Quick fabric repair with interfacing fusible fabric (iron-on) – Repairing hole in pocket

Quick fabric repair with interfacing fusible fabric (iron-on) – Repairing hole in pocket

hi and welcome to this video where I’m
going to look to use interfacing fusible fabric that’s iron-on fabric to repair a
rather large hole in the pocket of some trousers. So looking at this fusible
fabric… I’ve bought just a single side one given the repair I want to do. So as
you can see it’s a very basic material on one side. This other side you should
be able to get a little bit of shine off which will show the fact that this has
got… there you go… this has got the glue on this side of it. So that’s basically what
will melt when you iron and cause a permanent fuse hopefully with the
fabric you’re looking to attach it to So now let’s see a repair of this
against the pocket itself. I’ll speed through some of this video because I just want to make sure it’s all correct so I’m going to carefully flatten out
the fabric and iron it out I’m just going to use some baking parchment to
prevent the glue going through and sticking the two sides of the pockets
together now I’m just going to cut some of the interfacing fabric to fit the
hole as well. Trim the corner on it. It’s obviously got to make sure that the glue side is facing the fabric downwards and then get an old tea towel just spray
some water on this so that it’s nice and damp. I obviously want to make sure the
iron doesn’t pick up any glue itself so just use a tea towel to make sure any
residues picked up by that, rather than by the iron itself now this is a bit of a last chance saloon to
make sure everything’s aligned correctly so just checking underneath the tea
towel before placing the iron on top for 10 seconds initially. At this point I
gave it a second to cool as in literally a few seconds really and just came
and had a little check. It isn’t entirely fused in the way that I would want it to. It’s going to end up washing off or something if it’s not properly fused
together so time for realigning everything and giving it another iron. This time I went for 20 seconds It can really depend on the heaviness of both the interfacing fabric and the fabric you’re connecting to as to how long so
yeah I played it safe with 10 seconds but 20 seconds seems to have done the
job really well. I’ve since washed these trousers a few times and the fabric
stayed absolutely perfect. You can get that interfacing fabric in multiple colors so
you don’t have to make it look as tragic as I did, but yeah for a first attempt
I’m pretty impressed with this stuff. I’d definitely recommend it as a quick way
to repair things if you can’t be bothered to sit there with a sewing kit. So there you go interfacing fusible fabrics… not just for sewing geeks. I hope
that helped

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  2. Thank you for sharing, this is good knowledge to have as you never know when it will come in handy.

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