so we're gonna do the video like this because we both just had our eyebrows done they look a little bit ridiculous by the time but let you just got eyebrows on and no makeup today cuz that's how we pull up groaning it's been a nice sunny day in England we don't want to penalize the makeup so take that I didn't go to Tesco but the primer bag ripped stop inside hold up there night welcome back to my channel welcome back to my channel guys if you want to see a prime up who you come to the right place but it has a twist because it has it towards wild it not have it with me right it didn't have a twist whether it's my scale so we love to come up with new fun interesting exciting extraordinarily cool things so what we thought we'd do say is a Primark haul but for each other we went in Parma and we did each other's Primark shop I got everything proceed hoping that she'll back here she do everything for me in sizes accept or not accept her okay I think it's gonna be fun it's like a challenge really and we are actually going away next week I don't know when this video is going up we might be away if you see us wearing the stuff that means we liked it and I'm quite confident that you're like oh yes I'm quite confident you're like yours and we have done it quite like holiday themed because I think they've got the summer stuff in now we're still gonna try it all on for you guys so hopefully it will be nice that's do you think one oh it's competition no doubt further ado let's get started who what's go fast also hit that subscribe button while you're there angels also check out all right I'm looking I'm John Holbrook channel that's the self-promoter yeah let's crack on you guys were fast and then I start off with this lovely dress blue polka dot dress I'm not gonna say much I just want you better than that until oh yeah it's not really below that type boise kit I have a dress that is kid yeah I thought it's quite yet yeah try it on Barry M sound Fez yeah I like it I like it yeah it's really nice let me do it up and this is yeah quite an Indian villain yeah it's just pretty and cute I think this would be nice both blonde your boyfriend's family why do I say that okay that's it because it's the vacation yeah very cute or just like a sophisticated bruh niche anything no I'd like that makes you less bossy higher you know I know we don't want to we don't we want to be innocent so very cute thank you first one yeah yeah I got your size and everything love it okay thank you every Cameron's I've been really looking here this videos because we've lost a little things Brian iPods with backup balance in it you know my turn Padre oh yeah they can't see your eyes anyway okay yeah my eyes are closed but ready yeah this is kid this is this is bit me I don't love so this is just a lipstick intro not like a tea dress yeah you're right hey you know just means yeah it's like ever not very it yeah that is K Y pricey for Primark by 18 pound but I mean if it's thick M's will say I am we can we put makeup on it oh let me try it on and I'll get back to ya q thank you very cute you could wear that Solange if your boyfriend's family I pick Charlie Gabriella comment on singing every day yeah it's very pure right nice yeah I like their afternoon tea cool yes one we're both succeeded yeah next next I'm gonna stick with the theme of dresses cute dresses my I add this is so here it's yellow and white flowers if you can say okay I just think it's easy you don't have an easy drag I need more easy dresses yeah for the beach or you could dress it up or dress it down quite simple but yeah like how you could probably wear this to the beach and you know when you're at the beach in your lap should we go for dinner let's try on the man I used to have so me just that it's when I jump out yeah they're more like you know they've come back in fashion I think let's check it on bit funny oh I'm not sure I look at which I thought it would be like I do not look at address where you spin in the hole one one job all that swinging is the bottom may be a bigger size when we met but then it would have been to flare at the bottom like you don't like yet and I'm not sure it was a lot cuter hold up it's not wants to be fitted around here yeah your honor and then it wants to come out yeah you can't evoke hot say an angle out you know it's not that gate address about sure maybe no not for me it might look cute on someone else Hey look so I'm not worried let's stitch you up shall we no I don't stitch me up all right man I've got the cutest dress on at the moment right now this next item is just some of you likes me to choke on yeah okay it's a little bit snaky cuz you were a little bit sneaking out on the beach it's almost got the material that is them more out out then not out out but like more dinner than be charlie okay okay let me try it on that's cute okay so where are you putting me in this because this is it's good it's really comfy I like these wish these bits I didn't know they were that I'm gonna put you just an easy do you know oh yeah the backs nice that was mad at that just chill do not your dinner maybe I should be thinking it could be dressed a bit more with a belt or something yeah that's quite flattering hmm very nice okay yeah okay okay okay so the next thing is a bikini I'm gonna do something in that material something okay I think that's all right yes so this is a bikini I know you love these style a new jersey there no I honestly don't think I look at some English PA I got you this bikini but also to make it like an outfit you're making me a bikini outfit I caught you how cute is this know that you'd put this over it this trust me on to go to the beach bar because it's not appropriate to be around named my I thought this would look so nice for primer yeah look at the detail on that so it's literally just like a dress but it's like her and you don't show up you don't have yeah yeah when you burn a bit yeah travel together alright I can do that did someone say day at the beach just smashed that how cute I love thinking like tighten them yeah oh my god I'm obsessed this should be like a bridal section but this bikini to think maybe the top of it because I'm sorry babe ah okay thank you that's okay oh let's put on the costume version shall we yeah so you said you saw it yeah but so with the drew me in the roof but mmm okay brilliant hits it up I just think it might keep up look nice and big and PJ not do you need any help but yeah so we can be twin in Matera home this fits really weird this bears really bad gay these calm down listen I'd buy them based on your body shape the backs cute imagine just like really been really stretched out every plan well that laughs it's all day I will grab that not sure Annette file out the idea I mean looking at it off the hanger I'll act as well so I don't blame you the next thing I got be a brilliant naturally love it this is such about obviously if you guys know the fashion at the moment these dangerous is come off of smash there it's almost stretchy weird this color war I'm all but I want to get it on this let me talk about it yeah I'm excited to say this is it's really nice really nice I just walking up the beach yeah it's at the beach but anything is why dress has never fit properly around the boobs I don't get it mmm never fun but staying on here looks like I'm breastfeeding I've leaked but that's fine I can change this I guess I'll just wash it yeah I really like that yeah this promo you smash this and there yeah and you be like have you seen anything this oh no that's not like chop chop yeah how much 50 pound yeah the next thing for you oh I have this pretty much from an Oprah moment yeah the yeah okay let the wrap one the brown like is really on trend at the moment yeah and it will go really and a few over town and probably match here yeah I feel like this is more for a holiday that's where the web is a bit iffy yeah you're not sure when we should went to ten or even it's cloudy every day you can just oh you're not sending things I just had a thought as I put it around me where you wear it hot over on the beach yeah kit right yeah awesome about all these things would look great about yeah some of the fits fun I like the fact that you can you know pop elect for a pic or some things to add something thank you I've never realized that these have got all these on it details yeah that that is the only detail of it but they're cute right yeah I feel like we look very cute in our colors now wayfarer bamako quite a little theme at the moment it's like it's right or tom now yeah but not at the same time I've got one last thing for you it's a top so I don't know why gonna put new items this is really really cute and it's very yeah it's very in a very much live right now bro if this is a low top we love of bodies top and yeah that's what it is it's like fitted here and then it goes out so it'd be really flattering happy now look nice that is cute so try it on excited this might be my favorite one yeah it's so shit if anything I might cut the pepper a little bit sure I like when you can see a bit of been a yeah that would be good just cuz yeah I don't want it's lumpy but I'm definitely keeping this this is really like this it is pulling a bit but where the fabric stays underneath it start and illusion you can't really see it yeah it's a really nice hot yeah these really flutter in my jeans stupid like we're in the van I think smashed it love it thanks Hans do you got everything apart from the yellow dress and it's your pop in the other dress high five hey you know what I think I might have one more than PA really yeah do it I saw this I liked they're cute right yeah so I did have a beach cover-up for you sorry but you've still got it on underneath so you owe me five yeah this is very cute I almost moved for myself but then I thought you know what let's be nice to her really really nice from primark there anything up there game you want to be on the Shoreham is that it's like a beach cover-up but then it's not very wet friendly no but then hey guys but then it's searched right on okay okay okay it's not written on something here yeah is went on the floor and you can see for it but not too much she's like that you can go to shopping at yep why can't I like area suitable for that today yeah I think I like everything as well apart from not sure about this some English Jim but I think I liked everything else yeah can we know each other pretty oh we know each other know each other well if she'd rung me and I was out and she said please get me an outfit for tonight we're over we'd be able to do that I hope you guys enjoyed this video that is literally a Primark haul mixed with a little bit of a challenge sphere that we're different for you guys sorry that we don't look stunning but you know what don't apologize okay I'm not worried although we don't let stunning new eyebrows who cares will we find that's know if you like this type of video maybe we can I incorporate challenges into our more everyday videos just to mix it up a little bit we love you don't forget subscribe give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it we'll see you next time bye


  1. the red/orangey dotty primark wrap dress needs to be tied in a different way for it to fit properly! I have that exact dress, one of the strings goes through a hole from the inside out and ties with the other at the back! The hole is TINY and is in the lining of the dress around the waist! I had this exact same problem when I bought mine but I’ve recently found out why it didn’t fit properly!! 💕

  2. Omg you girls are actually gorgeous. I swear you both look stunning in everything you wear. You two are so real and honest and I love that 😘❤️

  3. You should do the outfit challenge with Pep&Co (which is Poundland’s clothing range). Some of their stuff is actually decent too x

  4. I just have to say syd and ell are the most strongest people I know they’re fabulous they should be models xxx

  5. I love all ur videos,, u inspire me- if I did something like this then ppl at my school would be rude to me and say that I'm poor and cheap ♥️♥️🙏

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