Pro Wrestling Crate July 2019 T-shirt & Autograph MYSTERY BOX + THE BAD GUYS OF WRESTLING

Pro Wrestling Crate July 2019 T-shirt & Autograph MYSTERY BOX + THE BAD GUYS OF WRESTLING

to have got the newest pro-wrestling crate that is sold by pro-wrestling t's comm pro-wrestling crate month-in and month-out always delivers fantastic value no matter what there's really never been a bad / resting crate to my knowledge that I can think of and I'm always happy every single month with this subscription box you've got two t-shirts you've got I got eight-by-ten a micro brawler a little figurine you've got a DVD and usually at least learn one a little collectible or something like that little little throw an item and priceless box is only around like thirty-five thirty-six dollars if you take the baby girls sizes the price does go up a little bit so actually the prices I think is actually 30 but the baby guerrilla sizes are like 36 actually I think so yeah what's nice about this is you can cancel at any time and you can restart it at any time so you know it's too easy so this month's theme I don't remember what it is every month has a theme and this one the cheat sheet is on top okay other side this card has a spoiler alert what's in this box so we don't look at that yet heels part three and next month's theme is best of the Indies part 5 that's always a fantastic box the first four fantastic next month features de lucha Bros Pinta and Phoenix I'm should I applaud me a t-shirt I bet would be an awesome t-shirt villain enterprises Marty Brodie flip and PC oh I hope that is going to be an awesome t-shirt it's got to be a t-shirt that's got to be it was not a teacher hopefully it's like a quad sign 8 by 10 of course that's that's not even possible but if it was it'd be awesome Zach saver jr. Jeff Cobb and Colt Cabana then it says with women of rise wrestling which includes Kylie Rae Tony Storm Tessa Blanchard and the new Heart Foundation which is Brian Pillman jr. Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith jr. that is next month box and just with the lucha bros and them enterprises that's gonna be freaking awesome you got two teachers on top let's do a t-shirt to start with let's do the bottom of the two t-shirts to start let's see what this Oh a white one ah not a huge fan of white t-shirts I prefer black t-shirts and if not black then like a dark grey a heather gray or like a navy blue not a fan of white t-shirts I just don't like white t-shirts I'll wear them now I'll wear it like gym t-shirt you know I'm saying but I prefer to be in black it's just personal choice so here we go first shirt who do we have is that J white yeah it is okay that is J white that is Switchblade J way ahead look at for a second figure out who it actually was then I saw like the Switchblade marks he's known for I'll get it switch switch blade J white okay that's cool um if you're not a wrestling fan or anything or if you don't a lot of wrestling fans wouldn't even know what this t-shirt was I say honestly no joke probably 90% of wrestling fans would not know who this was because he's very very big in New Japan Pro Wrestling and it's the majority of wrestling fans are just dub W fans I used to be that way for a long time but now I mainly watch a dub and New Japan ROH I just gravitate towards those more now that says what interests me more so yeah cool t-shirt but even I who is a fan of bullet club and jy had to look for saying to see who it actually was but yeah he's a t-shirt nice graphics but that's only for the hardcore wrestling fans that I actually know anything outside of dub w/e you know I'm sorry can I say the last t-shirt for last let's pull out the monthly pin it's probably upside down nope monthly pin jake the snake' roberts that's cool looking Jake the snake yeah I don't keep my pins I put all these Panza to my own mystery boxes that die I sell for 40 bucks other sordid goods and cool stuff let's plot this what's this what is this uh-huh that's cool that's really cool okay both sides the same we've got Marty scroll with villain enterprises fits six through 13 okay that is ultra cool I will never wear these but I'm definitely going to hang these up on my like sneaker cases something like that because that is actually ultra cool I like that that's just a cool like good display piece but if you're into socks like that yeah awesome but I don't wear I actually just wear like black socks and I'm fine let's see DVD next we've got rowdy roddy piper shoot interview rowdy gets rowdy like you won't ever believe one of the great shoot interviews ever Piper was always very opinionated and I bet this actually is a pretty good shoot DVD I bet it is let's see well where's the microphone here's the micro brawler Raven not a I don't keep the micro brawlers I always sell them I can usually get between 20 to 25 bucks for me there's somebody like super pop like a Kenny Omega you can get like 30 bucks and up for it but Raven and not a very popular wrestler yeah that's probably more like a twenty dollar micro brawler more likely unless if Raven has some following I don't know about now let's it's decent yet not a huge fan of Raven as they're micro brawler my personal opinion you don't plan so we got left we got t-shirt and autograph eight-by-tens let's go ahead let's do the t-shirt and then we'll do the autograph so t-shirt ooh good we got a black t-shirt I don't want two white t-shirts this month you ready baby gorilla sighs and here we go we've got Oh black car we got siapa grand bazaar okay okay graphics not a huge huge fan of this graphic it's very very busy there's a lot of going on with it it's very very busy graphic I prefer something simpler I like that J white covers really cool this graphic is very very busy there's a whole lot going on this graphic but it's it's okay not my favorite shirt like I actually wish that J white was on black instead of white t-shirt this would be on the white one because I would wear a lot more if the J white what would have been on a black t-shirt so that kind of stinks but can't be too choosing and last item we had the autograph 8 by 10 this month see I'll show the camera first so that has color so that will be the front of it I don't know if it's like long ways or I'm just going up to the camera let's do it I guess that way you ready here we got oh oh wow we got freaking Kevin Owens of course back in the independence and like ROH he went by Kevin Steen he's a freakin Kevin Owens autograph that's actually like a big-time autograph in this box wow that's actually a big-time autograph like Kevin Owens I had so much potential to be like one of the top guys of a double W ii-if creative would just push in the right way and let him do what he does best like Kevin Owens honestly has the entering talent the personality the charisma the mic skills to be like a top talent in all of wrestling but they don't they kind of hold him back to that they don't let him get as big as he could be you know I'm saying I know lots of wrestling fans know what I'm talking about with double W like they like to hold wrestlers down because they don't want them to get too big because they want their chosen you be the only ones that get big and Kevin's one of those ones that they don't let him get as big as what he could be they've been holding him down anyway long long story I'll just you know but I like this picture and this is my favorite item from this box is this Kevin Owens autograph or Kevin Steen that is freaking awesome that is a big name autograph in a $30 subscription box Wow so this month I think it's fantastic it was a fantastic value for this month for 30 bucks or you gotta take the bigger size t-shirt you got paid a little bit more I mean just the two t-shirts alone are worth like 20 bucks a t-shirt that's 40 bucks his autograph it's easily worth 30 bucks that's 70 you got the DVD 80 micro brawler's 90 then you got a monthly pin and socks yeah I mean this this box is worth over $100 in value easily this was actually a very fantastic value box this was a good one this is a really good one but I wish the Jay white would have been on a black t-shirt though ah personal preference that's just my personal preference so anyway I will see you next month with the next pro-wrestling crate from pro so see you next time I'm out

47 Replies to “Pro Wrestling Crate July 2019 T-shirt & Autograph MYSTERY BOX + THE BAD GUYS OF WRESTLING”

  1. If you have started to give up on wwe you should still check out nxt and 205 live, nothing like raw or smack down

  2. It looks so simple, but the way he makes his hand into a switchblade just fits him so well. Awesome Jay White shirt brother.

  3. My Heels Part 3 box was damaged. The corner edges were opened from the damage. The bottom has a dent so my Kevin Steen autograph has crease damage. Emailed the company and sent pictures of the damages. Michael from one hour tees asked if I wanted a replacement autograph, I responded with a yes. But did not get a response after that. So this crate will be my last one.
    One damaged shipment is one too many damaged shipments.

  4. Why you don't like white t-shirts? Is it because you know…you're fat (Sorry) you're losing weight though! Maybe in the near future you will start to like them.

  5. Raven not a popular wrestler? WTF?
    And the Ciampa t-shirt is hella better than that White shirt. That white one was terrible.

  6. Recent subscriber joined because your very likeable and entertaining. Have watched many of your past episodes. Just wanted you to know hat I enjoy your channel. Keep up the good work and best wishes.

  7. I remember Jake the Snake and Piper in WWF from when I was in Highschool in the early 80's Can you please tell me what channels you can get wresting on? WWE so on. I have a number of sports channels but I never see wrestling. I would appreciate any info. I have Verizon Fios.

  8. I got to meet kevin a few years back here in nj. I got to see him wrestle in person in ROH a lot before WWE

  9. Zim from the uk , I like aew , Roh , njpw , and there a British indie company called progress wrestling, my current favourite wrestler is Jimmy havoc 🙂

  10. Kevin Owens is huge currently and you need to watch him now he's doing his own promos and he's the best thing going in WWE today and over the past month the fans are going crazy and he's taken that step from really good wrestler to huge Super star!!

  11. I really liked Raven in ECW. He had a great feud with Tommy Dreamer, but I doubt most of the ECW fans from 20 years ago are into micro brawlers.

  12. First, dude, you have lost a chunk of weight that I could cry happy tears. Your face is slimmer, body has shrunk, fingers have slimmed down too! So proud of you man, keep it up! As for the box, the raven microbrawler is nice they used his vintage ECW look. Autograph is neat, shirts are cool, dvd is ok, and the pin is pretty gnarly with its 80s design.

  13. The Hot Rod was very opinionated he till the day he died said Owen heart was murdered that is opinionated!

  14. Guao en mi cumpleaños me regalaron dos funkos pops de Dipper pines Gravity falls y sheriff woody toy story 4 tengo 12 funkos pops

  15. For about 2 or 3 weeks now WWE have taken the restraints off Kevin Owens. There letting him write his own promos. Things are getting better slowly.

  16. Hey guys go check my eBay store. Pokémon stuff and vintage Holo Pokémon cards.

  17. First off more than 10% of fans know who Jay White are. Two it’s a Kevin Steen autograph. Three no they haven’t been holding him back. Four Raven is awesome. And enough with your whole black shirt. Wear the damn white shirt

  18. H1 d:Gamma2 DD; Echo Hotel India Bravo India Foxtrot Delta, Hotel Bravo India Hotel Delta Golf Foxtrot

  19. Love your videos. Watch every one of them as soon as I see it. Just one question. If 3xl is baby gorilla size, then what is 6xlt?

  20. Hey Clint! I heard you mention your $40 mystery boxes once or twice before and I was just curious where you sell them? Thanks.

  21. Might try dyeing the t-shirt grey. Worth a try. The cotton will soak up the dye but the decal should be fine. Just a thought. You can do it fairly easily in the washing machine. Love your videos.

  22. Kevin Owens seems like he's getting a good push right now to be a superstar so that autograph is going to get a lot better but I know you keep your autographs

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