Profile Travelers With ‘Arabian Attire’?

Profile Travelers With ‘Arabian Attire’?

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backup of ron from bujon urges has issued a
georgia he’s a doctor so he’s on fox news uh… and he
recounts his episode a traveling in an airport and packed his keen powers of
observation saw that that people who didn’t deserve uh… first by the p_s_a_ were in fact stop by the
p_s_a_ while a dangerous terrorist was allowed to board an aircraft here is georgia representative doctor
culver what did you see that has the sauce at which and what happened at the uh…
airport is the elderly lady will o followed me band
uh… in this screening process she was headed down a cute little kid was headed
down and this guy in arabian attire just
walked right through the port of all this is that we have to focused on those
people who want to farmers fiesta is there’s more abysmal failure a contest and house happens this shot
now for the t_s_ status to see the way that somebody is closed doors a c at the picnic is that there’s things
that automatically hats fax them at that puts them in a tough place whether that shouldn’t but thing is if a
guy this is a young man robs a bank and
uh… goes their jobs than any other in a blue camaro with braces fried some
planes on a goes running off usaid visit the place put out an all-points bulletin
say there is a person driving a motorized vehicle look for them you know
we’ve got to focus upon those who more partners so that so that guy that guy in arabists in arabian attire who uses the word attire well at that time begumpet arabian attire has a bomb on an and then runs out of
the airport and gets in a camaro racing stress and flames on so is the adversity is
shifting that that cars on fire they got rather than you’ve ever where
the camaro from fire well i think it’s getting pretty useful enough this right blue criminals restraints
influenced by the way it’s classic dvd flames lead restricted
by the end of resistance that what they see the soul of air bookings here at the time blazing happiness and bright blue from every
strand of the plane side everything from now on if you don’t see in nineteen
eighty-three usable committed pulled hides twenty years later if you’d rather go from there it’s still still under investigation for
what yes it because it’s all cops that difficult times that by the way as
you said before we play that clip before the childlike it was just involving two do not perfect uh… we’re looking for a hat a black
guy in his twenties where nobody dr obliterated travel plans are in what is it so badly all brought soap lead here’s the deal fall brought first
of all undergo with iran on september eleventh with the didn’t want indians have been
the because those guys were not wearing arabian but pocket i don’t think so well they’ve been completely american art westernized that was the point people in arabian at her we get point eventually is gonna have a computer
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100 Replies to “Profile Travelers With ‘Arabian Attire’?”

  1. Paul Broun, the son of Democratic Georgia state senator Paul Broun, Sr., now you just know his daddy would be proud of him !

  2. people have to wear Arabian attire disguise other wise you will get killed on site by the Arabs or kidnapped..

    you go in a Muslim country you have to wear disguise to blend in with the people and win peoples trusts and they be friendly to you knowing Arabic language is useful too

  3. While I find this senator to be a moron.. I find it kinda funny how Ben just like didn't understand his point at all.. he wasn't talking about a terrorist.. he was talking about someone robbing a store

    But okay.. lets only look at the people who fit the bill of terrorist.. aka white males.. cause they have comited just as many terrorist acts in the US as any "arabs" .. so if you are a white male.. you have to be stripped searched anytime you enter an airport/train station

  4. With the good doctor on this one.

    We are not being prudent by not profiling middle eastern travelers.

  5. no terrorist i've seen who got on, or tried to get on a plane was dressed in "arabian attire". they all wear western clothing to not draw attention to them selfs. this guys a dumb ass, and some of them were white, or black people. remember, islam is not a race, but a religion. and only a few members of it are terrorist, just like christians. i think muslims and christians fight so much because the are so alike, aside from the fine details its the same, they both think "join us, or go to hell!".

  6. well come on people, the truth hurts and aint pretty, lets be real here, how many non muslims hijacked planes???, i hate republicans too but i gotta keep it real

  7. Yea, the guys who hijacked the planes on 9/11 were all decked out in arabian attire. Do you think they'll make it that easy? Wow, these guys are seriously retarded.

  8. We should really be focusing more research on neuropsychology and miniaturizing and improving functional MRI. Then, you'll finally have your infallible deception/brain-washing detector. Then profiling will be irrelevant because we'll just question everyone no matter what…no more random crap. And once we get all available info from a terrorist, execute them…they're a liability.

  9. Profile people with Arabian attire? Why doesn't he just cut to the chase and say "We should start profiling people who have brown skin or black skin because they might be bringing drugs into the country"? How ridiculous can he be?

  10. The politician in the clip made a bad case but profiling is good. We do it every day. Stop patting down grandmas and 5 year olds ffs. Give a bit of extra pat to middleeastern looking man 19-35 years old. Especially from Jemen, Saudiarabia etc and adapt the system so it is as accurate as possible.

  11. @busboysanalogy you dont profile race. You profile country of origin, age, gender, erratic behavior, breathing, which is not the same.

  12. Sorry, but if I'm on a plane and a dude gets on board wearing a turban, my ass is gonna be watching him the entire flight.

  13. @BattleProf53 Blend in? Western style clothing? No way! It is more likely terrorists would hijack airplanes and crash them into buildings. Yeah, an overly complicated plan to destroy buildings is a way better plan then blending in. You are so right.

  14. @underbjorn – Iranians and some other typically Muslim ethinicites are Aryans… 🙂

    But I agree, of course.

  15. If you profile people in Arabian clothing, then terrorists will dress up like Amish people or Hasidic Jews or whatever. If you only profile young men, terrorists will send old women or use young children. That's why you need to search randomly, so they can't avoid the police/law enforcement.

  16. @papatoony Turbans are worn by Sikhs, not Muslims. Also, if he's wearing a turban then he probably isn't a terrorist, since a criminal would be dressed to avoid suspicion. Expecting terrorists to wear turbans is like expecting bank robbers to wear striped shirts, black pants and a those eye patch thingies while carrying a sack with a dollar sign on it.

  17. If one particular race is statistically more likely to do something, then prioritizing that race makes sense. It's not racism, it's statistics.

  18. @AEgamesFtw No dude, thats called racism. Not statistics. This is why we all cant stand your kind, because we know that if we ask, you wont be able to name or reference one single statistic that proves brown people are more likely to be terrorists.

  19. @AEgamesFtw White people have been statistically more likely to cause war, genocide, and commit exploitation of those less fortunate. Kill all white people.


  20. @ZKoftherebellion Actually they don't? Did you know there are more white terrorists than arab terrorists worldwide? Bet you didn't know that. All you know is how to be a bigot.

    Noone likes you. Everyone talks shit behind you behind your back, even your friends.

  21. @IMPALEXANDERAVG It only makes sense when you're a moron.

    Did you know that little white children are indoctrinated into the KKK at a very young age? How about the child terrorists in impoverished places like some countries in Africa. How about the IRA? I think it's also hilarious that you said "except that it's a statistical facts that muslims are the most likly terrorists" when you have obviously no knowledge on this subject whatsoever.

    So, when's the next Klan meeting?

  22. georgia, be proud of yourself, you can elect a full on racist ass clown to congress and nobody is the wiser…

  23. i wonder if this congressman would be offended with being mistaken as a pedophile, since most pedophiles in the us are white middle aged males

  24. Why would any terrorist dress like the stereotypical terrorist? Surely their aim is NOT to get caught….

  25. @ZKoftherebellion I'm mad because it's genetic garbage like you that is holding mankind back from actually attaining its potential. Never have kids, all you do is pollute my earth.

  26. @ifellinlovewithadead I was referring to all this massive stigmatism and PC-ness over Racial Profiling. When it comes to terrorism security, I can see the point of it. Are there white terrorists? OF COURSE! But from only my own not so educated knowledge, most of the ones I can think of did domestic bombing or shootings and not plane hijacking.

  27. @ZKoftherebellion Unless you are talking about Iraq or Afghanistan, where terrorists are attacking because it is a warzone, then they are not.Since 911, there have been: One shoebomber, one underpants bomber. and a guy that set fire to his own car in Times Square. There have been MANY more by white people calling themselves christian, mostly bombings and shootings at abortion clinics, but also the holocaust museum shooting, and other attempted mass murder events.

  28. of course, he's got a southern accent. they're all republicans right? or are they all just racist? probably not but it's overwhelmingly bad representation of your party to say racist stuff like that.

  29. I agree with him. It's not racist to say that muslims and middle easterners are vastly more likely to be a security threat than normal, and that old ladies and children are virtually zero risk. To try to deny this is PC gone mad.

  30. You know… If I said "we should only check people with an exposed bomb vest on them" Id be criticized.
    I'd be told "that's way to obvious they would never do that" – but now switch the words "exposed bomb vest" with "Arabian outfit" – which is still something that sticks out in a crowd.
    All the sudden It be taken seriously.

  31. How about some civilian goof who's wearing cammo on an airplane? Nutcases are always suiting up in cammo when they go berserk.

  32. Relax Congressman, its Fox News. We're all friends at this station, you can say Rag Head Here. No one's going to judge you.

  33. easy question that could be answer with a easy answer and this dumbass make an ass out of himself just by opening his mouth

  34. Israel profiles extensively….when was the last time someone hijacked an Israeli plane….never! Profiling works. I will not have me and my family be blown up on an airplane just because TSA didnt want to hurt the arab guy's feelings! Why would u choose to wear that attire when u know how much distress it will cause everyone around you? You trying to prove something or just being a jackass who thinks he can sue if they search him

  35. @SarahB360 yes i have, ive only seen muslims hijack planes!!! please prove me wrong, or show me where to find more info

  36. @dhockey63 there are 1000 times as many flights in the usa. In Isreal yhey are able to talk to almost every passenger. Imagine how long the delays and the number of missed connections. People would go off. And who is going to pay for the increased staffing to conduct these interviews, flyers taxpaers or both.
    Not many saw the report about terrorist recruiting women elderly and CHILDREN TO CARRYOUT HIJACKINGS AND BOMBINGS.

  37. @ortmaster "January 12, 1972: Braniff Flight 38, a Boeing 727, was hijacked as it departed Houston, Texas bound for Dallas, Texas. The lone armed hijacker, Billy Gene Hurst, Jr."
    "December 20, 1978: Two Hindus, Devendra Nath Pandey and Bhola Nath Pandey hijacked Indian Airlines flight IC-410."
    "1994: FedEx Flight 705 hijacked by disgruntled employee Auburn Calloway as it left Memphis, Tennessee, with the intention of using it as a cruise missile against FedEx HQ"
    And so on =)

  38. @dhockey63 … you kinda answered why we cant profile…"Why would u choose to wear that attire when u know how much distress it will cause everyone around you?" – so why would a terrorist who is trying to SNEAK a bomb onboard wear such a thing.

  39. @squreshi10 actually Sikhs are not the only ones to wear turbans, the Taliban wear black ones, some old Yemeni Jews wear them, Moroccan Berbers and so do some Rastafarians.

  40. As many have already pointed out, anyone who thinks that terrorists try to go through security in "Arabian attire" needs to have their head examined.

  41. this guy loves profiling , but if a congress man says lets start to profile gun owners because the majority of them shoot people are republicans would loose their shit.

  42. @SarahB360 ok, i did some research before just bloating out phony statistics, and…….of the last 16 planes hijacked in the world 50 percent were muslim, fact

  43. All the 9/11 hijackers and other terrorists dressed in Western clothing. One would assume that a would-be terrorist would be smart enough not to draw attention to himself by dressing in “Arabian attire”. That’s taught in like Terrorism 101-A at Al-Qaeda University. Duh.


  44. Recording a suspect's race (or other identifying characteristics) in a police alert is completely different than using race as a factor for finding suspects. The first makes perfect sense and nobody objects to it. If you can't see the difference, you are stupid.

  45. Arabian Attire = small vest, sash, curved sword and curly toed slippers. I vote we search everyone fitting that description.

  46. Of courrrrrrrrse… It is Fox News that gives Broun a platform for his racist diatribe. I am not surprised.

  47. Heh, heh, It's great to watch these redneck racists fuckers try to hide the fact that they are racists. LOL! You're only fooling dumb-shit tea-bagger types. Paul Broun is a lowlife, fucking racist pig. PERIOD!

  48. Of course you should be vary of people with traditional moslem attire.

    Not because they are moslem, but because ANYWAY carrying a sabre, AK-74 and suicide bomb-vest is potentially dangerous.

  49. But it does make some sense to profile people, not every demografic is as probable of commiting terrorism as the other.

  50. @fasfsdfasd is that supposed to be hurtful? i think anyone would rather be a criminal gang banger that a seedy perverted pedophile

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