Peter Smolik – Even Murderers Wear Osiris? #RetroRippers

Peter Smolik – Even Murderers Wear Osiris? #RetroRippers

This time in Retro Rippers, we’re
learning all about Peter Smolik. Let’s get started. Welcome to Rad Rat Video. Here on the
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this series which is called Retro Rippers. Today we are talking about ODS
or Ol’ Dirty Smolik. Peter Smolik. This video was suggested by Steve-O, so
hopefully you’re out there checking this out. Smolik had a huge impact on
skateboarding in the late 90s, but let’s go back to when he first started. So
Smolik had a really small one-minute video part in Etnies high-five. That was
in 1995. But in 1998, that’s when he really blew up. He was in Fulfill the
Dream by Shorty’s. And this video was huge. It got a lot of awards: best video part,
best style, all kinds of other stuff. And he tells a story about how, after that
video part came out, he was getting a lot of interest from shoe companies. He was
the biggest guy in skateboarding at the moment, and so he put in his contract
negotiations that he wanted a snow camo Lincoln Navigator, and also matching snow
camo Timberland style boots, and his pro model shoe to match as well. It was just
kind of crazy. He never actually ended up getting that, but the fact is that he
wasn’t laughed out of the room for asking for that. He was just that big at
the time. If you imagine most of the time, skaters will just be happy to be getting
a deal at all, but to just demand ridiculous stuff like that was pretty
crazy. Only he would have done that. But one of the things that’s most
interesting about his skating in particular was that he was really
starting to push tech to come back. And so, in the late 90s, tech was still a
little bit uncool to a degree. You had Daewon and Rodney doing all kinds of
stuff like that, but the thing is, Smolik was on Osiris. That’s the one he
eventually went with. Osiris was huge. They’re one of the biggest skate brands
in the world. They were are a huge shoe company in general. Even people who
didn’t skate had Osirises. So the fact that he had this huge spotlight on him
like that really made a big difference, and the kind of skiing that he was doing,
the kind of skating that the Osiris team was
promoting was — became cool, and that’s what people wanted to do. So he really had a
big impact in that way. But more than just influencing skateboarding, he was
making tons of money. He talked about getting 50 thousand dollar checks from
Osiris every month. It was just ridiculous. These guys are like rock
stars. Check out my video on Josh Kasper. He was
also on that team. The amount of money these guys are making was just
ridiculous. Josh Kasper would fly into demos on a
helicopter. Like, all that kind of stuff. So they were definitely in the spotlight
of skateboarding, but Smolik wasn’t just putting his name on shoes, he actually
came up with some of his own products. So his shoe was called the ODS, and it has
this little velcro strap on the back of it, and these actually matched up with
his pro cargo pants he came up with. Just look at this ad! That just looks like 2000,
you know. That looks like what things were like at the time:
huge oversized baggy pants. But the point of them was that you could sag those as
much as you wanted, and it would clip to the velcro on the back of the shoe, and
that way you would never step on the bottom of your pants. It seems like such
a ridiculous thing, but back then, I would have probably loved that because I had a
lot of jeans back then, but I would always be stepping on the back of it, and
I would eventually wear away the pant cuff. So that happened, and those were
actually kind of successful. But back to the shoe. So in 2001 the Osiris ODS shoe
was actually the center of a murder investigation.
So a woman named Tonya Hart — she was shot, and the only piece of evidence that they
really had was the shoe prints. So they brought in the FBI investigator and
figured out that that was an Osiris ODS shoe, and they used that as their way to
figure out who the guy was. They had some descriptions of the suspect, but they
weren’t very clear. Just average height, average looking guy. But the shoe print
was what they had to go for. So they went to the suspects house, they looked
through all of his shoes and they didn’t find that, well they found an Osiris Defcon shoe. And so the treads didn’t match. It wasn’t quite right, so
this must not be the guy. But during the trial, they actually got a spokesperson
for Osiris to testify, and this is what he
said: “The Osiris ODS gives more ‘board feel'” said Elders, and has a special
velcro swatch on the heel allowing skaters to attach a pant leg. The “sag no
drag” device allows skaters to wear baggy pants without damaging the cuffs. The
Osiris Defcon, on the other hand, was made with extra cushion for jumping down
large flights of stairs. I found that completely crazy, like they
are using this murder investigation as a way to sell shoes. But the thing is, he
was actually right! So this guy, their suspect, actually did have both shoes and
he ended up admitting to it and he went to jail. So that was actually the case.
Everyone needs to have more than one pair of shoes, including murderers. But
back to Smolik. He was in a lot of different video parts around the time,
including The Storm, which is one of my favorite skate videos of all time. And
something I found really interesting: check out his ender in this part. It’s a
switch front tail frontside 270 heelflip out. Now, if you fast-forward six
years to the Blind video “What If?”, this is Ronnie Creager in the ender part. His
very last trick, fade to black ender for the whole video, is a switch
tailslide 270 heelflip out. The exact same trick 6 years later, it was still ender
worthy, so that just shows you how far ahead of the times he was when he filmed
The Storm. A lot of his other video parts were also really good too, and things
were all looking really great for him until he eventually lost his sponsors. So
here’s what happened with Osiris in particular. They started to put out
colorways for his shoes that he never signed off on, so there’s one he talked
about, he says it was Ecto Green. It was a really bright colored shoe that he
didn’t like, and his name was on it, and he thought it was making him look bad. Like,
this was his design and it wasn’t. So he didn’t appreciate that, and I can really
respect that. So he had some integrity. He wanted to make the best product he could
and actually get involved with the process instead of just taking money
without actually worrying about what his name is going on. So I can respect that,
but maybe not the way that he handled it exactly. So he talks about how, at one
point, the Osiris people would come to his door and he would just hide behind
there. He might open the door and yell at him
that he wants his camo navigator, but that was about it. But with Shorty’s though,
they said that he just wasn’t doing enough for the brand anymore. So when he was out, he wasn’t wearing Shorty’s stuff, he was wearing Sk8mafia shirts. He was just
not really doing a lot for Shorty’s. At least, that’s what they told them in an
unsigned letter that they sent to him where they kicked him off the team.
Nobody took credit for it. He tried to figure out who actually fired him and
never got a name. So that was Shorty’s, and then what happened was, at that point
he decided to really build up Sk8mafia and turn that into a real brand.
So let’s actually talk about Sk8mafia for a second. Originally it wasn’t
supposed to be a brand, it wasn’t a company. It didn’t have any products. The
idea was that it was just skaters around the world can help each other out, and
we’re all one big group. So we’re all in the skate mafia. So everybody who skates
was included, and the actual pro team, when all that stuff, didn’t come until a lot
later. And in fact, here’s Chad Muska from Guilty, way back in 2001. “Ain’t no thing homie. Skate Mafia for life.” That was from way before it actually became a
brand. But let’s go to the about page on the Sk8mafia site, so what this says:
“This is this is the body of your about page. Viewers go to this page to find out
everything about your business–” My bad. So there’s this guy named Dan Connelly, and
he was in college. He was doing a project where he had to build up a fake company,
so he had opportunity to make assets for Sk8mafia. So, logos, t-shirt designs all
that kind of stuff. And then they used that as a basis to actually launch it as
a real company. Although at first, it was really more just making t-shirts and
giving them away, rather than having an actual business model and all that kind
of stuff. It was just really grassroots at the time. And let’s talk about their
hand sign. So at first, one of the ideas someone came up to Smolik and told him,
‘hey, you should do this.’ I don’t know what they’re doing with the pinkies. ‘You
should do this and that “S” is either Shorty’s or Smolik.’ And he’s like, ‘No man,
put the pinkies down and now it’s an M. Sk8mafia.’ And so that’s that’s what it
is. You have to do it like this, no thumbs allowed, left finger above the right one
so the S is right for the person watching, and that’s what it is. And he
was doing that all over town, people are always doing that in ads, it’s probably
the most famous hand sign in skateboarding. In 2004, they had their first tour and
what they did, they just got an RV packed with a ton of skaters, and they went out
and went from town to town. They made just enough money to keep going until
the end of it. It wasn’t very official, wasn’t very
legitimate, but it got them some momentum rolling. When they got back, they started
talking to distributors and what they had to do was finally put some stuff
down on paper. They had to get an official pro team, and an official am team. They had
to have a business model, they had to have everything on paper, and so they did
that and they finally launched officially as a legitimate company
around that time. And one of the really smart things they did with their
business model was, they came up with their Sk8mafia Saturdays. So this was
a weekly video series of the team going out in skating, and that was a really
really good idea at the time. So I could think about going out doing demos. You’re
seeing, you know, 100 people per city at most. If you have this social media
campaign, which they wouldn’t called it back then, it was able to reach out to a
bunch of different people all over the internet. All over the world. And so that
was a really smart way that they marketed their brand. Sk8mafia
survived a few setbacks along the way, like in 2014, they thought Blitz
Distribution was going to shut down, so they broke off with Just Live, JSLV, and
they started to work together and they survived that. Blitz also survived, just
in a different way. They have a lot of different brands now, and not quite the
same force that they used to be. But you know Smolik is actually not involved
with Sk8mafia at all anymore and we’ll talk about all of that in a second, but
back to Smolik and his skating for a second, my favorite video part of his was
from Transworld’s Let’s Do This in 2007. I really like the urban explorer kind of
vibe that he had going there, where he wasn’t doing the same old spots as
everyone else, he was skating on rocks. He’s doing all kinds of really cool
technical stuff, so he definitely, even after Sk8mafia started, all that. He was
still really at the top of his game. But what is he up to right now? That’s kind
of a tough question, and I really don’t even want to answer it, because
by the time I talk about it it’ll be out of date. Even his Instagram seems like
it’s out of date. So if you go to his Instagram lord_pillage, you’ll see that
he is sponsored by Laced. That’s Jake Brown’s clothing company. Their website is
shut down. They’ve posted one thing on Facebook in the last couple years.
I don’t even know if they still exist anymore. Plus he has his own clothing
brand anyway called Real Life Pillage, so I’m not
really sure what’s going on there exactly. But as far as decks, there have
also been quite a few changes recently. So as I mentioned, he did leave Sk8mafia,
which was a big surprise, being as he was one of the founding members. But he
joined Menace. So a lot of you guys will remember Menace. If you saw my Kareem Campbell video right here, he, Kareem Campbell started that company way back —
I think it was 94. It became City Stars and then somebody brought back the Menace
name. Not related to Kareem Campbell anymore. But Smolik joined them, and he said the
reason why he did that was something about how an artist has to express his
art. One thing you’ll notice if you see an interview by him: he is really hard to
understand. it’s tough to know what he’s talking about at any given point. But one
thing that he might have been talking about is just the literal art style of
the companies. So Sk8mafia, half of the graphics, that font is Impact. You just
type in “Sk8mafia” and you’re done. But the graphics and everything on Menace
were a lot better, a lot more interesting. Maybe that’s what he was doing. But we’ll
never know, because he actually left them right away as well.
And what he’s doing right now, it seems like his brand that he’s starting is
making their own decks too. So he’s posted up some concept shots. He’s
posted pictures of decks that he’s making. So that seems like what’s going
on with him right now. Aside from that, he’s also riding for Spitfire,
Independent, and Osiris, believe it or not. So last fall Osiris posted this
picture, where Smolik and Tyrone Olson are back on the team, and they’re working
on designing things again. And this was pretty cool. They talked about reissuing
their old shoes — actually making new shoes based on the old ones, because that
old tooling doesn’t exist. But making new shoes based on their old designs,
bringing the old team back together. Maybe even
making The Storm part two. Smolik says that he’s got another video part in him.
But the thing is, I don’t know whatever happened with that. If you look at the
Osiris website, they’re not on the team page. They’re nowhere on the site, either of
their names. And on Facebook. the only thing I saw linking them together still
was back from February. So I’m not really sure what’s going on there. If you know,
let me know below. It would be cool to see what they end up coming up with. But
he’s got so many different business ideas and things going on right now. I’m
sure we’ll see something interesting soon. So that’s what’s going on with
Smolik. Let me know who you want to see me talk about again below, and until next
time, here’s some more videos I did recently. I do a lot more different types
of skateboarding topics, and you can learn something new about skateboarding
three times a week by tapping my logo right here and subscribing. So thank you
for watching.

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