Razer Firefly Cloth Edition RGB Mousepad (Unboxing & Review)

Razer Firefly Cloth Edition RGB Mousepad (Unboxing & Review)

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  1. During Microsoft bonanza sales of the year which it came to an end yesterday, they had it for 19 bucks. it went out of stock almost immediately and I was lucky enough to order one at that low sale.
    here is the link of the Microsoft store sale for this mat if u don't believe me

  2. should i get this combo which is about 200 dollars in Australia, or the hyperflux which is 320 dollars Australia????

  3. Great stuff! What other RGB mousepads are Cloth? not really enjoying the whole hard-surface for majority of RGB mousepads

  4. For aesthetics purposes yes. But if you're a bit short on money, just buy the Steelseries rival 100 mousepad. That's the one I'm using right now and it's good enough for 14$ I guess and just like what he said, if you broke the chord for the mousepad it's just as good as any other normal mousepad. Oh and btw I play csgo and my rank is DMG ;D

  5. Ammmm i hava a really big question… is the material (place FOR mouse) plastic?? Of Like every mouse pad cause if is plastic I will not buy that if is a normal material I will buy it 100%

  6. sir paco magkano kaya ito ngayun sa datablitz tsaka ano sir ma irerecommend mo hard or cloth? salamat

  7. On the website it says that it only works with another razer mouse (the rgb), is that true? because i have an Coolermaster Mouse..

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