hey y'all I'm here with Joey Mick's world follow my channel up here calm down so we're gonna be doing a reaction video to Joey wasted and then to Jersey Shore drunk talks yeah yeah I don't remember at all so I have them all on YouTube as you know me and Joey love to drink and get drunk yeah and Joey is so funny when he's drunk and the MTV actually made this right yeah MTV made this is like one of my drunkest moments on on the show on the show I'm really telling but you don't even he's way more drunker and like lost the show yeah yeah there's a highlight reel here so this is um we're gonna watch it now and then we're gonna put it up here and then you're gonna watch with that react oh god is this my bachelor ass that's right my Bachelorette you guys I can't that frog join me pay for the entire time oh my god oh wait oh wait patron I caught you yeah no crack still cracks bitch Joey broke his tooth and I got your party on a bottle I knew where do you get out though getting married so that was my wildest moments I remember nothing of real are the real things I oh yeah I'm like grab a peach to Beelzebub take it out to the bathroom and peace go dude yeah so we can't to show the real sets on camera that I jokes I'm a single guy I'm a single bachelor make sure you guys follow Joey on his stories because that's when you see other people yeah Mr P 79 on Instagram for all the tea thank you that's about your drug messes so now we're gonna watch a drunk conversation drunk conversations I know she's like oh my god Karen there's gonna be dick pics on the screen grab there just for warning we're wasted here me and Joey did improv once drunk now we're gonna watch Jersey Shore's flurry is no mess no tequila talks most iconic drunk Jersey Shore combos amazing right I want to be and Chris where we get some sloppy commercial Burlington this is sponsored by burns aversion the Currington boat factory you're wasted she's gonna Bob the truck yeah a makeup wipes down Joseph so I got her a Neutrogena I make a mover light blow your nose Oh CME opened what a mess throw something fast forward I don't like Ron okay Deena Oh wieners my quick will say anybody's mouth he's like sober and nice but it still has that personality I know I love my forward forward forward what are you saying dirty things yeah this is it here what are those sunglasses well they are some wet eyelashes falling long ponytail to the front of your shower oh my god we didn't sleep this night we went straight through I'm in another miniskirt Oh Joey come here Vegas okay belly bun oh my god what could go to Mike's wedding junk here well Vinny's wasted but he's acting yeah go Paulie it's funny drunk where they're together – I love a drunk Polly like I don't see you drunk Paulie a lot is amazing Mike had to hold all this jewelry who's drunk Jenny run rah Jenny oh wait we've got hair what is that purple eyeshadow Geraldine or maybe I said oh my god that was fun hey so many memories you buys wild that's a lot of memories obvious ones I made a cameo Joey was in that that was Vegas and he came to visit because Jenny left me and I was told was that because she was sleeping I was like really and then Joey came to save the day that was a fun trip and that's way better and you look like you there's a lot of hot mess moments you guys literally can't sit here for years yeah they don't show I actually have a show where Georgia react over to MTV's oh my but no what's your favorite are you sure hot mess that's only a cup of them yeah there's a lot there's wait there's six weeks there's valium season see it where's the beach was it on there that was my Connick but you really stop talking about weight when I called my dad dad I got arrested phenomenal hey well we're still the same we're just growing up a little yeah I love you guys comment below let us know your favorite moments and maybe we will do another one of this I want to do another one of Joey why don't work why don't now you record it and like make a reel of it I bought my life yes maps and stuff yeah so then we can watch and you guys could see how sloppy he does he's like a male version yeah I love you guys subscribe follow Joey here okay which we care Oh


  1. I was just watching a bunch of jersey shore videos before watching this. but let’s talk about when ronni fell at 8:45..😂 andd about how beautiful Snooki isss💗💗

  2. Totally just found out there’s such things as pickle sandwich. It’s a sandwich made in a pickle. Thought you should know
    Totally your cup of tea 💋💋💋💋

  3. That Deena and snooki Cab ride tho lol that meatball episode in Italy is still my favorite one where they're dancing 🙂

  4. Can you please get rid of the background music? I don’t know whose editing your content but it’s WAY too loud.

  5. “Spiral Squad” Snooks and Ron, and “Drunk Meatballs “ has got to be my favorite inebriated moments.

  6. Im so upset that the background music was so loud. I would of loved this epiaode! But i couldnt hear anything 🙁

  7. Best episode was last night. Hands down. And best drunk moment of you was last night besides where's the beach. Lmfao!!! Love you so much! You are the best ever

  8. you're awesome but I can't hear you cause the music is too loud. you dont need any background music! you're fun! just edit it cool.

  9. Everyone’s complaining about the music but I’m trying to find out what the songs called bc I love it 🤫🤐🤗💕🤣 love you snooks

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