hi my name is Carolyn Wainscott and I'm here with my friends at faith crafts calm and they've asked me to do a video on preparing fabric sheets so that they can be photo printed through your inkjet printer and this is the sample that we've done and we put it into a color the supplies and tools that you will need are the bubble Jet Set solution your cotton fabric and a tub to soak it in for the 5 to 10 minutes you will need rubber gloves you will need the freezer wrap that's wax-coated a cutting mat your rotary cutters and your and your rulers now already have some of the 5 yards of fabric in the tub and I'll report some solution in on top so that all the layers will we'll have some of the solution and I'm just going to fan fold it down and pour the rest of the solution on now when this gets soaked for 5 to 10 minutes it needs to be either lay flat to dry or it needs to hang dry you do not put this in the dryer so I'm going to make sure that this is all soaked up so that all the layers will get a good dose of these solutions and we cut the fabric into eleven and a half inch strips across the width of the fabric that means it makes it easier for us to handle and I have placed for eight and a half by eleven inch sheets of the freezer wrap that we've cut and it just needs a good press down and these four are ready to to cut make sure that you skip the selvage edge you don't want that into your blocks and make sure that all edges are securely down you don't want those to get snagged up in your printer I'm also going to press the backside to make sure they're securely down don't leave any of these little strings on your fun sheets because they will make some blotches when you run them through the front and you don't want those on your finished fabric now these are ready to be cut the printer sheets regular paper that goes through your printer are eight-and-a-half by eleven inches and so these are the photo sheets are cut in the same size make sure you always have a nice sharp blade in your rotary cutter too so once you've used your software in your computer and created the photo blocks that you want you're going to run this through your inkjet printer and let it dry let the ink dry it only takes a few minutes and just remove your freezer wrap from the fabric comes right off and you're ready to put it into your quilt or wall hanging or put it into a pillow like we've done here this was made to match a wall hanging that we did you


  1. Great video, but you forgot to rinse the fabric once the ink is completely dry so that you can get out any excess ink. I usually print my photos in the evening and allow the ink to dry overnight. The next morning, in the kitchen sink, I apply a small amount of dish soap to my hands and then rub the photo, rinse and then rinse again. The first time will make your heart stop when the loose ink runs together and seems to turn black, but once you rinse the second time, it's all clean. Just dry.

  2. thank you so much. sorry about getting back to you so late but I forget to check for comments. am adding another video on printing the fabric sheets which will be featured on FaveQuilts and another on this channel on strictly editing photos on my antiquated software if you are interested.

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