Présentation Générale – Concours Clara Haskil

Présentation Générale – Concours Clara Haskil

Introduce this competition in few words : it was founded in 1963, it first took place in Lucerne, then in Vevey, and it was created upon the idea of some friends of Clara Haskil : René Klopfenstein, who was director of Philips, Michel Rossier, who was his mentor, his impresario, and they asked her in 1959 : “Do you mind if this competition takes place ?” and she said : “You may do it,
but once I will not be there anymore.” And she passed away in 1960, and in 1961, they decided to create this competition. We have an eliminatory round, and three other rounds : quarter finals, semi-finals and the final. So it is pretty much the same as in any other competition around the world, but what maybe is a little bit different here, is that we have a repertoire which corresponds to Clara Haskil’s one during her whole life, and which is a repertoire which is really focused on a certain type of music which is less concerned about virtuosity. It is more in this sense, that the Clara Haskil Competition is different from others.

3 Replies to “Présentation Générale – Concours Clara Haskil”

  1. Chère Jeune critique, excellent et instructif tout en étant synthétique. Mais qui était le brave monsieur qui parlait??

  2. Désolé! J'avais loupé au début dans les titres. C'est l'âge…Bon je file à Lucerne pour le festival! Bon courage dans ce début de la compétition qui risque d'être dense et ardu!

  3. Beau gosse le directeur 😍 Par contre le montage, un peu claqué au sol, mais ça passe pour une première vidéo !

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