Pics Of The Day: Queen’s Cheesy Smile

Pics Of The Day: Queen’s Cheesy Smile

Hello everyone and welcome back to TopFactology People can’t stop laughing after finding out how wriggly babies are x-rayed using pigg-o-stat pediatric immobilizer When I first saw it, I thought they’re in the blender This is Lorenzo Quinn’s Building Bridges in Venice, an amazing sculptural installation before the 58th International Venice Biennale Art be open to the public on the 11th of May 29th. A claw-set diamond ring weighing 36.57 carats is examined during a press preview of an upcoming auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva. The ring is expected to fetch up to 5.5 million dollars. Would you dare walk on the street with this ring on. Soldier in ceremonial attire sweats profusely as he waits for King Maha to grant a public audience in Bangkok Thailand. Let’s hope he had a nice shower after this This is how automatic milking of cows looks like in a shed at the OkaMoloko dairy farm in Russia We humans are good at automation, especially when it comes to exploitation of other species Babies are held by sumo wrestlers during the Naki Sumo Baby Crying contest at Sensoji Temple in Tokyo This Japanese tradition dates back hundreds of years making babies cry to ward off demons. I wonder if this trick really works Emperor Akihito as he leaves to attend an abdication ceremony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo being the first Japanese Emperor to do so since 1817. His son, Naruhito, has now taken the throne Laurentino Cortizo the Democratic Revolutionary Party candidate kisses his wife, Yazmín Colón after being elected president of Panama, to resume office 1st, July 29th Members of a rescue team watch collapsed buildings due to a landslide following heavy rains in Bolivia. Nature is truly powerful David Beckham has been banned for driving for six months for using a phone in his Bentley This just goes to show no matter how famous you are, you need to obey the law Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip meet their great-grandson Archie. This happy royal family is no doubt getting bigger The Queen smiles through the rain as she watches her horses at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. What a smile… That’s all for today folks, please subscribe for more videos like this in the future. Until next time, bye and have a nice day!

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  1. Keep your political and personal views out of your videos…..your opinions are not news. (That was re: your comment about "exploitation" of animals.)

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