Princess Alice’s 1939 Elsa Schiaparelli Dress | Beyond Palace Doors

Princess Alice’s 1939 Elsa Schiaparelli Dress | Beyond Palace Doors

So this dress we know is Schiaparelli there’s no labels inside but it could not scream more Schiaparelli
and I know because I love her so much that when we saw it, it was like Oh my God it might be, and it was So after doing some research we found that this is a Schiaparelli dress from 1939. This dress came to us as a loan It’s the clothes from the late Princess Alice of Gloucester Schiaparelli for those of you who don’t know her she was an Italian-born but
Paris-based couturier and she was incredibly inspired by the Surrealist art movement and she was best friends with Salvador Dali and Jacques Cousteau and actually got them those artists to collaborate with her so there’s always an element of surrealism in her clothes Another thing about Schiaparelli is that she was incredibly influenced by
Catholicism, by ideas of heaven and we can see that in this dress so we see here this gorgeous embroidery of crossed keys and the keys actually symbolise
the keys for the Kingdom of Heaven that St. Peter got from Christ and they’re embroidered with plastic pearls and little crystal beads and plastic now sounds very funny. I say “oh plastic” but actually for her using plastic was exploring a new medium a new technology, because plastic in the 1930s is still something new and another element of plastic that we can see here in the dress is the zip at the back, which is quite
interesting It’s a very very early plastic zip yes I do get quite excited about
these things Another interesting element in this dress is the latticework here in
the collar and then in the sleeves and this to me it’s so reminiscent of
16th century clothes and paintings of Elizabeth l or Catherine de Medici and they all have this kind of pearl embroidery in their dresses and this is doing a reference and of course is such a gorgeous detail you can see here you would have the skin underneath showing Now we know when Alice actually wore this dress We know she wore it to go to the theatre with her husband and then the king and queen at the time and that was on the 30th January 1940 and you can just see the top of her and because of this embroidery you can definitely identify that this is the dress and another interesting thing is of course all the royals at that time – and today as well – they always try to wear British but this is an Italian designer but based in Paris so it’s one of those elements when the rules get broken just ever so slightly for me as a great success

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  1. The curator is wearing a nice little Chanel jacket. As a dealer in vintage clothes and jewelry I have had a few Elsa Schiaparelli pieces over the years but only ready to wear of course.

  2. I liked the curator as much as the frock! And all these years I have been mispronouncing Schiaparelli's name! I do recommend her autobiography. It is very interesting and not just for fashion devotees. Thank you for the video.

  3. She's ahead of her time, I like how she integrated the plastic beads and placement of it, so people would instantly notice this beautiful feature of the dress

  4. لو وحده اعربيه دارسه art history مالهم و تتكلم انجليزي جذي مستحيل يوظفونها. هاي الي تقدم بروحها برنسيسة زمانها. تلاقي اسما افلاطونه بنت افلاطون المفلطن السنكاوي وجد جد جد جدها كان ضابط يوناني عريق.

  5. That doll dress is so regal and princessy. I love the lattice pearled neckline.

  6. fabulous video! the curator's talk is so interesting – but i can barely concentrate because of the distracting soundtrack. and it's so irrelevant — not even 1930's music. Who else is finding the backing track irritating?

  7. Princess Alice is Alice In Wonderland. She is from the Virgin Mary as Queen Alice of London England. Alice is created by God in 600AD. This dress she had when she was a Child.

  8. This dress 👗 is in Miller Metrus GM Horatio Miller's basement in Richvale in Richmond Hill in Toronto Ontario Canada as he is a Thief of all things Owned by the Royals.

  9. if you wanted to make a music video why clutter it up with this dress stuff? make your choice info or music… you obviously can't do both

  10. Oh WOW!! This dress is amazing!! I’d like to see this dress on a mannequin to see how the dress falls!!! It looks like the curator is wearing a Chanel jacket!

  11. It must be so hard for the curator to conserve a dress she KNOWS would look gorgeous on her, without being able to ever put it on.

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