Rachel Feinstein: Only Whores Wear Purple – Teenage Wisdom

Rachel Feinstein: Only Whores Wear Purple – Teenage Wisdom

– I was the weird kid.
I was just like awkward. One of my breasts
grew before the other and I had like a starter tit, which is not a hot
look for a girl. There was this one guy
Rob, I liked him so much and I remember my friend
called him on the phone and I was listening
in, just like huhuhuh. It was the most important
moment of my life. And she goes, “What
do you give Rachel on a score from 1-10?” And he goes,
“Probably like a four. You mean the girl with
the lazy tit, right?” And then he goes, “There’s
something gross about her, but I like, can’t
put my finger on it.” Which is so much worse than
she’s ugly or she’s a dog. It’s like, he’s actually
trying to get to the bottom of what’s so specifically
foul about me. He’s on some sort of a
personal contemplative journey to figure it out. I was devastated. And then I went up to this
other guy at my school and I was really
upset and I’m like “Andre, I don’t
know if you heard, Rob said I have a lazy tit, so that means he definitely
doesn’t like me? Is that?” And he goes, he
got real serious, I’ll never forget this moment, he just looks at me and he goes, “Don’t worry. Nothin’ in
life matters but the ass. That’s it.” He talked like Shaq
for some reason. I was like, “Really? Okay.” And then goes, “Little
boys think the tits matter. But adult men know the
ass matters. That’s all.” (bouncy music)

33 Replies to “Rachel Feinstein: Only Whores Wear Purple – Teenage Wisdom”

  1. The one who uploaded this video is insulting all previous kings who wore purple in the Bible, plus thumbs up for Tiago Oliveira👍

  2. "Only Whores Wear Purple" ?what about whores who wear pink or who flash their cleavages etc LOL… NO!㋡ Stop insulting our colors with your lame jokes you clowns, all colors are pure until stupid Man (some) decides to misrepresent the colors God created, like in the Bible. You insulting purple is the same as insulting the creator, God.

  3. Oh look another female "comedian" talking about her body or sexuality when doing a routine. Didn't see that coming….

  4. Colon indicates this is the special of Rachel Feinstein; hyphen shows that "Teenage Wisdom" is the name of the joke in the special. They didn't mislead anyone. You are probably just an idiot.

  5. Like your way of delivery it draws me in so does the subject because its personal, yet there was no big funny like they were so so funny whivh took away from your routine overall.

  6. Her point is very true. As a 30 year old man I've never cared more about women's asses. Tits matter but not like they did when I was 12

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