Power Forward New Jersey

Power Forward New Jersey

bring New Jersey which is thinking just a huge part of a hitman assigned a sea of destruction in New Jersey's and thousands of people are still trapped in Hoboken terrible day five yeah no I'm like a kid when I wake up when I see daylight you know it's a little things that you take for granted the storm has not been good the house is cold we're out of everything and everywhere is closed in cash only so we'll make the best of it partner and now we can use flashlights you lost two cars we have too far as the family that we're gonna have to worry about six to ten more days no like here we are we just have a radio that we thank God these guys were here today we appreciate that Duracell came to town with the truck giving us these this relief and you know it is important to the people of Hoboken this is one small community they see the names ourselves and you're not saying you know what those are the people that help meaning how are the people around you when you come view of something same powerful

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