Red Dress Eiffel Tower beginner Acrylic Painting class ANGELOONEY

Red Dress Eiffel Tower beginner Acrylic Painting class ANGELOONEY

How is everyone doing today? I’m Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa. I am really excited to see everybody here for the live. And I really want to say thank you for coming back for the replay. On the mike. You will here on occasion. My husband John say Hi John. Hi John. And what he does is he tries to keep up with my crazy painting speed with one of our many cameras so that you can see every part of this painting being constructed step by step because if you can follow all the steps you can make the painting and one of the things that we know and believe here is that anyone can paint and given enough information you can totally do this painting. This is an easy beginner painting. I’m excited about it. Guess what we have in the description. I don’t know what I have hid. Things like materials list in the description. I do that every time in the down below in there click you just click click get more information and they’ll be there. Yes it’ll be there. Included in that description information you’re going to see. Angela Anderson or the words and Allouni. And if you’re brand new here and you’ve never seen this before. Good friend of mine who paints also on YouTube and I like to get together and do sematic painting collaborations so that everybody can have an old day of painting. So she has a painting that is a plague matched to this one like you could do both of them and hang them up in your apartment. People be like yeah. It’s actually pretty cool. She’s going to be after at two o’clock. Cool. So that’s awesome right. I’m pumped. Is that really a fall hat you’re wearing. All right. I look at the purple versus the orange it was just too good. I did. Everybody hopes that you think it’s really good. Do you maybe seen this for a while. You like that. So we’re going to be painting even though this is on a gallery up canvas. We talked a bit about Gowler ups and I’m like went in the gallery are up when it’s like this. We’ll see. But you know everything these days this is also technically Gowler rap because it’s stapled on the back. But you can see there’s a big difference in the stretchers I have wishes on the canvas today John. We do and we have some special wishes for personal work and yet we will really do one the first one. The most important is came in earlier today which is Mallery of Willis Texas is missing and we would wish that she gets home safely. Yes so absolutely. In North Carolina. There has been a storm so it is our wish that everybody is safe and sheltered and taken care of over by her own kin. There’s been a fire so everybody in California by that fire. We’re hoping that you’re safe. Our own flame gremlin is under the weather today so let’s send her some wonderful energy for healing. My gratitude for today is that I really love my kids and always keep me good cuddles and it’s nice to have that in my wife’s. That’s my gratitude and then peace and kindness for the world. So those are my wishes and thoughts that I’ve written on the canvas with watercolor pencil are disappearing to the paint and that’s going to help bring that positive energy into the world. Are you ready to see the materials list know as soon as I say thank you to this hoard of people who were OK were 240 people. It’s just like the numbers just keep skyrocket 250 people. It’s just it’s if we get to 300 you know what happens. Oh my gosh I know and that’s one of our life’s work. And you know what happening what we do when the Sherpa dance what we’re doing. So I do now though you don’t get it now. It’s so. So don’t forget to Like Comment showbiz subscribe to share but especially little thumbs up button. We try to hit 300 on this. By the end of the show we do a dance. So that’s always fun. Make sure that let’s talk material tell us what the materials are the materials are really simple today Angela and I wanted to work from a limited palette. The spray you see on here is what pelts breaker’s is just superhot. The studio today and try. Ari this is Bert umber and it’s going to give my black very warm tone. This is Mars black titanium white Allstream blue. And this particular color is naff all crimson. But what you want is a crimps and you want a color that’s closer to blood rather than an orange. So that’s what you want also using to help myself out is a glazing medium. And the Grumbach are acrylic retarder which I really really really like. I like this one a lot. The golden GLI glazing also is very good. And then optionally zinc white or mixing white will work. That’s an option. Now here’s the big too about this. And this is great because we’re going to really be going over this very soon to see these two brushes John. I do see those precious. OK. So these are both rounds there. Interestingly enough these might both be called long handles now because they’ve got all of these new things but I’m pretty sure the store handle here is a long handle. These will run about a size between 12 and 11. Number 11 and their hogs bristle for acrylic. So it’s a natural fiber here and it’s very stiff. This brush is slightly more ideal for cloud making than this brush. OK. So if you’re out looking for a brush and you need it to be good for clouds what I want you to look for. Is this sort of rounded brush and it you really get in there and feel it. And you want it to be very stiff. It’s not nice for your face. You don’t never put on makeup with it. And when you’re comparing two brushes you think are close. Always pick the shorter Bristles was because they’ll give you a stiffer fluffier cloud. Ah gotcha. So just a little tip. Those are really great. Amy beat up batter ruined brush. And this is will work. And we’re talking about cloud brushes here. Yeah we’re talking about cloud brushes. It’s not just any old brush. So no need for tip down to the background we’re going to use a number 10 bright. Number two is Robert Simmons. Again what I like in this is is the firm filmic as I use a heavy body pain if you have a heavy body paint. Guess what. I don’t have to worry about the furnace aluminum much. Oh my gosh there’s almost 300 people on them getting close. Good. Now could you. The little dots of water that are out there. What what are those what do they from pet weddings. OK. That’s what that’s from. So that’s just what it is it was just very hot today and I had managed just recently unclog my palate weddings spray. And what this does is it wets it without altering the acrylic paint. Theoretically what it does. It could also just use a Mr. bottle. You have your request coming up. Want some clouds to do and we’re going to start. But just white fluffy once the first kind the cumulus Nimbus and summer kind of cloud is the first one we’re going to do. Now if you had a stipple brush Bogota. Oh yeah. Stipple Yes stipple Deerfoot Stiffler stippling brush is fantastic. You know of course the sponge is fantastic. There’s a lot of tools that get the the clouds kind of done that Rush that’s all blown out and looks like a fluffy stiffie this all that’s a fantastic club rush or you put a little black over my brown and I must say that notice how I’m coming from the outside pulling the block. Yeah. All right. So this is this black has a lot of pigment in it. And so I’m going to be cautious and careful with it and not go crazy if I’m having trouble getting the flow on my paint. I can add a little water and a smidge of white to this and I can also do if I want it to really glide over my can. This is add this retarder. And then I can just paint in a horizontal back and forth brush stroke this streaky awesome sky. Well while you’re painting that is awesome Scorrier had a little white stroke. You may as well start doing your shirt dance because we are Sherpa three hundred leagues and 300 people. We got 300 people in a room right now. All right I’ll give you this one good ship dance. We are Sherpa we are sir. Oh my goodness notifications are digging on me. They are so popular. Thank you guys. To say thank you so much it’s so much fun to have you guys out here with us. And for I mean my all the comments and everyone out here they’ve got lots of wonderful way. Let’s real quick get into this so people are lost. And then we’ll talk about that. Don’t have two seconds only because I’m trying to get it in Bay before it drops. All right. So going to put a little more black and a little more Blough ground see that mix on the Mersch. Hit a little white. And I like the blending medium you use glazing medium if it’s what you have already just know that the glazing medium will dry soft. And that soft quickly and with the high gloss. And if you’re trying to get this very soft muted sky you’re going to want it to be more like oil paint and that’s where the blending medium really helps us. Ah gotcha. I don’t know if you can see up close. And we can zoom in over there on the thing and see how nicely it blends in. You really can. I’m not super close up on it but I’m pretty good on there and you can see it just kind. There you go. Yeah. Right now I’m really keeping this initial. Kind of sky. Very smooth and fall you blended. Another trick that I’m doing if you see here is I’m not rinsing my brush John. You’re not. No. No I’m not rinsing my brush. It’s it’s look at this. Look at this little brush just it’s just not rinsing itself off at all it just gets right in that paint. Get some more paint right in here. Cheekily grab some of this blending medium. And you just put all in there and just get well it is it just is like it’s like racing across the canvas. Not all blending mediums are my favorite. Yeah. I don’t I don’t love all of them. But I really love this one. Work you step it a turn you off. Maybe that’s what’s wrong. Moms shouldn’t get help me. Are you high right now. You. Don’t go to my YouTube channel or nothing. I actually do that to her all the time. So she has an auto send text now on her phone it’s like I’m not. We know that this will slow your drying time down to about 30 minutes. Maybe 45 on some but you don’t want to over mix your pain into it’s not for tinting or glazing. Gotcha. It has a very specific limitation. On the mixture. That works. And you don’t have to have it to do this painting. No you don’t because you know water also. So. OK cool. Really. Do you have to have a hat to paint this. Yes. You must have a hat of course. But don’t you want a hat. I want a hat. And I’m wearing a hat. I’m going to put some brakes on my canvas. I’ve loaded my brush up on the edge with that black hole and I’m the come down about a third of the canvas from the bottom. I’m just going to make a slightly horizontal line here. Them. Grab a little brown a little way. And one more medium there in which pressure using this is a number 10 bright this particular brush is Robert Simmons. It is not as stiff as Goldilocks. But it is a very well made brush. It’s a nice performance brush. I would certainly say it’s better than even the creative marks. Yeah. Yeah. And this one has a lifetime guarantee which I think is crazy to do want acrylic brushes. But you know business. Brush business certainly wouldn’t do that. But nobody paints them. I don’t know. Don’t. Do. Well. We’re going to. Pains Now. But. See a band and don’t tell them it probably foists guarantee. So I’ve got this nice brownish black horizontal and then a moody sky. Yeah this is this is a very European sky. This is whether this is the kind of weather that you know where was hunting. Maybe that’s why she’s running the pack to do oh it was a good movie. And now I’ve gone Dorcy out in another country. Let’s dork out in every country. Oh my goodness I can’t believe we got 300 people oh my gosh we’re having a little stream problem. You know we are. That’s not OK. Now. We’ll do what we can here if there’s any proof there’s any problems then what we’ll do is we’ll re re upload it right afterwards. Yeah. So always get your painting lesson no matter what. Yeah. Yeah so if there’s any issues here we’ll just this re-upload this right afterwards. Yeah. You never have to worry. So much to make some more story he’s doing harm and have them be a little darker browner than uptalk. OK. Hopefully somebody gets to see it. You know it’s just there was a little bit of glitch as there was there. Yeah I’m keeping an eye on it. I do we can to keep it. Yeah that second thing. Well it’s a complicated thing we have to have multi routers with multi. I know this is going to be like a YouTube channels you’re like a pet. They are. They’re like a boat. There are a hole in the water you throw money into. I wish we could do. I wish we could do like slow mo. Like Brouwer’s. You know what. I’m working on this. I like to see all the bristles like going in here them instant replay so slow mo Yeah. Yes. Yeah. I’m working on that. I think not because we need it. But isn’t that just silly. No no I feel like I been really inspired by Neil channel. Now I want to see the paint pour out of the tubes of paint. And I’m just like that’s an option. How fun is that soci this is a little browner down here and gives us kind of a horizon line and a landscape to relate to. Even though this is a very abstracted piece we’re still getting a lot out of it. So this is down here. Are we still up. Oh yeah. We are still Sherpa we are Sherpa strong we we are Sherpas are with us or 333 people out here with us. Wow. 333 Yeah. Did you say 33 3 3 3 like that deserves another dance and maybe a drink out of the diet. A day. Even There’s a diet even. That you can. That’s pretty awesome. It was pretty awesome purposely for. You. You know it’s crazy is that I think we’re going to have 400 people in the room in no time. You know what’s crazy. What’s it need to like blow dry blow dry. Oh no. Leave me alone out here. I’m going to be oh gosh I like to do this back from the canvas. Yeah and I realize this is controversial especially with my mom’s position. Is a circuit breaker. Let’s see if she blows a circuit breaker. This. I guess not. All right. So I have successfully wired successfully wired the studio up so that we don’t close circuit breakers anymore or at least today. So I think you guys are all going and hanging out with us today. Please don’t forget to like comment subscribe and share. And especially the like button we really get the thumbs up there. We’re trying to get to 300 so we can make sure dance we like doing the double Sherpa dance where we hit 300 people and 300 likes in the room at the same time. It’s her favorite thing to do. It also helps to let YouTube. Don’t you guys like which you see here. So look there she’s back. I didn’t even have to get all the way through my nonsensical speech. I’m going to show you guys a bunch of different methods for you at home to get these clouds it. Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh I forgot to mention. Are stores open. Thank you for everything y’all have been getting on. And there’s always new items in the stores. You have to check it out. Yeah there’s some new ones in there that they put out some zinc white mixing white would also work. And I must show you how to do this with a dry brush. OK. I’m going to show you how to do this with Gliese medium and I can show you how to do this with zinc. So you’re covered on a couple of things right. So we need our first distant kind of clouds that are behind our Eiffel Tower. And so the first thing that I can do is pull out some titanium plate and get it very high. Push this around here. Getting it very lightly on this brush. I’m going to come here. And I’m going to. Make. You’ll. Blight little circles and see how the painting underneath is. Really effective. Another thing that might help you if you’re having trouble and I notes tubbed is hard for everybody. Really is if you draw your little cloud shape and even shape in first before you try to scribble I’ll show you how this works. Right so I want this really kind of crazy and even little cloud shape. I’ve got that there. If I was having trouble scrambling that in. Scrambling me that hysterically funny scratch scratch slow motion I could. Follow that pattern set it might help me. Say yeah. Now another thing I can do that can help me is take glazing medium and I can mix as little weight into the glazing medium as I like. And I can then glaze. A very nice atmospheric little cloud I come to the bottom I’m going to soften it back and forth see that oh wow I’m going to take it out here and it’s OK that sometimes it’s just barely there. In fact barely there is something that you want. I’m going to start over here and do this very late one little bits of pigment a little bit going on you know barely barely there. There are. A ton of ways to accomplish mâché the sync here. To me it will sink. Maybe like right here. So zinc. Is a bit like having pleasing me I your titanium white. It’s not actually that’s not the formulation. So actually it’s more translucent more see through. There is some concern among conservationists that zinc could craze over time which is to crack. Interesting but not in tiny thin coats like that. It’s much more likely to do it in thick applications and I don’t know why you’d be doing a sick application but you might have a reason that you were. So you might be worried about crazing do you see how this creates this just too airy fairy. You can even get a little brown or black into this and then add some weight to it. So it’s not perfectly wait and get some glazing meeting I’m going to come over here. So I’ve been very good like moments after I mentioned the last time we hit double Sherpa we hit double sure but we’ve been double her for a while. I’ve just been having to let you do the painting. So it’s such an awesome community. We’re now we have 300 over 350 people. We are sure on over 325 likes. So if we get 300 subscribers today do you know what they get. What if we get 300 people in live with 300 likes. And on that day I take 300 subscribers. You get a limited edition we are Sherpa shirt. Yeah well I mean a decent store. I design something custom and put it up and it’ll be really funny and borking goofy. Hey I don’t know what it is. I do. So actually some cool graphic and I’ll do a spoof on the movie poster. So funny. Oh yeah. So see how I can read these clowns right here and I’m scrambling scrambling he screwed up there. I like scrambling. And here’s the trick again. If you’re having trouble keeping your cloud lines. Drawn in chalk come in you can be like no. Some clouds need to do some of this stuff. Ray. And then you can just file that in. Lots of ways. To get control over. What you have going on here. Me when I come here and get a little brown a little black and. Come. Had some shadow did this cloud. Stormier than maybe you originally thought that’s ok. Be stormier. Be storming. Gets to Stormie. Guess what. Go back with a little more weight and cookies. You can constantly constantly constantly be talking to your class. My mom had one painting where she change the sky 20 times over the course of several years. So weird. Now see here it appears you are using a soft brush for your clouds. Oh yeah yeah. So the. She was just missing she had missed the description about the cloud brush. So so yeah at the beginning of this we have a description we talk about the brushes when talking about the materials but basically you want a nice round like this short bristles shorter bristled when the shortest one in the story get that has the hawgs bristles and that is a generally good cloud. Now my issue with my Eiffel Tower is I come over here to put it in is generally my vertical line. So going to say in the lake left third of the painting. But with at least oh gosh you know. A little space like I need to like leave a little space. Maybe they’ll put a mark over two inches. Because I need to have a little room. I need to put my Eiffel Tower in and the first thing always messes me up in cracks John up is that my towers tend to lean. They do that. I’m going to talk in a vertical line so that my tower Don’t lean so much. Now you’re. Here. Eiffel Tower. Hopefully you can see this Chuck because I chuck it in. But Angela is going to have a really brilliant way she explains. He has got to have two feet that come off the tower. Also at about the halfway point of this structure I’m going to. Descend to marking out winds can see that. So my right that feels Iffley enough for me. Someone put a one inch foot down at the bottom of both of those very well or maybe in half way distance of this curve I’m going to add another little horizontal line that’s the observation deck. Where all the curves bisect that’s another observation deck and then way up here’s another observation deck. See how it almost like bisects it didn’t have to have. There. So that’s helpful. I can then draw my arch in underneath. And blend. It’s crazy thick not that thick. But blend my little Eiffel Tower lives up here. And then make sure I have a nice. Descending blend here and then a bike at the top. Super easy super super. Guess what’s also OK what is treason and Eiffel Tower are stenciling it also. OK. Drawing should not be your limitation. Drawing should not be your limitation in the description of the painting. I have a traceable. You don’t need to draw. New. Have this is some awesome were 60 words were double 360. Oh my gosh. How do you know what that is do to spins. Actually if you had spin around a couple of times I’m you know I’m wired in my excitement by a leash like my lady. Now she spun up like a top my shoes match. That’s such a non-sequitur. Doing upsetting people around the world. That was like the core culturally appropriate thing to do a whole bunch. It’s been around. No show your shoes. I think. We’ll find out. All right. So now I’m taking this black and brown with a little bit of glaze. I’m going to paint these structural supports going up and they’re in kind of a black and brown because they’re off in the distance. It’s a foggy day and lights are on. You have to say flames back. Flame is back. Are you OK sweetie we put it in for you. She seems to be OK. And here she is. She seems cheery like a cheery flame and I see all my other wonderful moderators. I go to see Mona and I saw I see you see Stephanie and earlier I saw. Alan in here. Goofing off and Angela’s been hanging out the entire time. Oh hi Angela. Angela’s got a really cool and again you know Angela always has a great way of explaining how to do something. So chances are if you’re not really feeling my Eiffel Tower go watch her. Hurt our cause her tower is a little more architectural architecturally correct. Mine is very painterly. Mmm. That’s what we do. And. That just paint that little arch in and it fills the Eiffel Tower the kind of you know need observation deck right here. That there’s Mark to Mark. Mark Zombi Mark and Nene’s out here actually I have not seen Zombi Mark. He may be snoozing with his kitty cat. So he has kind of just a Gliese diff like far away little tower. Yeah yeah super easy. And all we got to do now. Is get a small detail brush like an example would be this number two. Right. Simply Simmons. Let me get some black paint out. I’ll add just enough water to it to make it a little more fluid. And there was not as heavy body. If you’re paying with student paint or soft body paint you don’t have to do that. Look I said all of our moderators I know I to reach. And I see dawn to know way more inches here. I don’t believe you that more inches are. The honors here high honor how you do just everybody finds the most interesting things on the Internet. She does. Stephanie there’s too much some interesting discoveries Kevin that came on. I was looking at some a do little X’s these little Xs up my tower to say that there’s girders. Just a little Xs it’s just a little textural paint. And then we’re have observation deck maybe all. Kind of to find that a more say more observational. Pre my towers not weeping over someone’s they do weep over bit. It’s a sad tower. It’s just worked. Chest x up this side to X up x is Sego X is you just a little decorative textural painting. Soft distant far away you wouldn’t really see the detail. Nice little observation deck. A little observation deck and even though these are going to be behind Klout they’re going to show a little bit and having the detail will matter. It’s just a weird thing you might not know get that coming out of here I’m so excited. I hope everyone is going to go rate tangles after. Oh yeah. You can always paint or straighten things out. Like going back and just coming on with the background color see. I straight in and out. You can even add a. Little see through a peek through. So whatever you need to do. Street now your tower. My gets so Lake tipped over. Back into my cool brush. Back into my cool brush now I have to start putting some fog down here. So many get a little black and white. And a lot of glazing media and I must start adding this fog and home and just make sure it breaks when it shapes. You know you could do Zank right here it’s a great one to do. That the tower sort of peek through. I’m going to. Ask. It sure it’s. This were. Lit so battered. I had to find another one of these will have to go on a brush Safari and be like do a will it cloud white cloud really cloud this crash will cloud Wal-Mart. Will any of these brushes cloud. I don’t know how long any of these places will let me go inside them. All I want to say thank you to Georgia who put a wish on her on her canvas for Andrea being an awesome light keeper. Thank you. You guys are great great great like keepers. Yeah you can pull some more weight. And then you create this highlights yet goes. Top of this. Be like oh is we’re here. Go back and forth say creating this like atmosphere. Yeah it’s just crazy here. And I’m going to get a little more brown and a little more black some weight make a darker cloud up here and the reason being is is that I know I’ve got my girl maybe placing her here. Her skin is very light. And when I did my test design I found. I needed a darker cloud to put her next to so her light light skin. Stood out. And scrambling pigments on the brush. Just enjoying creating that atmosphere now a neat neat thing we can do. Get some just wait. Pleasing me. Even sync. Let’s come here and say that there’s some cloudiness traveling in front of the Eiffel Tower. Look at that. That was me moving fast. For some reason had a momentary panic attack. There were bats in the house but I couldn’t tell you why. Do you ever feel like you get a weird idea like it’s bats but that makes no sense why you’re thinking it would be that. No no. OK. So your lack of imagination that’s why I have a lack imagination. I don’t I am completely lacking in that part. See I’m putting this cloud in front of this tower I’m supposed to zoom in on the cloud. Yes. You know the cloud is in front of the tower and that helps a layer in what’s happening here. And you want to layer it doesn’t hurt. This is hard and that’s why we’re going to have it clockwise. But it’s also really easy. Which is one of the great joys and you’d be like because you can be like oh I get a little light one up here so far away you can barely see them. You have to slow down when you’re moving around so I can stay on them. So one of the things I’ll do is I’ll push my leg push up. Do you guys remember this from Bob. He comes down and then at the bottom I lend him out back and forth. Saying Yeah. And it just distantly there. How fun is that. I don’t know. Real fun for me. Take a look around these clouds your way. I was just wondering if you know what they are going to take a look at some of the clouds for everyone so they can be serious it. Kind of see what’s going on here. You’re just a wonderful scrambling hot mess when you get up close on them. But when you get away from them sorry. They become McLoud. Look there. All right we thank you. And then when you get that far back look how cloudy they look. How is that possible. Know what it is. So this is a great time traceable is on Pinterest. And there’s one on Facebook right. You see you can do the traceable. He can be hard to trace over acrylic paint when it’s dry so be you. Be sure and use like something that’s got a nice graphite that will transfer right on your canvas. We’ve had a whole quest about that. Now I’m going to do a quick gesture sketch. OK. When I’m sketching her in and I sketch it in paint. I have. I’m to try to. Create the curve. That has her back to waste. The top of all of this. I’m going to place her little head. That is generally a slim oval. I’m only explain this because it was like How do you do that. I’m talking through his freehand are in him now along this front line. I need her face to divot in the eye come out for the cheek down to the jaw. Scoop up. Pretty. Sharply. And then there’s an ear right here which the hair will help me define. That believe it or not. His her face line. Oh. And she may need adjustment. So that’s why it’s great that it’s easy to paint things out if they don’t work. Nice long neck. Can anyone guess who my muse was for this. My mom totally guessed it. And I’m literally just using the white paint that I have there. It has a little brown in it so it goes off white. See how that does that. Yeah. And that way you can quit. You could also do a little black into it. So you can put her skin up back white when you want to. OK. I’m going to pull them to the shoulder. And I’m going to make a little shoulder. Super fun thing for me to do. Strt paying the torso down. It’s crazy and I might do it a step by step of drawing her. You know this one is I’m kind of familiar with how she comes in so everybody is guessing. Audrey Hepburn. Yeah totally. Audrey Hepburn was the pace is speaking. So I’ve got a nice longneck. Need to make sure that I have enough of a back here. I’m thinking then I’m letting it get quite narrow at the waist and the waist is kind of coming into the horizon line here. And one thing that I know is that wherever. I have put her waist is where I’ve got to bend her elbow. So wherever her waist is. That’s the bend of her elbow. One just put a little press line in there. That will get defined by the red dress and then we know the dress is going to come off here. Come out over here almost past the halfway point this little ballgown goes then I know oh I’ve got that bell ringing. So I’m in a just sketch in with my paint. The arm at the elbow joint. I know that they can earn back up again and then taper back down to where the hand will be. And again all of this is in the traceable so you don’t even have to you know futz with this the way I’m going to have to futz with this because I’m just freelancing in it because I do crazy things like that. I’m going to bend a nice little delicate hand here. That’s catching her dress. And I’m going to get a smaller brush when I go to define that hand in I’m a pain in her arm. At least to her. No the Glubb begins. Read make sure her back has got a nice code of this sort of off white paint. That she’s very light though because the white of her skin is actually the way of the French lives. Weird thing. Know explain to. US where I went with it. All right. I’m going to get my detail out. Can you guys see how detailed this is. This is a number one round by creative Mark. OK. So it’s very small if you want a really small one and simply Simmons switch to short handed. Interest that’s when airbrushes get smaller. But that’s not universally true for every. You know. Fresh company. That’s been the problem about you know sharing stuff with brushes that you really have to be familiar with like a lot of product lines. Yeah. To know what to even tell people. And then a lot of times it’s. What to look for because it’s not the most expensive brush it’s a brush with the correct properties for the job it’s really all it is. So I’m going to. Do some fingers. They’re together and then I do want to have a little pinkie come out. Kind of capturing the dress. Your shows a forefinger. Right there. Remember to breathe. Yeah I know this hand thing is hard. The hand thing can be hard. What I try to remember is the length of the fingers the digits and to keep them quite delicate. And so I remember the pinky will be the shortest this middle fingers longest ring finger down from it so when I’m shaping things I’ll just be thinking about that. Those how they relate to each other because sometimes if you just catch how they relate to each other. It will convey the hand or the object beautifully. I’m going to paint this whole globe back block oh cool. All glove just goes in black. That’s all it takes. Just enjoy putting this club in black. I’m hoping that she is especially with the traceable as easy as Hope’s swing was. Oh yeah. You know which was has been a great home painting party. Great first time painter painting. You know and maybe maybe maybe if you want to come here about midway up the hand and pull out the little indication of some. You don’t have to have it. It’s just it’s nice that you can. And while I have my detailed brush when I come to find. A nice little hairline here. And since it’s Audry we better put it in a bun or Shino. I mean. We come on the air. There is defined very teeny tiny little lash peeking out. Some little tendrils of hair. Well I’ve got this tiny brush wandering down tiny little brush wandering down tendrils. Which is always nice. One might pick up a slightly bigger brush. Still looks good to me. Number four Philbert. And just Paignton the hair here. I like this Philbert and I picked this is a nice sharp edge but it still has that rounded Philbert with the tip. Filberts are different and bright they’re rounded at the tip. This one is simply Simmons and the other one was creative Mark. Yeah right. Yeah. Well we all know the creator marks came into my life because that back to school you know summer sale that they do. Managers are around where they’re like a dollar. Kid or price to just you know that’s just really good pricing. I don’t really know what else six of those are really really good pricing. And so what does Philbert mean. Do you know like none not the top of my head I thought it was French for cat’s tongue. It may be. You know I did what I had thought. Now I used you know that’s why you use your current time talking to this and older people. Yeah but I thought it was like cat’s tongue or something so I put a dark line here and I’m going to get some blending medium and some pure white. I’m going to just sort of blend in. I just want the spine shadow. See your winning medium just just something to start saying that’s the back. Must start grabbing just the pure weight in-coming just along the neck. But not all the way up to the chin. And then right across this broad part of the Bacary here. Maybe on the other side to there are just that slight spine. And then on the front of the arm just a slight highlight at the front of the chicks Well. So it would appear that I when I was writing like Philbert is tongue or cat’s tongue they’re not exactly sure which one it was. But you have to dance again. Oh sure. Because we hit 400 likes. No. Can you believe that. No I don’t. Aha. I’m gonna dance for a drink from my daddy. Because it’s a happy happy dance. Got to celebrate your wins. You do. You do. So important to do that. And also I think that filberts the type of nut is what it is all the type of thing. Yes. But it has nothing that does not have anything to do with why the precious. But yeah I’m going to take a little of my red and black. And I’m going to deepen this crimson with just a touch of black. I might even add some glazing medium to it. It’s nice and fluid. See how it’s deepened with the black. And I’m going to very carefully from under the armpit down to the implied spine. Make a diagonal line. And then come back up. Can you see the V. And then I’m going to paint here. Catch that little lip. To say that that’s her bust. And there’s your waist. Wow. Fun stuff. Fun Fun stuff. You don’t what to say happy birthday to Lynn today. Happy Birthday Lynn. It is her birthday. So. That’s fantastic. It’s good to have a birthday. It is. Better than the alternative. You know the ghost busters Busters actor actor. Eric and so as I do her skirt one thing that I’m going to do is going to notice that I do a brush direction like at the flow of her skirt. Does that make sense. It does. So I’m going to keep making sure I get enough black in here to deepen this red because I want to put pure red on it and pop it. You don’t. I do. Oh we do. OK. When I get to go the pure crimson. Hobbit I’m going to be very like I’m going to leave a little spot around my hand and then come back with my detail brush. Because I just can’t do that with this brush. I can’t. I can’t. I’m sure some people can but I cannot. That’s not them and not that big a deal. And you don’t need to be all things in art. No no that’s not true. That’s a lot of things people think they think they have to be all things and art. But you don’t you see some of the things in art. Just one of the things were just one of the things. Something just. Letting this go now I do want to cover in this particular case all the canvas underneath her read. So she’s a painter. All that stuff underneath. Just to make sure. Don’t add too much black tip don’t add too much black. Treat it like a chili pepper to read. That’s something that can happen. So too much black would be like this dark. Right next to it would be more ideal. You want to make it more to a brick color. Then a clotted blood color. Does that make sense huh. Hopefully it’s helpful. So if you’ve gotten it too dark. Let it dry mix closer to a brick and paint over it. Oh so you got to do to fix it. Interesting. Touristy. This dress. Should just pop off your canvas. It should be one of those pieces in your house where people go oh. That’s beautiful. Well it is. It is. But that’s that is the read does that. Yeah. So see how this isn’t quite so dark. It’s not it is brick. Know I’m just making sure my canvas underneath is covered. OK who can I make sure that this is covered. And just painted around the hand. I don’t think I can do that job. All right. No worries. But you know it’s to. It’s good to know. Just carefully painting around the hand said I want to lose all the detail I worked hard to put in. This is a very interesting question this one that I’ve asked in the past to you why is it that you paint you don’t paint the hand in after the dress. I can you could you choose that as per your style. I just choose to do that. That’s just how I choose to do that. You can absolutely do it once the dress is painted in. I mean there would be nothing wrong with that. But you’ve done this because you like this. And also because it really helps me show like certain elements when I’m sketching or planning in gotcha because I’m free handing her in pain I’m not tracing her on. Right. If I were tracing her on I might consider putting the hand in after or. You know changing up that work a bit. I’m going to make sure that there’s a second coat of black on the gloves the glove reads is very very black. Have I need to do that on the Herrman to do that and just grab a little bit of white. Let’s make sure that little black to it you want to wait and once out a little highlight. To her hair just a little bit. Then take some just this blue this Ulstermen blue that you’re like why is this here just for this one little bit. We’re going to go around the Byne. With the blue this is what makes it the French colors. And add a couple Rubins going on. Just blowing in the wind there. My a highlight at the ribbon maybe coming off these two. And now. I’m going to get a good midsize bright if I can find one. There is one. This is a number eight. I’m going to get my just pure bred. And I’m going to not pay now. All this dark at the waist but as I come out and I’m in a very lightly dry brush. This read can you see that. Yeah but I want to leave some of this dark at the waist. Like it’s the deep satin wrinkle. Right. I’m just dry brushing. This read right over her Darger it and see why it’s important not to know get the read too dark but you need to have it be darker so that the pure read pops. Heston Troy. Color and then I’m going to come on our bodice. Spoil a little bit of it. Down but I’ll leave again some darkness at the waist. Know you can go back in and get a little block if you need Tori to find any of that. You can take your brush on the edge and pull it in. So I’m doing that you know brush on the edge. So we haven’t lost the shadows of this bright dress and just take the tip. With some blue you know I’m right here. Have a little blue accent to the back of her dress like little flowers. That’s it. Wow. That’s awesome. Well we did it and we had like sure. And now you’re ready to go do Angelas which is fantastic and we’ll match this and make everyone think your apartment was the best thing ever ever seen. This will be unless the process is. And we’re going to meet you over at Angelas to clock a height or whenever in the temple you tube time loop. We love you guys. We’ll see you at the easel really soon. Well by

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