Quilter and fabric designer Tula Pink talks about her BERNINA

Quilter and fabric designer Tula Pink talks about her BERNINA

Hi, my name is Tula Pink. I am a fabric designer a quilter and a sewing enthusiast from the United States I love BERNINA because it is the most dependable machine on earth what’s really important to me as a sewer is consistent stitch length. I know that it’s going to be the same every time I sit down at the machine regardless of what I’m sewing and that is something that only a BERNINA does every single time. As a quilter it’s important that I can get through several layers of fabric and even some experimental materials and the power of the BERNINA machine allows me to go through anything BERNINA is the only sewing machine I use and the reason I use a BERNINA is because when I turn it on it does exactly what I needed to do. It’s sturdy, it’s well-built and it runs smoothly and it never ever lets me down. BERNINAs are quiet and consistent and powerful machines and that you can get that much power without the noise of the power I think is a beautiful thing. That is what quality in a sewing machine means to me it’s less work for me, more work for the machine and if the machine can handle it then I don’t have to worry about it BERNINAs are designed with the sewer in mind. You can see everything that you’re doing under the needle while you’re doing it because of the actual design of the machine but also because of the LED lights that run underneath the throat of the machine. Those are the things that you need when you’re sewing: you need to be able to see your project and know what you’re doing. The bobbin case is also brilliantly designed on BERNINAs: you can access it from the front so you can pop the bobbin out and pop it right back in without actually removing your project from the machine it seems so simple but it’s crucial when you’re sewing all the way into the night and into the early morning. When it comes to cleaning and oiling my machine – it’s so simple, I don’t have to take anything apart. I clean it, I oil it and I get right back to work. BERNINA presser feet are unique in that they’re made from one solid piece of metal so your stitches stay completely consistent and that is largely dependent on the presser foot. I don’t need to use a screwdriver to change the presser foot and that saves invaluable time when you are sewing using lots of different accessories one right after the other. The straight stitch plate is kind of genius because my fabric doesn’t get sucked down into the bobbin case like it used to before I had this stitch plate. All these little tiny things that BERNINA has thought of make everything easier and you get to a point where you’ve been sewing on your BERNINA so long that you sort of forget how good you have it until you try to sew on a different machine and then you’re like: oh right, that’s why I sew on a BERNINA. The best way to know if a BERNINA is the right machine for you is to just sew on one. I guarantee that anybody that spends even 10 minutes sewing on a BERNINA will understand why I choose BERNINA as my machine over everything else

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  2. I just bought the Bernina 765 SE and I love it!!!!! It's amazing what this machine can do. Like Tula said it is extremely quiet. The feature that I really like is the automatic thread cutting. Still getting used to not having to put the foot down manually, still reach for the leaver. This is my second Bernina I upgraded from the 440QE anniversary edition and I loved that machine as well. I hated to sell that one but it was the only way I could justify the new one. KNOW REGRETS!

    Lori from Canada

  3. please tell me about bernina 1630 there is no explanation on for beginners . i dont know how it works for overlock .and how to do setting .

  4. Santa has never brought me anything… maybe he will bring me a BERNINA 770 QE this year. Fingers crossed!

  5. I love my BERNINA. I have a 440QE and I don't know what I would do without it. I would love one of the newer models. Tupa Pink I love your fabric.

  6. My Bernina 1130 is 30 years old this year, and I wouldn't give it up for anything! It was one of the first machines with computer memory. It turned me into a pro and changed my sewing life forever. It has done everything I ever asked of it every. single. time. I would never, ever consider any other brand. I'd choose a Bernina over diamonds! I've been known to kiss my Bernina goodnight because it is the only thing in my house that always does what I want without complaint!!! The power, the reliability, the hands-free knee lift mechanism, the QUALITY. The FEET – so easy to change. Sure, I'd love a new one, but I'll never let my sweet 1130 go! It will go to my granddaughter someday!

  7. I just purchased mine, and I love mine too, but I'm feeling guilty, haha. But after your video I realize I need this machine! Thanks for making me feel better. I just needed that lil push. I have her hidden like all my expensive materials and threads… Yes I'm a closet expensive sewer. No one needs to know my passion. Only other sewers understand.

  8. I have a husqvarna viking and I love my machine so much, but it's the little things that tula talks about, the screw on the feet that needs to be removed each time I change them is so annoying, also the bobbin feed is on top and fustrating when I have to remove my project when I run out of thread. Bernina will be the next machine I buy and I've been so loyal to husqvarna viking for 15 years but it's those little things that will make it easier and more worth my time. I do have to say that the software for the pc for viking is much more user friendly then the bernina, that's one thing that didn't get me excited.

  9. Love my Bernina, I have an Artista 180 that my hubby bought me new, many years ago. It is a work horse & I would never consider anything else. 鉂わ笍 I love your fabrics too, bu the way馃槏

  10. The first thing I ever bought on time payments was my first Bernina. I was 18 I still have it it works great and I'm 62 next month. I bought my second 15 years ago and love it. Nothing better!!!

  11. I first was helping a friend with her mid arm quilting machine. The machine was a Bernina 830. I loved it. The ease of use the consistency. Anyway I ended up getting the new 570 this year. I also got your cutting mat. I feel these 2 items have changed my life. I let Ev your cutting mT Tula.

  12. Hi, what鈥檚 the reference of the smart accessory we see you using when stitching? Looks like a walking aid for foot. Obviously not a foot but still carrying out the walking foot function. (sorry for the outrageously technical description). I just bought my first Bernina and I love it until I get to gather fabrics. It will only take cotton. Everything else ruffles. Hence my question.

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