6 Replies to “Proper Attire at the Masters Golf Tournament : Golf Tips”

  1. This guys full of crap. I live in Augusta & have attended 6 Masters. Wear whatever you'd wear to play golf, or shorts & a tee shirt. Just don't dress like a bum, with holes in your clothes. Don't wear outrageous stuff, or anything inflammatory. Use a little common sense.

  2. Really?? I`ll wear what ever the fuck I want as long as it is clean and presentable. No rips or tears or missing buttons is a must but whatever I choose will be what I CHOOSE!

  3. I am only a high 70's – mid 80's golfer, but I always dress for success so to speak. I clean my shoes, iron my shirt and pants which are my exact size. My thinking is that if I have the proper uniform on it will keep my emotions and attitude in check. I'm not a club thrower or loud screamer, but I've been known to just shut down and stop taking it seriously when I have a bad day. I feel like if you dress properly you have an obligation to behave properly. It's like wearing a nice tailored suit. You have to carry yourself a certain way to pull off the look.

  4. i made the mistake of going the first time and wearing a georgia shirt………… i looked on the news that night and they showed my shirt….under it, it said what NOT to wear to the masters…………………………. the next day i wore a polo

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