{Preview 2} Ep 8 – Siwon❤️Liu Wen ~ Uniform Play~~~~~~

{Preview 2} Ep 8 – Siwon❤️Liu Wen ~ Uniform Play~~~~~~

Student ¥10 and student ¥0.06 Please put on your school uniform And then go to the classroom 6-3 Sit! Sit! Sit! I am your teacher today. My last name is Liu. You can call me Mr. Liu Hi Mr. Liu and Miss Kim. You can’t sit together. You are not allowed to date in school. No kiss! No touch! If you touch each other, I am gonna beat your ass. You are NOT allowed to laugh! If Siwon together with Fan Bing Bing (A Chinese Red-Carpet Star) Are you jealous? He is touching other girls [The most harsh punishments] No laughter! Teachers cannot abuse students! Hug! Unsatisfactory! Thank you!

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  1. really want to watch this episode huhuhuhu
    please dont block it. now i cant watch the episode 7
    i dont understand why its be blocked since the previous episode didnt blocked

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