Real Madrid train at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey!

Real Madrid train at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey!

eigvals from Madrid in this stadium in just over 24 hours time game that's gonna be kicking off actually one hour ahead at the time we're out now it's 1:00 a.m. in Central Europe in Madrid and the games going to kick off at 8 p.m. 2 a.m. in Central Europe 8 p.m. in New York or New Jersey if you like but these players are staying in Manhattan they arrived on Wednesday from Houston straight from the game against Arsenal which they won on penalties came from behind and won 3-2 on penalties after losing the first game after the tour against Bayern Munich as Sinding Suzanne has been saying tonight in the press conference ahead of this training session that there's things that slowly improving as you expect from pre-season the first game you start off slowly second game you get a little bit more into it the way positives the other night against Arsenal a lot of positives more than anything coming from behind to draw a level back the 2-2 and taking the game to a still nearly all the game lots of chances for Madrid it was there it's a B game both teams don't attend me and after natural they're in your picture was sent off a look for to the handball incident gave a still the first goal but the game as he that said also in his press conference and the whole all the positives from the game were slightly overshadowed by the injury to mark I sense here who looks as if will be out for good part of the season talking about 8 to 9 months for him to recuperate from his injury which is one of the worst injuries a footballer could get it's the cruciate ligaments in the knee and so mark I sense your boot actually did everything to get Madrid back into the game set up the first goal scored the second goal in an eventful 15 or so minutes that he was on the pitch got Madrid back to 2-2 after halftime he's only been on the pitch from the break and then fell awkwardly and did that to his knee and he will no longer be part of the plans for ziddi digs you dad for the beginning of the season which is a bit of a blow for well for any team to lose a play of the quality of Marco I sense here so that has overshadowed a little bit things on the tour of North America it's never nice when one of the players has to step out with the action because of a long-term injury like that and the players were deeply affected by that on Tuesday night and have been talking about it since in the post much interviews people like Alvaro Audrey earth allah adriana de la Fuente marcelo as well all mentioned the injury to mark I said she has been the most important thing from the game although really did go on and win on penalties after getting back to – – and as I say was a very positive second-half performance it wasn't a bad first half of walnuts but we just found themselves to kneel down against arsenal but that's all forgotten and now all focus is on Atletico Madrid in this stadium and it is a mighty fine stadium at that 82 and a half thousand capacity in this stadium in New Jersey and as I say or used to the NFL games and association football with both New York Jets and the New York Giants playing their home games in this fantastic venue but on Friday evening it's all about the clash of the Giants from the capital of Spain Real Madrid against Atletico Madrid and the chance to start the season on the right foot against one of the main rivals in domestic competition Atletico Madrid I routed North America as well this week play games already they've drawn their first game off the International Champions Cup just on Tuesday the nil-nil drop with Chivas for Atletico today starting slowly as well they've been in preseason games as well in Spain before the left for America so all teams now getting a little bit back up to pace zigzoo down there talking to his backroom staff he's in complete control of everything that's going on asked a lot of questions in the press conference about potential movements of players coming in coming out and all his focus is on is this game against Atletico he mentioned on a couple of occasions let's just play this game get back to Madrid see what happens we know that things can happen players can come in players can go out but zinedine zidane sees all of that as areas for the club to look at not for him to answer directly of course he is very good at taking away any focus from certain questions but them away very quickly very professionally very politely as well but just doesn't want to be getting involved in some of the speculation about player transfers and quite rightly do his job which is used to play as he's got he always loves to talk about the squad had using the squad of keeping players involved and that of course was part of his success when he first took over herb dread and delivered three Champions League titles in a row and they'll be looking to I thought as one of his main priorities again this season this is back at the club with a full preseason cost he didn't have a full three C's in the first year at the club and still won the Champions League he had two full three seasons won the Champions League on two occasions and I think this room trade side will reap the benefits from visiting Zidane being back and planning getting those games in the end the last season giving him a chance to assess everyone's situation and be able to plaid long term for this season as you can see a relaxed bunch of players they're taking part in the traditional Rondo on the pitch they don't they'll be in for a battle against atletico madrid didn't see Dan mentioned it in the pretty much press conference he said that Atletico Madrid will be up for a fight as they always are and we have to compete and you can expect there will be a pretty strong starting lineup for the weight on Friday in the with the hope of really getting into the game in good fashion and having a good start and maybe taking something from the first half of course these are preseason games and players will be blooded and there will be a lot of substitutions but there wasn't as many against Arsenal as there was in the first game against Bayern Munich when zinedine zidane changed the full starting 11 at halftime so it was two completely separate teams came out for each half against Bayern Munich very young and inexperienced side in the second half against Arsenal the other night there were a number of changes as well but there was a lot of strength coming on from the bench included Baku I sense you're on Gareth Bale as well who came off and played the second 45 minutes and there's change as well to the two fullbacks so expect again a lot of changes at the moment results although they're nice to get not too important at the top and the minds of all the people behind the preparation of these teams the same goes for Atletico Madrid as well they'll just wanted to be getting prepared for the start at the La Liga season these games come and go quickly and if they are lost then they've quickly forgotten but of course Teebs get the most benefit from going out and playing as hard as they can and physically getting the players into the right shape for these tight games and that's exactly what we really are doing on this current to it remember they've got more games when they come back to Europe after Friday's Derby against atletico madrid they'll be jetting off to Germany almost straight away and the chance to play potentially to play Bayern Munich again this time in the home of Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena on the 31st off the month the last day off the month that will depend on what happens in the semi final on the 30th on Tuesday when Real Madrid will take on Tottenham Hotspur in the Allianz Arena so with a couple of injuries also to Brahim diafail and Mindy as well the new French fullback has got a muscular injury as well that's keeping him out that believe that brahim is still training on his own as well perhaps felon Mindy is going through his own paces as well elsewhere unable to join the squad so a couple of injuries at the start of the season hopefully nothing too serious but that one – Marco Ascencio has been confirmed as there's a cruciate ligament injury he will be out for probably all of the season which is a big bloke to lose a play of his talent but well there's plenty atella did this Real Madrid squad to challenge and to to come in and replace the minutes of Marco essential will get people like Lucas worth Jeff and Brian Diaz and it's cold air in the center for your picture as well will just mean more protagonism protagonism for these kind of plays Lucas both get there on the left as well player who will benefit certainly in minutes wise are getting more minutes from the absence of Marco I sense here at this season the Rondo's continue these players will be happy I suppose after 10 days of hard work in Canada and then an intense week of matches culminating with Coletti go Madrid on Friday night in this stadium they'll be happy to get back to their homes and families for a couple of days before going off again to Germany but it's a very important stage if any season for the footballers this preseason that plays need to get rhythm of games and need to get minutes into the legs and although the hard work has been done in Montreal and I'm sure everything in these sessions is detailed and focused on and well thought-out with the idea that these players are already in the best possible way to face Celta Vigo on the 17th of August that is the first competitive game of the season for Real Madrid a 5 p.m. kickoff that day on the 17th of August in ballet he dos on the northwest coast of Spain to 5 p.m. kickoff in August which you would think normally would be a tad too hot in Spain in August but they're being picked to play in possibly the coolest Stadium in the primeira Liga in the top division away we go and that's a game that should have no problems going off kicking off at 5 p.m. it will be warm but can be warm in Galicia in those dates but certainly nothing like playing 5 p.m. kickoff in Sevilla or in Granada or in Malaga in August games which would be our kickoff times which will be avoided in the more southern cities there's half the the scene three groups of players doing the traditional Ronda's there on the side of the pitch in the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey as a real Madrid warm-up for this training session it'll be about an hour and a half this training session we've seen as the two has gone on that there's been a lot more use off the ball as it being a lot more shooting practice has been a lot more games of to touch football as their players of little by little put to one side the physical work and doing more and more ball work now and the important thing is that there kept focused and then join their training sessions which they seem to be half the battle I think for any football culture certainly at this level is keeping the players happy and ready to go out on the training pitch and give their all and be ready for games and of course that is planned meticulously out Real Madrid there you see David but only in the background that trusted right-hand man as editing Z Dan he quickly got a glimpse there officer didn't know he is he's keeping an eye on things David Pathan he's keeping an eye on things and everyone seems to be happy and prepared for this the first between Darby to be played outside off Europe on Friday night in this stadium on Real Madrid and atlético Madrid go face to face in the International Champions Cup Zinedine Zidane looks perfectly relaxed with the situation as do the players behind Thibaut Courtois there who was involved in the penalty shootout against arsenal if there was a drawer in any of these international Champions Cup games after 90 minutes goes to the penalty shootout Madrid coming back in the game to get back to two to force that penalty shootout against Arsenal and Madrid went on to win it there's a player's break out into another session go across the pitch we should see them doing some sub sprints Luka moderates trying to curl the ball into the goal that plenty of fluids on board pot humid temperatures on the east coast of America at the moment should be warm in this stadium as well on kickoff on Friday evening 8 p.m. kickoff local time 2 a.m. in the local time in Spain for anybody following the game from from Madrid or from Central Europe indeed it's a late one from 2:00 to 4:00 same kickoff time that we had the offer evening the last weekend against Bayern Munich as well there's a few lucky people just seem to be creeping into the stadium here getting a glimpse off this Real Madrid squad out there going through the paces in the MetLife Stadium fantastic facility in new jersey over 82,000 capacity stadium as Real Madrid prepare for the first-ever Madrid derby outside of Europe which will take place in this Stadium just over 24 hours time against Atletico Madrid of course those jewels bring back lots of memories recent memories of big games in Europe in the Champions League for the two sides Real Madrid coming out to top in Lisbon and then in Milan of course famous circular Ramos goal whenever Atletico Madrid I mentioned circular Ramos as goal always comes to mind well that's all we've got time for for now as we leave you with images of real madrid on the training pitch hope you've enjoyed this short session we'll see you next time [Applause] the philosophy here idiot winning whether the first mama or personal imitator that prefer to see

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    we need another saver like DOON

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  6. Im not a manager but Jovic on the Striker position along with hazard on the Leftwing and Vinicius on the Rightwing would be an amazing attack to start with.

    Hala Madrid

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