Pilot Uniforms, How and why?

Pilot Uniforms, How and why?

hi everybody very welcome to mentorians at another video podcast as always I hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic today on the podcast guys we’re going to be talking about the pilot uniform what forms part of the uniform why is it there and what you should think about so stay tuned [Music] right guys so I’m going to spare you the embarrassment of seeing me naked so we will start from this okay a palette uniform obviously normally you’ll have black shoes on it so black socks is something that you should use and the pair of black pants or whatever color that your company’s uniform has just make sure that the that the pants are you know in good shape well pressed and so on so it might be worth taking it to the dry cleaners nothing they’re done just to keep the standard open alright so the next thing on the uniform obviously is the pilot shirt now the pilot shirt might be a company issued most companies issue the uniform in entirety and that’s to make sure that all palace looks exactly the same in my company we actually get a allowance every year to make sure that our uniform is kept up to scratch and that loan we are basically free to use however we want so I just went to Thailand and I went to a tailor over there and I made these uniforms up after they the model of the uniform shirt of my company uses so I bought like 15 of them so you don’t have to do a whitewash every other day when you’re working okay so uniform shirt right guys so uniform shirt make sure that it that you always you know iron it so that it looks good then we will talk about why it’s important that you look good later on in the program right so the next thing that we want to put on is normally the tie so the tie you will see that every company has a different type of tie they look differently into kind of the Signum for that company so it’s not up to you which tie you’re going to use it’s going to be company issued in this case we have a standard black tie here which is my mentor time if you want to use clip bones that is up to you over the company if they have anything to say about it I prefer normal ties because I just think that they look better and then if you want to use anything like this it also has to be in line with the uniform right so next part of the uniform and this is something that I get a lot of questions about are the epaulets okay so the epaulets are like this four stripes means it’s a captain three stripes means it’s a senior first officer two stripes means a junior first or first officer and junior first officer now when you get to to change between two and three stripes that’s going to be up to your company so that’s different some companies has about 1500 hours total others might have different years that you’ve been in the company and so on okay so you have these flaps on your uniform shark so you just put the epaulets on top make sure that you know you have the seam of the applet here make sure that goes down because if it’s rarely in the morning and you are running out of time it’s very easy to put it upside down and it doesn’t look very good so that’s it so this is basically the way that you look when you’re in the cockpit all right on top of that you’ll have a uniform jacket as well same thing there needs to be kept up to of the shape so put bring it to the drycleaners now undone you know and that’s the company does stuff for you in my case it’s a double bottom one so I have this little string with a button on it that holds it in place so you put that through there and that like that now some companies have hats as well which is a really old standard kind of pilot look which I guess all of you out there who want to be pilots you’re thinking and imagining yourself with that hat all now if you ask pilots most of them will say that they don’t really like the Hat for the simple reason that it’s just something that you carry under your arm or you carry with you and you tend to leave it everywhere and you forget it in hotel rooms and stuff like that however I personally think that the Hat is good because with the Hat pilots tend to keep the rest of the uniform in shape because if you have a hat on you can’t really wear anything on standard right so I think that having a hat as part of the uniform is a good idea I think it looks good and I think it’s what the public is expecting so my company chose not to and I don’t have anything specifically to say about that but I do think that hats on pilots do look good and I’m sure that you probably agree with me so come with me down into the office and we’ll talk a little bit about where the uniform came from and why it is so really really important that when you get your first uniform that you beat up to standard guys so come with me right guys so why is it so important that you keep your uniform in a good shape then well if we start by spending a little bit about the history of the uniform the first uniforms that we that we associated as pilot uniforms were actually worn by Pan Am pilots alright it’s a Pan American Airlines when they started flying the flying bolt back in the 1930s they wanted to get their crews to look more professional in order to calm the passengers down a little bit so they looked to the naval industry and they looked the way that naval officers were dressed and they basically took exactly the same uniform and weighed the same kind of stripes and stuff they brought it on to their pilots and in order to calm the passengers down they started wearing those uniform all over the company and it worked it worked the passengers did feel more secure they did feel like the and that the airline knew more what they were doing so that is the background to why the uniform looks the way it does and basically the uniforms that you see in pilots today are pretty much exactly the same as the uniforms at the Pan Am pilots were wearing so why is it I’m so important that you think about how you use your uniform and that you are keeping your dress code well if you think about what you how you perceived pilots when you when you decided that you wanted to become a pilot how did you think that pilots looked and what kind of people do you think that pilots were if you think about it that’s the picture that you want other people to now associate with you alright you are now wearing a uniform that you dreamt about so you now have to portray the same kind of image to the little boys and girls and all of the traveling public out there who sees you walking through the terminal it is very important that you realized that when you put your uniform on you not only representing yourself you’re also representing all of the pilots in your airline and all of the pilots all over the world in all other airlines okay it doesn’t matter that we wear different uniforms we’re still trying to portray the same image of professionalism and security and safety to our passengers so when you put on your uniform that’s what you should be thinking about it also when you walk through the terminals when you interact with passengers you have to give that impression remember how you as a little boy or girl thought about pilots and make sure that you give exactly that image out because that’s what passengers want they want to get onboard into an aircraft where they feel that the crew knows what they’re doing they look the part they look like they know what they’re doing because they have nothing else to fall back on okay so that’s the reason why it’s so important that you guys carry your uniform and also realize that the uniform can be a really powerful tool now I did a video quite awhile back about something I called the Italian incident where I had some technical problems with the aircraft which required me to interact directly with the passengers which we normally don’t do now on that occasion I was very very grateful that I was carrying my uniform with me and that I had my full-time my full jacket and everything because when you have to interact with people who are under stress it is even more important that you portray that picture if I wouldn’t have looked the part if I wouldn’t have had my tie and I would have looked scruffy it’s very likely that they wouldn’t have listened to me but now since I came out and I looked exactly like the pilot they were expecting to see they stopped they listened and they followed my advice okay it is equally important when you’re dealing with cabin crew when you’re dealing with fuelers dispatchers ground crew everyone around you will react better to you if you look the part so remember that whenever you feel like you know I’m not gonna take the tie today because it’s too warm you know it’s it’s the way that you are portraying yourself to the passengers and to your fellow crew so you know you’ve been working really hard to get to that point make sure it counts guys I hope you liked that video and I’m gonna do more videos on these different you know all of the different kind of subjects technical videos and everything make sure you go into Aviation application okay it’s my application that I’ve made I have now gathered quite a few people both aviation enthusiasts actual pilots flying the triple 773 the Airbus the ATR loads of people are in there and the point with the app is that I want you guys to be able to ask your questions to professionals and the ethos in the app is exactly like the ethos in the channel namely it’s supposed to be positive and constructive so you can ask whatever thing you want I’m gonna be in there if you tagged mentor then I’m going to be answering you whenever I can so get into the app it’s absolutely [Music]

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  1. I am fine with thé first part of your video, but completely disagree with the second part. Attaching too much importance, and completely relaying on the visual aspect may reveal a self confidence issue, and could lead to miss judgement , things similar to racism. Especially when you expect other people to juge you on your visual aspect.

    What do i think when i see a pilot with a uniform ? I think about a very good friend who was beaten and raped every week by her husband, and an other friend who is phobic of uniforms because she associates this visual with rapes.

    So, do you really want me to juge you on thé fact you wear a uniform, and, from the expérience of m'y friends, assume you are a rapist ?

    Or do you prefer me keeping neutral, not assume any thing from your closing, and just consider you as a fine human, and eventually listen to your propositions and requests if they seem reasonable to me ?

    Thé french policemen have to wear a hat. If you are arrested for any reason, and they dont wear their hat, their uniform is incomplete, so they are considered as not being able to do their job, and any thing they may say or do has the same qualification as if they were a random Citizen. During very hot days they are allowed to wear thé hat folded on the shoulder. There are also spécial cases when they are in their car, or driving à moto, but in short, they have to wear some kind of head top, or carry it in obvious place on their body. Not wearing the hat is an easy case to reject a speed fine.

  2. Some good tips here for everyday life, for pilots and non-pilots.

    Tie slides or tie pins seem to be popular with pilots. Is this because it looks good? OR is there a practical reason, for example, when bending forward to avoid the tie being caught in mechanical parts?

  3. I just found your channel today, and i really like it! I think, what you said about uniforms, that you wear a uniform you represent all the people who wears the same, its really true, and its true about all of those who wear some kind of unifom.

  4. Whrn iwas child, Rothman's Cigarettes were widely advertised as being smoked by aircraft pilots…which when you think about it is so illogical. The statment being y'our lives are in my hands, but I'm stupid enough to poison my body every day when given the opportunity…'

  5. I am the 5k thumbs ups individual. I HAVE watched ALL OF these explanations ON THIS SITE. VERY GOOD AND PROFESSIONAL, THANK YOU CAPTAIN.

  6. For safety reasons and to some extent appearance, I believe pilots should wear nomex flight suits. Not necessarily olive colored like the military but maybe something reflecting the airline. Something a little more stylish. I think it's important in the high security era of today where those extra pockets could come in handy for tools of self defense among other things. Also for fire protection. I've always thought it strange that airline pilots wear polyester blend dress clothes. Just an opinion. Love your videos. Cheers!

  7. Petter Hornfeldt a 35-year-old Training Captain and Type-rating instructor/examiner on the Boeing 737-800 for a major European Low-Cost Carrier. He is originally from Sweden

  8. Hi mentour what about the long sleeved shirt is it part of the uniform, and what about if i have my own plane do i need to buy one to use while flying it

  9. It’s true the uniform is the first image as model for the pilot. Give trust, respect and power of the responsibility. Thank you for your great video

  10. Every airline pilot I know gets at least 3 days out a uniform before changing it. By day 4 it is too ripe unless you are in the wintery north.

  11. It's crucial that the public perceives pilots as competent professionals and never find out the terrible truth.

  12. Nice video. To much information about uniform. You're apps is also Sooo nice. Thanks for you Air Guidance

  13. There is a video series with a captain who only has three stripes. I don't understand. I love the military officers cap for Major and above with the "Scrambled Eggs" on the beak. Some airlines use something similar for their captains on the beaks of their caps. The cap is very impressive and imparts a high rank.

  14. Still remember from "The Honeymooners" when Ralph (a NYC bus driver) was having a disagreement with his wife Alice – "You never loved me. You were in love with my uniform!" May have had a point there LOL.

  15. The uniform as he says is basically a worldwide badge for the world's airmen (One World Star Alliance)👨🏻‍✈️👨🏼‍✈️👨🏼‍✈️👨🏽‍✈️👨🏾‍✈️👨🏿‍✈️✈🛫🛩🛬

  16. Mentour I uhm like you so much you're so a pro and decent,,, God bless you and always take good care and all the good lucks…..😊😇💪💪👍👍💖

  17. Hi, great clip, and great shirts from Thailand. Ref the uniform being based on the US Navy, it may also (I don't know if tis true, I'm just 'thinking out loud') have been inspired by the Merchant Marine, aka Cruise Ships/Passenger Liners, as their uniforms were already established and known to people. So the uniforms and profession of the Merchant Marine could be transferred to Civil Aviation, like a Ship's Captain's authority and responsibility is transferred to an Airline Pilot Captain, etc. Kind regards.

  18. When I was a little kid u could walk someone to the gate, wave bye bye and then go home. No more only actual passengers are allowed to the actual gate.

  19. I don’t work in aviation, but I love your videos. I was in the US Navy and always wondered about the commercial pilot uniforms, and you’re absolutely right about them – if you’re going to wear a uniform, that every piece should be tidy and neat as a whole. I also agree about the hats (we call them covers).

  20. sorta like when I was in the military though with a few differences. When you were out killing and destroying things, standards were somewhat relaxed. When you were in public representing your service, you had to look as sharp as portrayed in this video. If you didn't, you could expect, lets say, a consultation with your CO or first sergeant.

  21. I'll bet women think that the hat is sexy. I think the hat is sharp, I'm surprised all companies don't have them as part of their uniforms.

  22. My fantasy is to wear jeans and polo shirt for official duty flying the cargo jets!
    I wore short and jumper once during ferry flight, while the other time I intentionally put on polo shirt flying the jet from manufacturer… quite nice and I loved it!

  23. Are they cotton or polyester? I had to wear a polyester uniform for a security gig and it chafed like there’s no tomorrow.

  24. The uniform certainly makes the man. Remember the story of con-man and imposter Frank Abagnale? He told Pan Am his uniform was misplaced while he was at a hotel. PA had it replaced. The uni allowed him free room, free flights, taxis, etc. all at the expense of PA. He didn't actually get his free flights on PA, he flew on other airlines figuring real PA people would discover his scam. He said he was offered to "take control" in mid flight on several flights, and on one occasion he did. He said he turned on the autopilot. He's already a liar—I think he was embellishing the story here about flying. He also had physicians attire—you know, the type you see walking around town with a stethoscope still on. I saw him on Ted Koppel's show one night, and Koppel asked him about being at a party where everyone thought he was doctor.

    Koppel– "What happens if someone at that party has a heart attack and the attendees expect you to perform some procedure when that person could be dying?"

    Abagnale—Smiling says, "Well, in that I'll put on my priest's collar and give him last rites."

    Even the unflappable Koppel had to smile. I thought it was funny. The man's fraud eventually landed him in prison. His story was retold in a movie, "Catch Me If You Can," with Abagnale being played Leonardo DiCaprio. It was directed by Stephen Spielberg. It all started with that airline pilot's uniform—-it can go a long way!

  25. Hello, how about private pilots (PPL(A)) of small private airplanes e.g. Cessna 172,182,310,414,421… Piper…and so on. Are there any possible situations when it could be useful for such pilots to buy and wear uniform?

  26. I'm terrified of my planes and definitely not an aspiring pilot, but I really like your videos , I find them interesting and professional. This one was quite inspiring

  27. Ima pravo, pilot bi trebao imati nešto na glavi da upotpuni njegovu uniformu te kroz to, da osjećaj povjerenja kod putnika….

  28. As a retired nurse I can say that when I became a nurse and wore my (Now old fashioned) uniform it actually gave me confidence and the patients were more confident about their nurses. Our nurses hats where I trained were very fancy and we had a love, hate relationship with them because they were a pain in the kneck to get them in the right place but we also looked superior to nurses at other hospitals. Then I became an army nursing officer and of course the uniform was part of who we were and we also had much fancier hats compared to most civilian nurses. Even today I still think that a man wearing a three piece suit and a tie is more attractive than the average man. I am not interested in working uniforms men wear but dress uniforms are something else.

  29. I'd like to see my pilot dressed like Captain Kirk and holding a phaser he tells us is set for safety.
    That would reassure us all.

  30. I'm not a pilot but I'm an aviation enthusiast, I love aviation , and I collect aviation stuff, I have a pilot uniform I bought online, when I fly as a passenger , just for fun and for pictures, could I get into trouble if I wear the pilot uniform on the flight and at the airport, ?

  31. To be quite honest this is a no-brainer. Imagine your thoughts after seeing a crew of millennials in torn jeans or cargo shorts and flip flops entering the cockpit for your flight…

  32. Why there are no stripes on the jacket??? Or why the stripes are placed at the sleeves and not on the shouldser?? It would look cooler if you had the stripes on the shoulders and the sleeves 🙂

  33. I was in the military and I was a cop for 20 years and I can tell you that a sharp uniform means a world of difference. Imagine that you call the cops to your house and they show up with bar-b-que stains on their un-ironed shirts. That would not gain the same respect.

  34. Uniforms are extension of respect. By wearing a neat well kept uniform you are extending your respect to the person who is interacting with you. Communicating visually that you care enough about your appearance not for your own well being or comfort but for theirs.
    People innately understand this and appreciate it. It doesn't have to be a uniform it can be a suit or professional women's attire.
    As long as it looks well kept and tidy.

  35. Nice video. From which flight scholl you did own graduation. I want to become a professional pilot. I Would like you tell me some advice about flight school. Thank you.

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