so me um I so a lot of y'all have been axed to me to do one of those little rape me but if I'm gonna great me from one to ten stuff you know and you know I was like I really want to do it it's like how knows we really know it's gonna tennis hands all day long so I don't really think it was a point in doing it so I was like I was saving myself um how can I make this like 10 times more crunchy you know it's like what if I made the right meet with a shirt on and I made them written with shirt off and I was like perfect you still have five people to rate me like me disco you wanna read it like that now I'm just tick up my shirt you know like I usually do and see if I the rating chains or stays the same or gets lower um you can't really go higher than ten you can't really go Lord until it comes to me I'm confident you know you just got to be a biggest fan that's all I am I'm just my biggest fan you got me your biggest fan to let me stop talking let me get right into this let's go yo how you doing thanks so long time real quick how are you how are you you taught me my sugar mama probably not not me before you said I look good I said she was cute late on a scale from one to ten what am i I hate you okay we go tries to get on scale from one to ten like ten mean the best what am i oh hello Oh on a scale from one to ten on a scale from what's the time people is complimenting me they say oh you look good or whatever like that but nobody's giving me a number I'm we just assumed autumn is tense off the rip so I think with ten for ten right now oh yeah this way and go home y'all follow me finish let me finish first drop bow end up ma'am alright so I'm gonna try to get people to rate me on a scale from one to ten but nobody wants to give me another yes that's what I was leading up to yeah okay I was the wrong number I need you to raise it up about three more numbers so that tries to gang alright so make me on scale from one to ten let's go okay see at I knew you were smart when you picked up the phone right when I take off this shirt I'm gonna be freezing my nipples is gonna be going over there and over there but yeah we've been in tears this whole time and I don't even think my shirt off yet so maybe maybe females don't like a nice body maybe they like a nice heart you were hello ill what tengo hambre tengo hambre mucho mom what she just said hello how's life life's great put on a night song so um I've been trying your I'll be trying too late and get people to like rate me on a scale from one to ten but people keep on saying numbers lower than ten so I'm just confused whatever – go from one to ten yeah I don't know why you think you don't think so I'm a 10 see see I was confused as to why they weren't doing it just one Jean salad first of all one Jong Kook tup right and she said ill right and I was confused I was confused I was like yeah like um I almost jumped through the phone and caught a homicidal quick but I was like I realized who I was I was like I'm a child of God I can't be a killer here wait how old are you you're talking about sugar mama okay so is this sugar mama thing happening is this sugar mama thing happening I could make you laugh say I did that for I think you owe me now at this point I made you laugh I made you laugh a lot since we've been on here I don't it's so it's a deep dark place basically I came from listen listen listen basically right I came from like my dad to my mom that make sense so young first of all I'm legal okay never too young I make my birth certificate might say I'm 19 but you asked anybody else I'm 33 no no no no no no I'm gonna need at least 70 dollars into my cash out right now no I'm desperate I'm really not that funny I don't know why you laughing that much wait so can I have two dollars for him I do I really do dang oh that's great recording oh my father are you searching my cache yeah yeah but that last time pigments would ask to take off the hoodie which I was gonna take off anyways so I made $2 so so at that point I think it was all tense with my Tony on so I wonder if it's gonna be all well what's the whole sense we go say it's a lot of times so now I got my shirt off I as you can see from that last clue um so hopefully I get the same or higher ratings if not I guess my body's ugly and my face is not yo what's up okay I'm on a scale from one to ten what would you rate me I'm gonna beat you up yo on a scale from one to ten what would you rate me yo hello thank you what are you surprised for us at high using I bet I look good dang I'll wait on a scale from one to ten what would you rate me okay but why can I get that extra point five so I can feel good about myself [Applause] why y'all fighting calm down all right Tom yeah that's hot um they see me right so I've been feeling kind of bad I don't know I just been feeling kinda bad about myself not like myself no just like MA well once okay so I was cool before I got on here got here somebody looked on me and they said ill so I did that just brought my confidence down nice like okay I'm cute like on a scale from one to ten what do you think today you just put my coffee is like all the way back up here I mean yeah you gonna do right it's gonna take too long to put back on see aways yeah well I really see the way you like hold on that song Oh smack oh my god you saw that I bet oh okay I'm back I'm back I ain't guys don't fall again okay so basically you're right like on a scale from one to ten what would you read me if I was white you could see that I was blushing but um I'm not so you can't really see that I'm blushing right now but I'm blushing much easier gray I think I'm doing better with my shirt off I mean I was still getting tens yo how confused I don't know what just happened there but what was I saying oh yeah before with my shirt on I was talking like tenses up like that but now that John just says you more than 10 what's high in in tennis is on the scale from 1 to 10 zero is the lowest from a 10 solid time thank you thank you see I appreciate your love I appreciate you as an individual so basically right I need to talk to all y'all like I need y'all all y'all hands that right now your hello all right so basically I was on here you know before I came on us I had my confidence was like all the way up I was feeling good about myself you phoned me then I came out here just some John week of who was that because we can fight right now we can what's up I came on here and somebody was like ill and I was confused cuz I thought I was the snack but they said ill so am I so on a scale of one to ten on a scale from one to ten what am I so on a scale from one to ten what would you so basically just call me ugly because whenever someone says huh so can you guys give me a number cuz right now you just called me ugly and I feel bad again oh thank you I owe Tom folks second you want to see my weight um it takes so much work to take the driver no unfortunately not but I'm gonna actually already like they'd be doing on YouTube okay nine nine point three why dark it just made me feel good as satanic a prisoner because I'm black would a do-rag on yo I feel how do you really dan is it this is okay um think this is perfect then like am i ugly yeah okay so I'm like a scale of one to ten what would you rate me yeah really so you taught me my sugar mama tights also just I did a video I hope y'all enjoyed that it was it was a little lady with some nice people all that was pretty nice actually enough in the life and that one lady $72 so I'm already hyped off a day um but yeah I hope you guys enjoy the video make sure you like comment subscribe to our post locations and um yeah Oh y'all ask me why I changed my name my name is now Cuvier it's easier to pronounce and it's easier to like remember it you've answer to Jade I can't even talk it hurts for me to say it I guess instead of just etics um jouvert is a name I used to like Fetty WAP I'm gonna make this fast I used to like photo op like a lot I use like a lot when I was like six when he like first came out and he just always say zubir or that stuff right so I was like hey my name starts with a J instead of making a juvie juvie R and I used that as my Xbox gamer tag I think it's uber 99 from me on xbox would play for it now whatever like that but yeah and that name was always kind of stuck and I'll say hey let me use that it was easy to remember and it's pretty catchy so um yeah that's the story behind my name and guess I'm still doing workout videos I just need um somebody to of course me so once that happens we're gonna be just coming out bangers bangers baby hurry know what's goin on 2019 is our year two players are year 12 21 is like every year is our year until we hit the year that is not our year which will never be that year cuz every years are you alright we out hey yo c3 so fly about the butterfly wings to the sky nor never put alot they choose I cuz I'm Way above you the waves make the haters love you when the ladies come through

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  1. Girl- your a 9.5 honestly
    Him- why can I can’t that extra .5 so I can feel good about myself
    Girl- take off your Doorag then and lemme see
    Him- just looks at the camera
    IM GONE-😭

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