Putting Shade Cloth on the Greenhouse!

Putting Shade Cloth on the Greenhouse!

well it's too hot in the greenhouse now what hey everybody welcome to living traditions homestead this is Sarah and Kevin well you know we've been dealing with the winter that has lasted so long just on and on and on for Missouri for Missouri for those of you in colder places than us we're not whining absolutely we're glad to be here yes okay but today is a gorgeous day it's supposed to get up to 75 or 78 which means that in the sunny greenhouse it's going to get too hot so today our project is to remedy that situation for today and for the rest of the summer just to put some things into perspective today is Tuesday on Sunday we had snow and today is supposed to be about 77 degrees so we don't really know what to plan for so we're just trying to plan for everything lucky for us when we lived in our urban homestead in the Phoenix area we had purchased sixty percent shade cloths to put over all of our gardens when we gardened in the desert we needed that after April 15th and through the rest of the summer in order to grow anything there when we packed up we thought gosh are we gonna really need these shade cloths but you know they were still in decent enough condition we had already spent the money so we figured we would bring them along to the Missouri Ozarks will may moved here and now we have a reason to use them right so we were really glad that we did bring them along their nice big shade cloths they measure 20 foot by 20 foot and we actually have four of them that we used to have above our garden in Phoenix so we're gonna use two of them to cover the greenhouse with because our greenhouse is 16 by 32 and to go over the over the arch of the greenhouse it'll take probably a the whole 20 feet to go from where the roll-up sides start to over the top so before we get started let's go over to the greenhouse and we'll show you guys just a brief overview if this is your first time here of the greenhouse and how the roll-up sides work and how that a ventilation is really helping to keep things cooled off as well all right let me show you guys how the roll-up sides work on the greenhouse no we bought this kit from grower solution.com if you go there and use the coupon code traditionalist tan you'll get 10% off on your order from them that's something they're doing just because we've been you're helping to spread the word about their company it's a small family-owned company and we like to try to support as many of those family-owned companies as we can so now the one thing I do have to say even though this video is about shade cloth they did tell us no discounts on the shade cloth so let me show you how the roll-up sides work so basically you have your plastic that goes over the top of your greenhouse and it attaches here to this two by six called the hip board it attaches with this wiggle wire in a track and then down below that the rest of the plastic hangs loose you then attach it to this metal bar and these handles on the sides and you can see but then that allows you to roll up and roll down the sides of the greenhouse the entire length of the greenhouse we have these on both sides so ventilation can go through the entire greenhouse and it really does help keep these cooler inside to a point but when it's starting to get into the 80s outside or hop up or 70s like it is today it's going to get hot in here even with those sides up so that's why we're putting the shade cloth on we're hoping to be able to keep this you know considerably cooler than it would get without the shade cloth on in addition to the roll-up sides we also have a door that has a screen in it that also helps with ventilation now we know that there are big fancy ventilation systems that you can buy to put up in your greenhouse that open and close by themselves depending on the temperature but to be honest we're really not in the position to be able to invest more money into our greenhouse project and the fact that we brought those shade cloths along with us when we moved really will be a lifesaver for us right there's no reason to spend more money than we have to the only other thing we may try after putting up the shade cloth is the still put event in the back on the back wall if the shade cloth isn't enough but the shade cloth is definitely going to be our first try so that's what we're gonna get started on today and this year is all about learning for us we've never done this before with this greenhouse stuff right so it's about learning so that hopefully as years go by we can just get more and more proficient growing and using our greenhouse so the first thing we're gonna need to do is take off the wind straps on the greenhouse we'll just take these off and lay them aside while we throw the shade cloth over and then we'll put the shade cloth down and then put the wind strip back over the top of the shade cloth to hold it in place then we'll also be attaching the shade cloth to the hip board here to hold it really nice and tight so the goal is to get it as tight as we can on the plastic so when it does get windy it doesn't you know flap around free from the plastic so we have our to shade cloths laid out here and so this is what they look like here they're a little bit rough because we used it for three years before moving here but I can see that it will let some of the light through again this is a 60% shade cloth now to get it over the greenhouse what we'll do is attach a rope to one of these grommets and attach an object that we can throw over in this case we're just using a plastic bat because that's what we have laying around and then we'll be able to pull it over the green house and like adjust it and set it up that way so that's that's what we're doing next alright we have the first one on it looks really nice inside it feels really nice we're going to now put the wind straps back over the top of the shade cloth and that will really help hold it in place but we did put quite a few screws on the sides in the grommets but those wind straps will now really help hold it in place alright so we got the first one completely up the wind straps are on now it's time to start on the second one now we do plan on overlapping them just a little bit so so that again we want it to hang down over the back but we don't want a bunch of loose you know hanging all the way down onto the ground so we do I need to overlap them to just the right point to get that to work and that's what we're going to start on now so we have both sides of the shade cloth up but back here we have all of this extra shade cloth to deal with so we need to secure it so it's not flapping around and the wind and stuff so we think we have a plan we're going to tie some rope on to the bottom of these grommets and then there's a board under here that we can screw it to to keep at least a few of these secured to basically the ground and then we just need to figure out what to do with the extra fabric basically on these corners so we'll see what we can figure out so we got the back finished you can see we ended up just putting some screws down here tying some ropes to it through these grommets and then the ends we just made it really simple we just tied a knot into the loose parts tied a rope around it and attach that to the bottom as well and you can see I mean it holds it nice and tight this gives us good coverage right on the inside of here's where our little raised bed inside the greenhouse is so this will give some good shade for that raised bed as well but let's go inside and we'll see how it's doing from the inside you can see it really makes a big difference inside the greenhouse it's you know it's really it's taking the intensity out of the Sun way as it comes through hasn't made a big difference so far with the heat but it does like I said you could just tell a big difference where the Sun just doesn't feel so intense coming through the plastic so once we get some fans and things running I think it's gonna make quite a big difference so you guys I hope you enjoyed this again don't forget to go to grower solution.com if you want to see the kits that they offer we've been very happy with this one if this is your first time here this would be a great time to hit the subscribe button below we put out five videos every week if you're one of our traditionalists who comes back everyday we sure do appreciate it and until next time you guys thanks for stopping by low instead take care and God bless

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  1. I don't have anything growing in the greenhouse right now. It's central Texas in summer, so 130 degrees with the door open! Mine is very small (about 10X12 ft), but I just put up shade cloth and it did not drop the temp very much. How did y'all's do?

  2. Great idea and I am sure the temp will drop a few degrees as it prevents the greenhouse of heating up so much in hte morning. It will be interesting to hear how much it cools it down

  3. Hay Kids, and the reason I call ou Kids is because I'm in my 70s so no offense but I was wondering when you lower the sides for the winter how do you keep them down and sealed?

  4. I love You guys! You feel like neighbors (but I'm in New Hampshire). I've watched so many of your Videos that now I'm catching up on older ones. I do have to say that when I saw you throwing the bat over the greenhouse my first thought was, "They're playing baseball all wrong." But seriously your family in your homestead are inspirations. Thank you so much for taking the time to bring us along with you

  5. lol! I have a photo from west-central MO showing a frozen puddle from April 18! that was the last frost we had. As much as I complained, I do miss the seasons there, frozen pipes and all.

  6. I know you said you couldn't afford to put more money into the greenhouse when you posted this but I wanted to suggest you eventually frame the end walls and put a vent up high into each. I think the rising hot air would help draw in cooler air from the open sides faster as well as mix the air which is probably stratified with the current set up. On sunny days with little wind, a thermal could make a big difference.

  7. How have the wind straps held up in the winds? We have very high winds here in the Great Plains. Interested to know if they actually work!


  9. Phoenix gardener here. I learned how to garden in Ohio, now I'm learning in Phoenix. Big difference! Those are some big shade cloths, your desert garden must have been huge.

  10. We live just south of yall across the border in Arkansas and I would love to get me a greenhouse like that. I am a lil ways away from that in that we are still in the process of clearing our land so we can grow a garden but am looking forward to the tme when we can grow a lot of what we eat. Yall have given me so many ideas from watching the videos and our weather is close to being the same although yall did get a lil more snow than we did this winter. Weather has been wacky this year. In May, we had snow one Sat. morning, gone by 10am, and later that month, temps in the 90's. Keep up the good work.

  11. So put in a solar operated fan in the end and a vent in the other end. It has to be thermostat controlled.
    Problem solved.

  12. Isn't that too much shade for peppers and tomatoes? Apparently you need for shade where you were before. What I've seen is 30%-35% for peppers and tomatoes. It partly depends on what you are growing?

  13. Just curious but is there a reason why you went with a green house kit instead of making your own DIY green house? I am interested in green house too but want to investigate purchasing to building myself?

  14. Good day to you kevin & sarah from living traditions homestead !! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜ Thanks for sharing your update of your homestead and what's going on throughout the day πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. Couldn't you put a vent in and screen it and put a box fan in the screened hole blowing backwards that will pull the heat out through the fan it has always worked for me here in ga

  16. I was so focused on the lesson that the unexpected silliness caught me so if guard I laughed so hard I missed the entire next part and had to go back and watch again. Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I definitely need to start looking at shade cloth. We have like 2 months of triple digits and 80s overnight. So it never really cools off. Makes the gardening chores MISERABLE unless you roll out to get them done by 4am. And if you do, you're fighting mosquitoes as soon as the first hint of light peeks over the horizon. Some good shade cloth would definitely let me start chores a little bit later in the morning after the mosquitoes have been pressured out by the Heat but still have enough protection to not get a second degree sunburn before I'm done with the chores!

  17. From my experience, with my greenhouse here in Missouri, the shade cloth will help a Ton. BUT you will need a upper end vent adjacent from the door to let that heat that rises naturally to vent out. and if you could mount a fan in that upper vent then it would be a bonus. Thanks!

  18. Cold on Sunday, Hot on Tuesday. But fear not, Today is Wednesday and its gonna freeze here in Missouri tonight again! LOL

  19. So…I'm confused….lots of folks say you must have grow light to start plants indoors. However all these greenhouses I see on you tube, I haven't seen a grow light one. There is no way the greenhouse light from sun is as bright as that 1200 lumen shop light.Why not use em in greenhouses? I hope that question makes sense….

  20. Great job y'all work great together next time use the wind straps to pull your shade cloth over when you disconnect the wind straps

  21. MN here has a High Tunnel research and grant program, sponsored by the NRCS. One of the things the program offerers is a a quick meet&greet seminar amongst local High Tunnel and greenhouse owners. One thing that comes up at almost every meeting is how to control over heating. You guys are already on the right path with the roll up sides. What you are missing, is how you have the end walls set up. Simply, you don't have large enough doors on each end. You could move the man doors over to the right, or left. The most common setup here in MN is a large man door on one side, and the biggest set of windows you can find up on the peak, and the side opposite of the door. (on each end ) The larger they are and the closest to the peak, the better. The caveat to the windows is that they need to be ones you can open. For our own greenhouse, I will be converting our end wall door panels to roll up garage doors. (because my doors are monstrously over sized) And I will be installing a man door beside each one. I still need to finnish my tip-out peaks. heh, that was a wall of text eh? sorry. *envious of all that shade cloth btw.

  22. Looking good. I love that you use what you have. You can work toward what you might need as time goes on.. LOL Kevin is a funny guy.. behind the shade cloth πŸ™‚ thanks for taking us along.

  23. This weather has been nuts! It’s supposed to get down to 33 tonight.

  24. Boo hoo, were snowing again in Wisconsin 18 April 18 and last week we got a foot of snow. I am boo hoo ing. I need the spring.

  25. Is it vented at the top center of each end? Opening the sides and letting the hot air be naturally pushed up …and out if the top center end vents. Just a thought. You're a joy to wattch!

  26. Should have taken the temp. before & after. Please, not a criticism just a thought? Also, you could get some tent stakes if need be??

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