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  1. do you think these would hold up through a lot of washing and drying? im wanting to sew them onto shirts but am wondering if the blue/image would fade over time

  2. Instant gratification? I take a photograph. I Photoshop the image into a negative and print it on a large carriage ink jet printer. I buy chemicals and paper and work out the formulation of the Ferric Ammonium Citrate and the Potassium Fericyanide. I brush the mixed chemicals onto a suitable paper ( I use Canson Multi Media). I put the neg and sensitized paper in a home constructed frame (I had to build on because the commercial contact frames don't shut tightly enough to keep the neg and paper in uniform contact causing blurry prints. I expose it in sunlight because I don't want to buy or build a UV exposure box. Last; I need an 30 minute rinse and may use Hydrogen Peroxide to "tone" the print. Then I have to dry it somewhere. simple; right? Instant gratification: right?.

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