Pocket Square Fabric Types – White – Colored – Paisley – Striped Pocket Squares – Style Tips

Pocket Square Fabric Types – White – Colored – Paisley – Striped Pocket Squares – Style Tips

Pocket Square Fabric Types – White – Colored
– Paisley – Striped Pocket Squares – Style Tips Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
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it supports my business here in Wisconsin. Okay, so let’s talk about different types
of pocket squares. So this one, I’m going to try to be a bit more visual and let’s go
ahead and jump right to it. The first pocket square I’m going to talk about, simple, white
pocket square, often called white handkerchief. They can be made from a wide variety of materials.
This one’s made from cotton. This one is made from silk, so you can see it’s got a little
bit more of a drape to it. This one is made from linen. As you can see, we also have different
sizes. The size isn’t really important. I usually
like it a little bit smaller because it’s not going to puff off, but the easiest to
wear pocket square is the one that is always elegant. It’s not only the most casual, but
also the most formal depending on what you pair it with. All right, now we’re starting to get into
colors. Overall, from a distance, this looks like a solid pink, but it actually has a pattern
in it. We’ve got a herringbone pattern in this and it’s made from silk. So the fact
that it’s made from silk makes it a bit dressier and you want to go with this right here, this
fabric right here, this one. It’s a bit of a flannel. It’s got a napped surface to it.
This is going to be perfect with this right here. However, I could go with the blue as well.
Now, this blue is made from a cotton material and it’s a much larger pocket square, so we
can see the size of this one right here. It almost takes up the entire screen, but the
key here is that we’re using solid colors, very easy to match, although you want to make
sure it goes with something that you’re wearing. Now, my favorite pocket squares are the ones
with complicated patterns that you don’t normally see in men’s clothing. The great part about
that is that you could have a striped shirt. You could have a solid jacket. You could have
a patterned tie, a polka dot tie, and you can still wear this because this is paisley,
and paisley is its own pattern. I love it in a pocket square, very beautiful. Another great thing about paisley is we’ve
got blue. We’ve got pink. We’ve got red. We’ve got white, so a wide variety of colors that
you can find something that goes with another item in your outfit — this one, red, three
variations of blue, white, very easy to match these. Now, the hardest pocket squares to match in
my opinion and the ones I wear the least often are stripes. Part of that is because if you’re
already wearing a striped pattern, let’s say a shirt, then you’re kind of doing a double
repeat pattern in addition to the stripe in the pocket. It’s just harder to pull off perhaps
because the lines just going along in its curving, so I try to stay away from these
types of pocket squares. Again, if you’re looking to start off, go with a simple white,
easily the most simple and classic. You’re never going to go wrong with the simple white. Okay. I know there are some pocket styles
I missed. I did what I could with what I have here in the shop, but I hope that gives you
a general guide so that you can get started wearing them. In fact, I just had a great
interview with David Siteman Garland over at The Rise to the Top, and it’s funny. At
the beginning of the interview, I pointed out that the whole reason he first popped
up on my radar was when I was looking for a podcast to start listening to. He was the
only guy I saw that actually dressed really sharp. He was in a jacket and he had a pocket square,
kind of similar to what I’m wearing here. And when I saw that, I was like, “You know,
this is a guy that pays attention to the details,” and it turned out that he had done an internship
when he was right out of college with FHM Magazine, so he understood a bit about men’s
style, and that’s it. It’s a small detail. If any of you guys are into automobiles or
motorcycles, whenever you see a guy in a bike and if you can really talk that type of language,
you can go in and form a much deeper connection because you know the details. You know everything
that goes into it, and it’s like that way with style. So I highly advise that you always
look at the way other people are and you can pay attention. Now that I’m married, I can’t use it as much,
but when you start paying attention to style as a man, you’ll start to notice other women
as well and it’s a great way to start a conversation when you can make a very detailed comment
about something that she’s wearing and really show an interest in her and make the conversation
about her. Everyone likes to talk about themselves. So again, about pocket squares, I hope you
enjoyed it. If you’ve got more style questions, you know where to go, mensstyleqa.com. Go
check out that great website, over 200 questions and answers right there. I’m trying to put
people over there versus the YouTube. I love hearing from you guys in the comments, but
when it comes to a style question, I hate to say it, but I miss a lot of them. I would
really appreciate it if you would put your style question over there. Okay, guys, see you in the next video. Bye-bye.

23 Replies to “Pocket Square Fabric Types – White – Colored – Paisley – Striped Pocket Squares – Style Tips”

  1. I think Brett did a few at AOM – but we write together on projects so I can see the connection!

  2. Antonio, love your vids and web posts. One question: should short men wear pocket squares? I've read conflicting views. Some say it draws attention upwards and so is good. Others say no because it provides a horizontal line.

  3. Haha since I've gotten out of the Marines and have taken more care to my appearance as a civilian (probably having a lot to do with the squared away obsession the Marines place on you) I do take care to notice the fashion of women as well as my own. Unfortunately, here in Kansas, most women find it taboo that a man would care at all. Good stuff Antonio! One of a kind indeed!

  4. Hi, I couldn't help but notice your question (10 months late).Antonio actually wrote something about this, "A pocket square that really stands out against the jacket can help keep people’s attention up toward your face. Keep their eyes moving with a crisp, peaked fold making a triangle pointing up!"

  5. Hi Antonio,
    I noticed that you're wearing your pocket square in a slightly askew position here. I've seen that before on other men, and I'm wondering if it's on purpose and done to be parallel to the shoulder-neck line of your jacket or if it just slipped a bit.

    Thanks for your help!

  6. Hi Tony, what are your thoughts on microfiber pocket squares. I realise they are not silk or linen, however, they are inexpensive and come in a wide range of colours. I teach at a midwest university and dress business casual most days. I would like to dress up my suits and sportcoats, just can't afford 20-25 dollars a pop for pocket square.
    Thanks Nick H

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