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  1. I don't think mark's outfit has anything to do with psychological problem, not for him and definitely not for us the commoners. It is a well known fact that genius people very often do not give much thought to what they wear, and Mark is no different. Moreover, i don't think that by his so called 'normal' and undistinguished outfit, he makes a bad example. In your video about Emma Watson, you stressed out the fact that she has dignity by NOT dressing other than the common people… How is Mark Zuckerberg different? By being richer? Had we asked Emma Watson, would she say she wants to be richer?… I don't believe so.
    I usually like this channel, your videos are very educating and enlightening, but this one is, to my opinion, complete nonsense.

  2. The Popular Culture playlist is this channel's weakest one. I haven't enjoyed a single one so far. On the other hand, the History of Ideas is amazing.

  3. Maybe this has something to do with how much people bully him? I remember when he was on trial after being accused of data privacy breaches, instead of talking about that people were laughing at him for sweating, drinking water and blinking all over the internet. I mean, it's one thing to talk about whether or not he committed a crime and a whole other to point and laugh at a man for sweating!

  4. Is this video a joke?!?! LMAOOO satire post?? This literally is the victim mindset that keeps people poor lmaoooo fucking stop ruining people with garbage like this 🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Just because Zuckerberg dresses like an everyday person doesn't mean I think I'm gonna be him one day. I don't think, "Hey, he dresses like me in Jeans and a t-shirt, therefore I can be him one day!" Like, what? I don't have the skills necessary to do what he did/does and just because he dresses like a "normal" person doesn't mean I suddenly feel sad that I can't be like him. I have my own life to worry about.

    EDIT: Now, J.K. Rowing, on the other hand… I wish I could be her all the time.

  6. Or he does it to save time for more important decisions in his day and he doesn't need to fulfil himself with luxury clothing (albeit his t shirts are $300 each) as he's fulfilled internally.

  7. So, you criticize Mark Zuckerberg for wearing a t-shirt despite being a billionaire. However, you praised Emma Watson in your Emma Watson video for wearing everyday clothing because it made her down-to-earth, despite the fact that she's been a millionaire since her teens and attended an Ivy League university. Am I missing something here?

  8. When i was 16 my dad told me that at my age, Bill Gates already wrote his first operating system, indicating that i didn't.
    Being compared to the (at the time) most financially successful human on earth is not a very healthy thing. Neither is it to do it to oneself.
    I very much understand the point of this video.

    I think the 1% stress the point that everyone can make it into their ranks, so that we don't figure out, that it's really not the case.
    By keeping our hope alive that we can one day join them, they keep us from taxing them properly, since we don't to mess with our future.

  9. I do not feel destroyed that the rich and powerful just look like us, because I know what separates Mark from the rest of us is not his dressing. He dresses just like us because he is a human being who needs to put on some clothes. That's it!

  10. I love this video! My belief is that we should learn to be happy in our OBSCURITY and I interpret this video as something reaffirming that belief. I would appreciate if you did a video like this on other successful people like Jack Ma, George Soros, Tony Blair. All have got their quirks. Btw, what to do with Mark Zuckerberg for damaging our pride? How dare he!

  11. he is dressing so simple because the entire point of his corporation is connecting in a simple way and the best was to communicate that ideal is by dressing this way, very relatable and approachable. On the other hand, there still are celebrities that are completely defined by their choice of clothing ( kardashians etc.)

  12. Facebook's main drive and philosophy is human equality and rejecting heirarchy.
    Mark's choice of clothes makes perfect sense.

  13. +school of life why are casualty and modesty qualities to frown upon in Mark Zuckerberg's personality but admired in Emma Watson's personality?

  14. this video is the proof that our emotions controls us
    so if Emma dress like ordinary become a Jesus
    and if Mark Zuckerberg does that he becomes the evil who damage our pride .

  15. I can't tell if this video is serious or not lmao. Mark Zuccerberg's even admitted that he has a wardrobe of the same grey shirt because that way it requires less thinking when deciding what you're going to wear everyday. It allows him to focus on other things

  16. This can be very controversial, but im with Alain de Botton. Mark seems to make his success look so easy. Btw, does anyone know why Obama is showed up on the video??

  17. There is no excuse for excuses. If you fail, you fail. If you succeed, you succeed. You can only blame yourself for your actions and mistakes. Just because Zuckerberg choses to wear t-shirts and is a billionaire, doesn't mean you can't become one.

  18. My understanding of his "uniform" was similar to how Steve Jobs wore the same thing everyday, to reduce decision making throughout the day. I disagree with your film.

  19. He screwed over many people including his best friend to reach the "top", I can't forgive him for that, doesn't mean I will stop using Facebook, but it does mean that I won't recognize him as the one person who did it all. Also fashion is not of his priority.

  20. So, if Emma Watson dresses like us, she a regular girl, but if Mr. Z. wears a t-shirt, he is "wounding our pride"? Rather strange inference, SoL.
    Besides, why not feel as though you can be a success? Why is that a bad thing? We may not have Louis the 14th around, but we all aspire to be more than we are if we wish…

  21. This video is so true. It's a fallacy to believe that everyone can have what they dream. All those pithy little sayings you see these days in a nice trending font.

  22. C'mon men ¿For real? 😀 😀 😀

    Your videos are kinda freeky, but still are very well done and argumented, and that's what i like. You mark the difference because you tell the people the exact oposite of what the rest of the world preaches, and that's also valuable, i believe.

    Also, it's true that our failure it's not always our fault, but the main principle (i believe) is to always search what part of guilt you have to take in the hole sequence. Because, presuming that we cannot reach to higher levels because of our present circumstance or due to our background, this could mean we are leaving all the responsability outside of us, and believing we dont need to make as much effort as we could, and we would act like a victim.

    This is all very subjetive, but the main point here is that we cannot blaim Mark's T-shirts of anything. Moreover, we shouldn't give him that much importance and keep working to do better. ¿Don't you think it's reasonable?

    Besides, i dont think my self steem is damaged by Mark Zuckerbergs personal way of dress. Jaja, but still, as i said, thank you for showing this interesting side of the coin.

    For a moment, i linked this up to the so called communist "principles", which are truly communist values, which is different. Values change from time to time and from person to person. Principles don't change. We don't break principles, we break ourselves with them if we choose the wrong values.

    (That's some Stephen Coveys teachings)

  23. So, in the end, wear simple cloth been rich and successful make feel worst the people? because is like saying, oh look, I am as you, but at the same time not…

  24. This is the first time I've felt somewhat enlightened coming away from the comments section. Usually I just feel disappointed and agitated, but it's no surprise to me that it would be on a channel like TSOL in which the internet could actually produce some civil, insightful discussions.

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