not the Lord’s Whereby we can know our enemy from our friend foe from friend and friend from foe God wants us to be wise He wants us to test and prove all things Notice From such we are told Withdraw thyself Now the world tells us knowing you need to be their friend you need to try to reach out to them Paul says withdraw thyself. God says withdraw thyself Keeping company with the deceiver is dangerous thing. If you don’t believe me just ask Eve She stayed the moment she knew that he did not consent to the truth She stayed and the result was she was deceived and through her Adam was deceived and the human race fell You see we’re to withdraw ourself the safest thing the best thing he could have done with to withdraw herself from that place Withdraw thyself from the tempter if a strange woman comes to you and entices you into her bed withdraw thyself Withdraw thyself, if a man comes to you and tells you this grand plot of how you could make quick and easy money Withdraw thyself Withdraw thyself, that’s the safest thing we can do When Joseph was approached by Potiphar’s wife. She said lie with me and she grabbed ahold of him. What did he do? He withdrew himself forcibly Even so forcibly but he left his garment behind You see we were to flee from evil From a letter I want to share with you in 1890 This statement is made I want to close with this statement There the author wrote this she says there is altogether too much self-confidence and self sufficiency Altogether too much pride of heart and self-esteem without giving glory to God God has given minds and talents to men only in trust They don’t belong to us They’re given to us in trust on Probation the only way they can become ours as if we pass the test Continuing God has given minds and talents to men only in trust on trial to test and prove them to see if they will work in his way and do his will and Put not confidence in themselves Alone notice how that’s qualified Not in themselves alone. Is it good to have self-confidence? Yes, but not alone if They do not stand the test. She continues they are false to his kingdom That includes us That includes us Beloved it is not good for us to trust ourselves alone. And This is the sin of the age. This is the peril of these last days Such as the world has never seen it is being ramped up on every side it is being pressed upon us as never before the Devil is leading us and leading men Especially those who are in prominent positions as pastors ministers teachers On this course to deceive as many as possible That God has given us faithful warning against this and it’s taught us. What is the Cure? What will help us and secure us against this fatal deception of self love and self Trust Remember that the mind given to us is given in trust. It’s given on trial We are to prove whether we are worthy of the gift that God has given us in his son You see when man fell he lost his mind. I? Don’t know if you’re aware of that. But when Adam fell he lost his mind It was given back to him by Christ Christ stepped in and gave Man back his mind on probation it was given to him that he may once again prove himself worthy and faithful and God has given to us a mind that we may use it to his glory to his honor That we may prove all things and hold fast that which is good Is that your desire Do you want to use the mind God has given you faithfully You want to be that faithful watchman If so, let us kneel before the Lord Our Father which art in heaven Father it is a solemn message a solemn obligation that death lay upon us and I pray father that we may have a true sense of the solemnity of the hour in which we live of the time in which we live that we may have a true sense of the danger that Surrounds us on every hand That we father be come not complacent in our present situation in our present danger Father we want to be faithful Watchmen We want to become aware and awake Sober and village ined to the danger that surrounds us Not only for the sake of the salvation of our own soul, but for all of those souls that depend upon us Help us to be faithful Watchmen May our voice be thine May our lips be dedicated to thee and give that faithful warning Father I pray that we may learn to look Inwardly more than we do outwardly Who may learn to see? the weakness of our own minds and hearts To see our own faults and failings not simply that we might be overwhelmed with them But that we might overcome them by grace For a drunkard cannot overcome his wine until he recognized he is a drunkard Help us to become aware of our own faults and failings that We might be able to lift our voice and faithful warning against these things That our own souls may be warned against them Bless I pray father the reading of thy word let it no not go forth from thee and return into the void But I pray that it may accomplish that good work in us That it will perform that good work Until the day of Jesus Christ that when he cometh he may find faith in us That he may look and see himself in us when he returns to claim his own Father that is my hope and my prayer for us today and I think the for hearing and answering my prayer For all of these things we pray and ask in the precious name of thy Son Jesus amen May the Lord bless thee and keep thee May the Lord make his face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee May the Lord had up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace amen Standing on the platform of truth I am here at Delft and missions

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  1. Excellent Work, I really enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you might like 🙂

  2. So I wonder if the speaker has told his flock about the supernatural changes to the words in the actual bibles they are holding in their hands? It would seem to qualify as a ‘strong delusion’ and even most of the ‘elect’ and their pastors fail to see the changes, even when confronted with compelling evidence. These are indeed perilous times and the supernatural changes, prophesied in Amos 8:11-12 and elsewhere, are clear signs we are in the final days.

    It began with the KJV but changes are now being found in every version and every language, even in the Dead Sea Scrolls. I don’t like the ‘ME’ phrase, but to find examples on YT, search on: MANDELA EFFECT BIBLE CHANGES

    This is just one example of the thousands of videos available on this subject:

    Sticks-of-TNT 🧨 10.09.19

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