#PolishMountain – 200 Coats of Gel Polish Part 2

#PolishMountain – 200 Coats of Gel Polish Part 2

So it’s a new day. I’ve had a sleep and everything
and now we can crack on with this polish mountain and carry on doing more and more and more
and more layers of gel polish. Tell the why you had to stop though, it’s
because you had to go to the circus with the kids. oh yeah yeah So i had to stop, i couldn’t continue doing
this until midnight, because I have a life, and i have children took look after, to care
for and we actually went to the circus last night. so that was quite nice. so yeah that was my break, i actually went
to the circus with the kids and slept. But now my life is just gonna go a bit crazy again And we are gonna continue and we’re gonna
do another 50 layers of gel polish. oh my god how high are these going to be. so next colour, we are going to use is Sipping
Sangria, i wish i was sipping sangria right now. so on to our next colour, what number are
we on? How can i lose count after just one. 152 152 layers We’ve only done one and alright, oh my god, it’s started already,
the brain numbing has started already and this one is called On Vacation, or if you’re from England it’s ‘On Oliday’ On Oliday Duck If you’re from Stoke it’s On Oliday Duck That sounds like a made up word. I was saying ON HOLIDAY DUCK. OnOlidayduck That’s how we say it in stoke, On Oliday Duck Bubbles That one there looks like The Predator, From
this angle. It looks like The Predator Oh my god, put that in the lamp. Summer Selfie Hot Pants Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbusters Next colour is Fanta See, Fantasy Then we’ve got Pineapple Paradise and the next colour is, Appletini, this is
a very nice colour This colour is Beachbum Free Spirit Wild Watermelon This one is Free and Flirty Lime Crime This one’s called radioactive So What? Thrillseeker Have you seen that one glowing? Wow! Off tropic and this one is, Love Spell Epic Adventure So this is how many we’ve got left to go,
and i’ve got no idea how many there are. This one’s called Teen Spirit Sun Scream and that one’s Sassy Salmon Then we’ve got Sweet Sixteen, oh i can’t even
remember being sixteen, that’s how old i am. So we’ve got an new polish alert. woo woo
woo woo, we need a name for this polish, lets have a little look what it’s like. It’s a gorgeous bright neon orange, so if
you can give us a name for this. You will win a free bottle, if we pick your name. Comment
below, What number are we on? NP15, okay so if you comment with N P 15,
and then the name that you want to call this colour, you never know, you might win a free
bottle. Devine Pleasure is our next colour Bambino This one’s called, Blue Moooonn, (Singing) Grey Area Are we nearly there yet? then we’ve got lucky leprechaun skinny Dip, that colour is. and this one is I Pink I Like IT and that one’s Hippy Chick and this one’s Rubber Ducky, Quack Quack Then you’ve got Surf Board Life’s a peach, this one’s called. and this one’s First Impression and then we’ve got River Side Ballerina We’re getting there, we’re nearly at the final
hurdle. Serenity that one’s called Then we’ve got Sweet Romance Singing and this one’s called Runway ready This one’s called deepend, You’ll probably
see it on the polish brush better than you’ll see it on this polish mountain come pyramid
thing This one is called Flame Thrower Almond Cream, It’s a shimmering almond colour Feels good putting this last colour on, Yessss!!! We’ve reached the end Oh, you’re Beep Kidding Me So apparently this is the 200th layer, not
the one before okay, am i gonna get the same satisfaction as before Singing So this one’s called Fairytale Ending, Oh
isn’t it just. Pop it in the lamp. and thank you and goodnight. so that’s them completely finished. look how
gorgeous they are, there just so pretty. So i’m just taking off the sticky layer, okay
which is very strange. it feels very weird. They feel really wobbly, what the hell Multicoloured wizards hat. That one there,
just hold it right there. that looks like the sorting hat from harry
potter. It does, because it looks like it’s got eyes I’m just gonna try and file one of them.
I just wanna see what it looks like, i’m gonna just try and file it.
I don’t know if this is gonna work at all, completely trial and error, well we’ll see
what happens So i just wanna file through it so i can see
what it looks like when you file through all of the different colours. so you can see all of the layers really neatly,
Wow. Okay so i’m just gonna give it a wipe over
now just to clean it up, get rid of the dust and everything, so we can have a good look
at all of the different layers and colours. so we’ve got 200 layers, of the Urban Graffiti
Gel Polish Range from Naio Nails. It’s amazing, so you can see here, you can
see all of the individual layers, a lot crisper than you can with the, the unfiled ones. So it took a lot of hours, but we finally
got there in the end and we have done 200 layers of Gel Polish, to create a polish mountain
and i think it looks quite cool, in a weird way. a little bit weird and i was wondering half way through, why
everyone sort of stops at about 100 layers. and i think it’s the boredom and the tiredness
and the losing of the mind. but we got the in the end and we did 200 layers,
so beat that if ya can. So all of these Gel Polishes are available
on the Naio Nails website, so check that out don’t forget to subscribe to this channel,
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we do new videos. and also don’t forget to check us out on Instgram,
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