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  1. I had chills and tears in my eyes. Your friendship with Cathy is so beautiful. As are the projects the both of you take on. Thank you both so much for sharing them with us.

  2. Excellent teaser, Bernadette! I think I've heard you mention before the difficulties inherent with YouTube creation include ability to properly film and edit footage, so I am here to say that, at least from a viewer's perspective, you've excelled at it! I think this teaser is just so well made and gives us the right amount of info that we need to know while truly enticing us for what is to come. Seeing as this is the exact point of teaser, it's surprising that more are not like this. I find they're generally terrible.

  3. So, when the teaser is so heartwarming it brings tears to my eyes I don't even know what the whole documentary will do. I will be ready with a cup of tea and I guess a box of tissues lol

  4. Preface: Peacocks are my favorite animal.
    That dress, even faded from its original glory, is STUNNING. The amazing, painstaking detail of hand-beading every tiny frond of each feather…It must have taken AGES. I can't imagine how amazing it would have looked while being worn. I absolutely can not wait to see your journey recreating it!

  5. It’s such a beautiful dress. I love beadwork, and the time that goes into a dress like that is astronomical. Also the weight of that dress, oi!

  6. I heard about this ages ago but had completely forgotten about it and didn't hear anything further and assumed it had been dropped. I'm so happy to hear that not only is this an ongoing project but that there's a new iteration of it! Obviously I should stop being so out of the loop.

    I'm excited not just for this project but to see how many other projects this inspires for everyone following along.

  7. I love this dress and have seen it at Kedleston Hall many times and would love to see Cathys recreated dress in all its glory .this dress started my fascination with worth dresses after reading that he was born in Bourne Lincolnshire and created the house of Worth in Paris .

  8. Oh my great and powerful goodness, that dress is still a show-stopper even after all these years. It may be faded and tarnished now but I can clearly imagine how stunning it must have been on that fateful night when it was worn. I can picture it sparkling under the candle light, shimmering with the crystals and embroidery. I wait with great expectation to see the recreation, to see it on a living person, moving and shining. Oh, be still my heart!

  9. This is so beautiful,I’m loving the lace on it ,I think it’s tambour lace ,or Limerick lace ,and there are only a few of us left making it now ,though we are teaching others to make it thankfully

  10. this is the epitome of 'dream project' oh my gosh I'm so happy for everyone involved!! This is the most amazing thing! Ahhh!!!!

  11. Sending all the good luck wishes for the project!! It looks amazing and like a huge challange, but I'm sure it will be successful!! Just a question, are you going to be able to work with the original dress to examine it for the reproduction? And have you thought about perhaps lending the finished reproduction to a museum to show side by side with the original for a bit? I'm sure it would be very interesting 🙂

  12. What a gorgeous dress! It's so beautiful even now! I can only imagine how beautiful it was back when it was first made. I'm so excited to see more!

  13. Cursed teasers! This is the age of instant gratification and I demand that you show me this decade-in-the-making project right now! Also I refuse to believe that you and Cathy Hay are not long lost time traveling sisters.

  14. I actually teared up a little bit. I myself started fashion school only this very September and I‘m obsessed with the Belle Époque. Hopefully, one day I’ll be as good as you: Thank you Bernadette for enriching our lives so much.

  15. OMG!!!!!!! I’m smiling so hard right now! So much anticipation and just sheer joy for Cathy’s dream! Congratulations on getting one step closer to realizing the dream!!!!!

  16. Oh I'm so excited! I know Cathy has huge support from so many around her and I can't wait to see more of her journey with the beautiful Peacock Dress!

  17. I kid you not I’m on the verge of tears just of this trailer alone! Can’t wait to see the dress! So happy for Cathy!

  18. I watched Cathy's original video on this and was just amazed at the amount of work, I AM OVER THE MOON you are now part of it, I am like Scribble and Stitch, I have a tear rolling down my cheek. Its something you will never forget.

  19. This is the best teaser I’ve ever seen. I could see Cathy’s passion for the project and hear the passion in her voice in the way she spoke about it. I’m really excited to see the finished product.

  20. I can not wait to see it! I feel like historic dresses in museums do not do always to the garment justice, especially since so many were made with movement of the wearer in mind. To be able to the see this dress in it's original glory and actually being worn by a person will be such a privilege.

  21. This is exactly me with Padme's Picnic Gown from Star Wars, I have been collecting screen accurate materials for over 5 years and now the only thing that stops me is "what if I just butcher the seams or the embroidery" it's been my dream dress for years and now that I can work on it.. I want to chicken out TToTT

  22. I am sooo exited how am i supost to be able to sleep now. Omg i just cant wait to se The dress but i think the part i am looking moste forward to is seeing the poroses. ❤️

  23. Thank you for posting this, I was following Cathy on Livejournal and was truly excited for this project. I am unbelievably happy to see this teaser. Woot!!

  24. Dear Miss Banner,

    Vive la difference!  I am delightfully dizzy with an off-the-chart measurement of anticipation after watching your "teaser" for "Reconstructing the Peacock Dress." Truly, felt the same sensation whilst watching your teaser as when viewing the "coming attractions" at my favorite playhouse that showcases independent, foreign and art films; which one knows, are an endangered species (long live Pasadena's Laemmle Playhouse). Your cinematic teaser is pure brilliance. Your thoughtful and artful intelligence radiants in said film clip as brilliantly as the beads and crystals when first fashioned to culminate the Peacock Dress. May you succeed in turning back time to when people knew the value and importance of textiles and respected and valued the skillful folks that once truly made the world go round. Waiting patiently for the next chapter, Miss Bennett (1813), oops, I meant Banner (2019 🙂

  25. I have been with you on this journey only a relatively short time, but I am very much enthralled by the prospect of seeing the reproduction of such a delicate and iconic gown…I can't wait!
    It will be fabulously breath-taking, as I'm sure the original was in its day.
    I can see the gown now, in my mind, silver, gold, copper, rose gold flashes as the soft candlelight delicately touches the fabric as she proceeds across the room, every head turned, every breath caught….
    She will be spectacular!!

  26. Oh please oh please. That dress and Cathy's evolution from the very early days when we bought cupcakes for my wyfe's coworkers from her and Demi, are so much a part of where I got the Fail Better idea.

    Things happen when you throw your heart over the fence, sometimes scary fast, sometimes achingly slow and painfully, but they happen. Just, sometimes they don't follow the path you started on or end where you expected.

    I can't wait to see it all come together, no matter where it ends up or how it gets there.

  27. It will be fascinating to see Cathy's progress with this dress, I would love to see how the panels of fabric are stretched and prepared for the embroidery.

  28. I follow several sports teams with low-rankings across history, read immensely-ambitious fanfics as WIPs, and support various Kickstarters. I'm not an outwardly optimistic person, but in my heart of hearts, I am a big fan of possibility.

    I've been quietly following the saga of this dress recreation for a long while, and I am tremendously thrilled to bits.

  29. I'm so excited for this!!! I can't wait to get to see the progress and I'm so happy that the dress is getting made! Love the videos and I'm just hyped up for all of this!!!!

  30. Omg omg omg omg omg omg OH MY GOD
    I've never been more excited to see something being made!!!! 😮 aaaahhhhh!!!!

    (Like I literally stopped bae mid game to make him watch this) we both want to know; are those diamonds on the bodice or glass?

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