politicians when picking out costumes, apparently.

politicians when picking out costumes, apparently.

[Door handle turns] Hmmm… [Camera zoom] *Intense Sigh* I gotta do it, I mean… [Outro Music] Bye!

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  1. I find it o be completely idiotic when a white democratic politician gets away with black face from a pic in the 1980’s. But a white celebrity such as Liam neeson who has an appropriate reaction to a dear friend being violently raped by a person of color, has to struggle to explain multiple times that he isn’t racist just because he had a human reactional thought of an eye for an eye against one of any of a persons of color. He himself never went through with the act but he still can’t stress enough that a normal human being would think the same thoughts he was if they themselves were in that same situation. Oh no, but a white democratic politician who makes fun of people of color with all the stereotypes wearing black face, gets away with it. Why? I don’t know, just the world we live in now a days. A world I will not sire children in, the fear of them becoming what I see is to great.

  2. Hey pls make more desk videos they're fantastic. Like obv I fucking love your regular shit but your commentary ones are 👌👌👌👌

  3. Please make a video on Colin's Key seriously, he has so many views and subscribers when he barely uploads and it's all trash. 95% of his subscribers are probably 10-12 year old girls.

  4. i live in virginia so this hits home for me since our governor or something like that made a kkk blackface joke and just recently was taken out of office for it

  5. Democrats are infiltrated by white supremacists.

    It appears that those who scream the loudedy regarding racism are the guiltiest.

  6. Gus, it's borderline criminal that you don't have your own cable or network tv show.. The stress of pumping out episode after episode though… like Larry David on writing Seinfeld.

  7. I subbed for more garbage but I always feel lied to whenever you post new vids, gimme some reparations, ❤️ this comment of mine.

  8. Lol I live in VA and my civics teacher was talking about ralph northam and literally all of our government people bring racist af

  9. Sortof random but I was watching your older videos and realized you're at UW Stout, I went there for industrial design what's your degree?

  10. Lol wow!! But its true you would think they wouldn't or at least know better but here is another politician in blackface 😆 Lol I loved this!!

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