because you're a little prostitute now II be running through my phone that's in entre Oh welcome back to the K is today we're doing a big fat ROM based trying haul and the dresses are coming from JJ's house which is affordable but top quality brand of dresses yes sir that it wedding dresses cocktail dresses prom dresses homecoming dresses dress dress dress dress dress anything you want I got it at an affordable price some actually look in the link in description because you need it close this is the answer to all the budget problems of prom for real because when we went to prom we spent so much money and if we knew this existed we would have had such a better life we meant to those stupid prom shops that are like 400 pound the dress where you can get look exactly the same ones for like 80 pounds of what we don't value it so yeah I'll suggest you if you have prom coming up soon you better hit up these because you will save a lot of money and you will get good quality products so okay we are trying on for prom dresses eat don't put on a little heels with them because obviously they're mighty long and we got three long ones eight and one short one each song for the first on now these are very hard to hold up because they're so big yeah but these are the first dress is basically we're not going to show you much of them awful but they're very hard to show you so we're just gonna put them on oh do you know I can these are first beautiful prom Jesse mine is a nice red little dress Katie thinks it's slow able we're gonna it is nice and simple design and it wraps over at the front and it is very good quality and material like it feels like we will actually wear these to prom this is the back it's just plain and simple but it has character you know it looks very out there because as a big massive slick so you get some more like a yeah and a bit of sexy – and it doesn't flatter my boobs much if you have big boobs this is for you so I do recommend for the various appointments it looks better it would look better if you have bigger boobs on me this is a bad bitch dress let me tell you now look the detail in this is so nice and it's quite nice and tight and figure-hugging here and then it goes out of bob has a lunch file behind me and it makes me feel important and this is the back and cause it's so like oh there in your face of all the sequins and like the glitter install is nice twelve you back home choice to be back simple back does it take off from all this greatness and this is perfect length obviously meaning hate your midgets but I actually wouldn't have to get mine tailored because it just like touches the floor so I would actually buy my prom dress from JJ's house because bro these promises own bargain and you will need a supply extra potato and look on my phone died I brought like a 300-pound dress then it had like 60 Valentine euros on black could have bought this for like a good ie quid and then it was just over the top what we did from if really this website existed then we would have saved a lot of money I'm sorry next one okay the next one you drag you home and see these on this is a color of the necks on you're never gonna throw it on so these are the next dresses no favorites these are so noise I'm actually sad that I didn't wear this dress to prom complimentary to me look at the guy it makes me look like a curvy girl okay I don't have that much boobs but like they don't look too bad Nessa and then the back Sam is it over one eye just a little bit of no but because it gets way probably look so big in this video because everybody's feet from because it's so beautiful it has full coverage on the front but then you gotta sort of back that it has a nice open back wheels cute little ribbon you look like Cinderella Thanks it has a no trial at the back which is here so you can be like a princess you go at the front it has those are gems and flowers which adds a nice detail to the dress overall this is a nice dress and it's very silky feelings as well oh yeah same material look at this front it is so beautiful these dresses are all so well fitted as well a little bumper so this is a good song for everything fit good make sure you comment down below which one is your favorite on both of us on to the third dress Oh God look at that yeah would you just burp the next dress it is a good song good harmonies but me these are a final along dresses so make sure you get all the inspiration you come from us because we've showed you a range of styles and colors and also you need to know that JJ's house where got these from box they do literally every single one of the dresses in single color you can take off yeah and also it's not just prom justice the new wedding dresses bridesmaids dresses and everything you could ask for really every then so make sure you hit the mob average gonna be able to lecture sees yeah bitch are these let me tell ya boy I'm sweating already a lot two minutes on my feet hurt on to the dresses because you don't care about our moaning so this is my dress it's a lovely rose what to my mom or it will just be ping wow this dress has such a long term Wow look at that that and it is nice what that allows you so yeah this is beautiful beautiful little princess ke view over the princess why this is defo the one to get yeah now I'm dropping it boy by Maya just believe this off the shoulder look has a detailed torso bit there has a little belts and then it just goes into plain but on the train there's lives so I'm actually Jeff saw this at a prom I hope I really love this because it has little state coins and little beads that looks shine in the lights and give it such a cute effects like I feel like a little fairy and some wings yeah this I have this one so it's really accurate but you can also tailor it to your measurements basically this website is perfect for a bargain my dress is tight down until you get to the bottom then it's kind of mermaid II but not too drastic you know what I mean it just goes out a little bit and it has all these flower details all down the dress which I do enjoy is not quite it's a creamy color and it does give you like Indian vibes don't read that stereotypical Oh up well you know what I mean to my prom all over just similar to this I like it I would recommend this it's neutral and simple but it makes you look good and it also has a good one to show off you can look at pancake it looks in this I'm gonna make it look banging them throw this dress on and then you settle for the night now we're gonna move on to our last and final dress yes yes they are the short ones and cocktail dresses we saved them to last because you know it's just a bit different these are the short dresses this does come with a belt but I'll put it on when I'm wearing the dress of course you'll be able to see them and this is like a satin us or it feels amazing I can outwait put this on let go these are our short cocktail dresses channel to be eyes I do prefer the longer dresses but these are still cute and yours you well you could win for prom if you wanted to for they're not really promised our dresses the more like cocked up or a bridesmaids you know what tot seen this dress all Jessie's I'm just saying the same for all of them because they're all nice and they're all like good quality so yeah there's nice and silky for your legs it's got a nice little pattern here on the top part I'm gonna love this I love this off the shoulder whatever it is called domme on its own tongue okay anyway and it has a little jewel belt boy it's a bit big on me but you know that's what you get when you deform there's a silky satiny dress as you can see is off the shoulder and it's ruched in places it's very figure flattering figure hugging figure whatever in as you can say look at that I've got a big rush of a boom crack it would have thought like Nicki Minaj way but showing my lap well here you go it's actually would expect so mr. Cod you know these are good lengths as well just above the knee not to flossing not to nag ish you know I could meet in the middle oh they're perfect length for just being normal a modest oh these are our final justice we hope that you enjoy all the justice we're gonna do that rolling out normal clothes because I'm so hot I'm gonna die yeah I have not even Benjamite what about for the outdoor boy all right now for the outro quitting because I'm gonna prove myself ok thank you for watching windows video make sure you comment down below what you wanna see is to comment down below which I sleep over kourin down below again answer nine common don't like with the thumbs up or thumbs down you know what cuz it's your preference we hope to see you back in next Monday subscribe and click the bow but I'd say like the cake is a bathroom and open BP on Monday see you later bye bye you


  1. Ok the segment where you went together blue and red are the ones. But you guys know already. Be safe that night and thanks for taking us along.

  2. It doesn't matter which dress you choose they all looked amazing on you. If I had to choose the powder blue and wine red knocked me out.

  3. I love you guys I get notified on Saturdays not sure feel like a cheater cause Monday. Felt real bad but I'm coming through next time you go live. Keep going Ladies we love you.

  4. La del traje rojo me tiene bechacoo las 2 pero la del traje rojo no tiene nada abajo y me lo paro seguida jejejejeje

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