Poser Dynamic Clothing Tutorial Intro

Poser Dynamic Clothing Tutorial Intro

okay guys we're gonna jump right into doing some dynamic cloth oh and Victoria for the way we do that is just open up your copy of poser load up Victoria for as you can see she's already loaded in the scene and all I'm gonna do first thing you're always gonna have to do when you're working on dynamic clothes is first turn off the eye case so you want to go to figure inverse kinematics turn off the left leg and then turn off the right leg and the left arm and the right arm if those are turned on you want those turned off just because while you're doing posing it's gonna cause a lot of trouble if when you're 0 frame inverse kinematics is on and you try to move a leg and it starts moving the entire thing and it collides all with your clothes believe me if you don't understand that weird gibberish I just said go ahead and try it it'll cause a big mess the bottom line is turn this stuff off we're going to do another thing to turn it off it always has to be turned off or activated however you consider this go to window joint editor and what you want to do is just select Victoria 4 in your scene anywhere is fine you can click or anywhere and just click 0 figure and as you saw that drop the feet through the floor and everything like that again just make sure she's in her initial pose if for some reason you same to save Victoria for into your library and she comes in and she's like way up in the air somewhere thirty feet below the ground plain bad idea yes your dynamic clothes should load in wherever Victoria 4 is but some merchants don't always save things like that and maybe you didn't save your savior dynamic clothes parented to Victoria Forest hit which is where it should be safe to know it should not be saved to the body as a smart prop it should always be saved to the hip again to the hip there are reasons why it needs to be saved to the hip let's not go into it let's just say it suffice to say the hip and leave it at that that way we don't have to discuss it and there's no 50 forum posts about oh why why why this is one of those things where it's just instructions why dad well because I said so that's why those of you who have young kids you understand that answer it's just because I said so so this is one of those answers it's experience boy that's why okay so let's check this out once she's loaded in the first thing we're gonna do is we kid load the we can load the clothing in at this point as you can see I've got two seracote and the pants already set up in my props and I could double click because load of it but instead what I'm going to do is show you guys how you don't have to first of all you can decide on your poses first so see here my an animation frame of got frame number one zero pose everything's zero I'm gonna go to frame number ten now it's possible you can press your plus button and get another keyframe in here you don't have to for what we're going to be doing I'm only going to need ten frames for this closer drape over the body for the morphs to settle in for everything to happen so what I'm going to do is just go to poses I'm gonna select the body type that I want and again I'm on my tenth frame this is my last frame where I want everything to be completely done no more extra work ten frames now this is just me I'm not doing an animation here so we wait for the morph to load in and once it's loaded in you can put it in the other more if she might want if you have magnet sets that you need to load in you'd load them in here you wouldn't load any or your morphs on on one okay so there's one morph one issue you might have is if your morph has nipples or any sort of body protrusions that are gonna come it might poke through the clothes you might want to turn those off or leave this at your pose keyframe for number 10 or whatever your pose keyframe is and then add an additional five frames for the closest settle or round the nipples or whatever protrusions the character might have horns a tail whatever thankfully the set that I'm using has a morph here called remove nipples I'm just going to click that and that'll turn those off yes you can actually make the clothes conform around it without a problem but I don't feel like waiting for it it's just a quick tutorial so why bother okay so I'm loading in a face morph as well no there isn't a reason to do it I'm just doing it all right so once that's in I'm gonna choose a pose it could be any pose really and I want to cover up her whole body though I'll pick this one it's pretty simple okay so here we are the poses in and what we're gonna do is Dow from well also known as scrubbing through we're gonna scrub through the first frame through to the last frames I'm gonna go back to frame number one and I'm just gonna scrub through just to see how things look make sure no body parts colliding with any other body part which is something that would happen if you were using that inverse kinematics thing that's a pain in the butt which is another reason why you turned it off like I said you don't have to know but once you've screwed up and done it then you know you don't have to experience that because I already told you don't do it so don't worry about it just don't ever have that all and while you're doing your dynamic cloth simulation it's a horrible chore to go through and clean that up okay so once you've got that set up what you can then do is load in your clothes so for this I'm going to load in the coat and I'm gonna load in the pants as well so I load it in the coat and now I'm gonna load in the pants so I just double-click it and again this is my product here so I know how this works but everything's parented to the hip so as you can see if I were to move Victoria for the clothes go with it if I had Victoria for in a scene already and she's way off in the distance somewhere these clothes will pop right in exactly where they need to be in because they're parented to the hip everything with the simulation will work out a lot better than if it's paired into the body and then the clothes could be positioning who knows what position depending on what morphs you've got set in there and how the character files been set up okay so once this is in we're gonna quickly do our simulation we're gonna click on the two seracote click new simulation I only have ten frames so I'm switching this to ten I'm gonna choose cloth simulation because there are things in this that collide with one another Drake frames that's like draping a sheet over or say a bed do you want it to drape first and look nice and pretty does the body form just need a couple frames of fixer ooh maybe so go ahead and just I'm just choosing to and the reason the main reason why I do that is just for the ears because I know this hood needs to settle over Victoria for its ears otherwise the ears will probably poke right through I'm gonna choose cloth if I yes on the coat and then I'm going to choose collide against I'm going to choose Victoria for I'm going to click okay and since it's a code I can choose ignore the hand and ignore the feet how close do I want it I'll just leave it at one you know normally I changed that to something closer but should be fine now that that animation is set up I'm going to do the pants so I click the pants right here – Sara pants new simulation again I'm only going to ten frames as seen right here cloth simulation for this yes I want the self collision drape frames no we don't need to worry about the drape frames in the pants they're already skin tight they're cloth Fi the pants make sure you have pants selected and at this point you'll be doing the same thing that you did last time which is choosing what you want the pants to collide with so you're going to choose Victoria for however when you're working with the pants the pants and any simulation don't normally need to collide with the shirt in this case the coat so what I'm going to do is turn that off I'm going to tell it to ignore the hands because these are pants I'll tell it to ignore the head because these are pants anything else in the simulation the pants aren't gonna collide with also turn that off but this is fine for what we need at this point all we do is run the simulation so what I'm gonna do instead of watching it here I'm gonna go to the pose we have two items of clothing so what I'm going to do is choose outline mode which will make the simulation run faster especially if you have a slow computer I'm going to choose animation and do the calculations for all the clothing all cloth and if you have to I name it care in there which usually comes with one of my sets you can choose both of these I wouldn't you know it's better to pose the hair by yourself anyway put a click it and wait for it what I'm going to do is let it run and then you'll see it pop back up and it'll be done all right so at this point my animation is finished so I want to go ahead and turn the textured back on give it a quick spin around here make sure everything is in the up-and-up and it looks good so then I would just give it a render and see how it looks tada easy peasy

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  1. For those trying to use dynamic clothing, I just wanted to add that it's very important to make sure the hips are zeroed as well. I kept trying to use a dynamic shirt on K4, but the arms kept poking through the material after the simulation. I realized that, though I had the figure zeroed via the Joint Editor, I didn't have the X,Y,Z Dials for the hips set to zero. When I set them to zero, it solved the problem.

  2. One simulation(pants) needs to run before the second simulation(cloak) due to the cloak needing to collide against the pants.
    When working with cloth dynamics, always work from the inside(underwear) to the outside(pants, jackets, shirts/jackets, etc.).
    In the case of this outfit, the pants need to be simulated first so that the cloak will settle against them correctly. Also, these are separate props so there's no choice but to do two separate simulations. You could merge both [obj]props tho…

  3. nice… but
    you can add the pant or another part of cloth in cloth-clothify without opening the new simulation
    so why you opened a new simulation for the second part??

  4. @robot230373 Oh it works for animation as well – already tested. The first thing to remember about DynaCloth in Poser is that your first frame of recorded animation is the 'posed' keyframe, never zero-frame. Oh, and be careful with those finger collisions; its a good idea to use a low resolution box prop(parented to each offending finger) to get the cloth to respond correctly. Poser can't handle high-resolution mesh collision in small spaces(like between fingers) well at all.

  5. Whai dont you animate this character first,to se if its works ?…We all like to create animation,not just a pose…..

  6. @sepiasiren After the original mesh has been imported into the scene, and your Cloth Room adjustments made, its easy to save the mesh to the Props library. Just navigate the Library to Props, and click the "+" symbol you'll see there. Select Yes to save the file then Yes again to save as a Smart Prop IF your new dynamic clothing is parented to something in the scene, like Victoria's hip or Body.

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